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Where has everyone gone?

Well, over a month, nearly two since I last updated my site. Why, well it isn't because I am very busy, it is just that for some reason I am in no mood to. And even now I am not really in the mood to actually write something, but I thought it would look bad for my site that there hasn't been any update, so I better do one.

Well, since my last update, I played my first badminton match, and the score line was predictable. LOST!! hehe.. oh well, and talking about LOST, it is now only on sky one which is a pain, since now I have to watch it via other means.

Erm, what else can I say, erm, nothing much really... got my project background report to be handed in next week, and thats about it. So, I think I get cracking with it, so I say good bye..

Christmas time everyone!!!

Jingle bells, Jingle bells... Christmas has arrived early folks. LOL.. yup... was on my way to uni today and was passing Lakeside Shopping centre, and from the train I could see them putting up the Christmas tree for the front entrance. Ok, it wasn't completed in that it was decorated, but still, it is only October, still a good 2 months away from Christmas. Well.. they might as well do something, since shoppers aren't really spending money now are they.. hehe...

In other news, yesterday was Michael Schumacher last ever Formula 1 Grand Prix. The 7 times world champion failed to add another world championship, as Alonso won it. But yesterday confirmed what we will be missing from this great sports men... He started 10th because of some kind of engine problem, so he was already wrong footed. Then he had a puncher to his car, which put him to the back of the grid, 70+ seconds away from the leader. But he some how clawed his way back to finish in a not to distance 4th, only 24 seconds behind his team mate, Massa. A truly great performance which future stars will find hard copy.

Oh ya, I made it to the badminton team, well the second team that is... lol... pretty random, since on Saturday, this guy called Matt came up to me to ask if I would like to be on the team or not. And being me, I jumped to the chance, but I didn't know I was in already. I thought that I have to show what I was made off.. and then today, I got an email that I have to play on Wednesday against, Hertfordshire University away. So yeah, pretty pleased with that.. got to show my stuff now.. lol..

Anyway.. I have some issues that I have to sort out with my laptop.. ya.. I formatted on the weekend so just installing stuff, so erm I leave you with a youtube video. No.. it isn't me playing guitar, but a clip on Ben from the X-Factor singing. I think he is going to win it... you can judge for yourself. View the video below and tell me what you think via the shout box.

The View was worth watching...

Went to see "The View" gig yesterday. It was amazing. To start the night of, we had some supporting bands. We had 3 altogether and I cannot remember what their names were, but the first band wasn't too bad. They played music that is er... probably a harder edge to the kooks... The second band were the worse of the night. They were ok I guess and are kinda like a bad version of the verve mixed with the libertines. But yeah, they didn't really command the stage and lack something special that makes them exciting to watch. The next band were amazing. In my opinion, this band will be big soon. Their stage present is like oh my god. Their last act, the guitarist and the bassist climbed onto the railings where the lights were situated and jumped from them.. hehe.. well good.

And now at around 10:10pm, The View came on, and at first they played some songs that I have no idea, and then... WASTED LITTLE DJ came on and the whole place went mad. People were coming on stage singing (2 girls and some blokes in the background I think) with the band and then some of the people from the crowd tried to get on. And then came the last song. Superstar tradesmen, and now it was getting insane. People were somersaulting on the stage and trying everything to get a piece of the view. And then, it ended, but it was a great night out.

But yeah, today in the London Lite, there was an article about the view gig last night, the one I was at. And it got 5 out of 5.. lol.. here is the article.

Written by Sophie Harris

If you bought The View's debut single which crashed into the charts at No. 15 in August, then you might have some idea of what the Scots four-piece sound like. Wasted Little DJs is jangly, raw and catchy. But nothing you can buy really prepares you for the exciting experience of seeing this special new band live. It's little wonder then that Rough Trade A&R guru James Endeacott (the man who signed The Libertines) nearly fell over himself getting the View to sign to his new label, 1965. And their forthcoming debut album was recorded by Owen Morris, who produced The Verve's Urban Hymns and Oasis's Definitely Maybe, and Primal Scream's leading man Bobby Gillespie, is a big fan. Hailing from near Dundee, The View have an average age of 18, and it was striking just how young they look - a mess of curly hair; volatile skin and recalcitrance. But the fervour with which they sang and played made their three-minute songs feel mighty. The View's guitar hocks recall The Clash, but equally some chord changes sounded like The Wonder Stuff's Unbearable and their rompy basslines summoned the spirit of Chas 'n' Dave. Ultimately though, The View sound like youth, in all its sweaty, manic glory. The show's pinnacle arrived with their hit. The audience roared, and two your ladies in shiny blouses ran onstage and ooh-ed into singer Kyle's microphone. Then with the same immediacy as they began, Bang! It was over. No encore. Just a very, very happy crowd.

Lots of things happening around here

A very long time since my last update, and there are reasons for this. The main reason was that today was meant to be the launch of my next version of my website. But due to time constraints and also pressure of my uni project, I am disappointed to tell you that this will not be ready until mid 2007. But in the mean time I have given a preview to the site, which can be found using the link above.

Also, another thing that has happen is that I have switch web host, and also the shout box has been totally redesign. What does this all mean? Well for one, my site will be more reliable and you should now be able to access it without any difficulties. Second, the URL, is much easier to remember. And the third reason is that it will be much faster to load the page due to the redesign to my shout box. So yeah, that’s about it on my website. But yeah, if you do have time, please check out version 3 and drop me a note on what you think of it, since soon it will also be your web blog.

Oh yeah, I have an ipod!! WOOHOO.. at last I can ditch my stupid 3 year old 256mb mp3 player, with a diabolical battery life and also sometimes go out of tune. In replace of this, I have the new second generation ipod nano 8 gig. It is amazing. I mean the sound quality is amazing... I just can’t believe how good it is. But I have some complaints. One is the headphones. There is this little moveable plastic that separate the headphones ear pieces right, and when I first saw it, I thought great, you will be able to wear the earphones around your neck, something like it allows to where like a necklace. Well I tried to wear it like a necklace, but the stupid wire is too short, and usually you would be able to extend the amount of wire you can use, but there is another plastic that gets in the way of this. Any one with an ipod will probably get what I mean... But if they design the earphones to not be wore like a necklace, what the hell is that little plastic thing for? If any body knows, tell me... since I want to know.

Now second thing that is wrong with the ipod is the SLOW response rate when you are in the middle of a song, and you want to change tracks. It is so slow, I mean it takes like 2 seconds for it to change. I don’t know if it is just my ipod or not, but I don’t think it is. I think it is the ipod cache... don’t know. But apart from these little things, the ipod is amazing...

Erm, what else should I talk about, erm... don’t know... I have some more stuff to do with version 3 to make it previewable... So I work on that... but again, do check it out. Anyway, I say goodbye to ya guys!!!

3rd year, here i come

My god, how time flies. Only a week and a bit ago I was working at Detica, and now back to the full flow of uni. And it is October as well. Scary man, where does all the time go? Anyway, uni is starting to get busier. Not that the lectures are intense or anything, it is just that project are coming up and reading other stuff, and just realised just how busy I am going to be over the next few weeks. Not looking forward to it at all. But everyone is in the same boat.

Was watching a TV programme just now (yes, I am always glued to the TV, lol) and it was about this boy aged 4 from India. He was a poor boy and was taken in by this judo guy so that one day he can train to become a judo master, or something like that. Anyway, this boy was always being naughty and the teacher didn't wanted to punish/hit him, since he was still so young. So what he did to try to teach the little boy a lesson was to ask him to run around the track outside his house where they do judo training. So the boy did. But the teacher forgot that he sent the little boy running and after 3 hours he realised that he forgot all about him and went to see on him. To his surprised the little boy was still running, and he asked the fellow student if he had been running all this time, and they confirmed that he did. After that, he began to train this little kid. Now this part is just inhuman. What he did was trained the kid to run at least 20 miles a day in the soaring heat and what is even worse is that the teacher doesn't allow the little boy any water whilst he was running. He said that it will make him weaker if he does take water. I mean come on, he is 4 years old for god sakes, why put him under so much stress. Ok he has talent, and yeah maybe he can do the running. Maybe 20 miles a day is a bit too much, but having no water. That is just sick. LOL... but this show was a good insight on what people in countries like India, where money is so hard to get, and how one will try to earn a bit of money. But yeah just something I like to share with ya!

You know, I would like to have some comments on this, but my site doesn't allow this. LOL... but not for long. Yes, now I am talking about version 3 of my site. And it is erm complete, well it is functioning; just that it doesn't have any layout or any proper navigation. So hopefully I can get it out soon, just depends really. I want to get it out of the way since I have big project that I have to do for uni, and I don't want this cloud over my head, and also I don't want to waste my web space I have bought. Oh yeah... got a new domain.. You can now access this website via this link.

Long time no update?

So 3 weeks has passed and only now I update? Yeah well I was busy!!! Anyway I have finished working for Detica now. Finish off the time there with a presentation, which I must say was very well delivered, lol... But yeah, going to miss it though... and I know it is kinda weird missing a place that you work but yeah, it was something that I got use to. Got up, went to work, go home, sleep, get up and the whole process starts again. The question now, will I want to work for Detica again? Well maybe, I would not want to count it out, but the way I am feeling now is probably not. Why? Well I have already worked for them and I want to see what else is out there in this big pond. But yeah, back to uni and doing blooming work again... *sigh*..

Well, things are changing for this year. One, ah Lap won't be with us, since he is working at fancy Symbian for one year, and also Kiet has gone to US to study for a year. Oh well, we are gonna miss ya... DCS is not going to be the same without you guys!!!

Erm, well, thats it, a pretty short update, since I really have a bad headache. I went to sleep at 12 last night, and couldn't sleep all night. I think I final drifted off at around 5am and then I had to get up at 9 so that I can go into uni. So yeah, I am running on 4 hours of sleep now... and it isn't good... But yeah I will update better next time, I promise. Also, I have to say get well to Richard Hammond aka, "HAMSTER"! Top gear will not be the same without you, so please come back... lol..

Cover your ears

When I woke up in the early of the morning, I awoken to some shock news. Steve Irwin got killed by a fish! I wasn't shocked that he died since he is Mr. Crocodiles Hunter and is always risking his life doing crazy stunts, but killed by a fish? They say he death was caused by the Stingray poking his chest and therefore his heart. He died instantly. But they say that this was a million to one chance of this happening. But yeah, unlucky for him he was in the wrong place at the wrong time I guess, but saying that he was the one being in that situation at his own free will. Anyway.. sorry for his wife and also his two very young children. May Steve Irwin Rest in Peace. He was an inspiration and a one of a kind.

The next thing I want to post might be a bit disturbing... lol.. it is me SINGING. I did a rendition of the Kooks seaside track which is an album track, so lucky for me (I hope) none of you can compare it to the original. Oh well, here is goes... hope you enjoy, but be prepare to use your ear muffs!!!

Need better update

After my diabolical update yesterday I thought I better do another one since it was so bad. So first bit of news that I am going to talk about is something that's gonna change the world, something that everyone has been hoping for. What is it I hear you cry, well, it is FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD. A service called, SpiralFrog will launch in December and will offer free music to anyone, which is provided by nice multi-national companies that will advertise on the service. How nice of them to do that... lol.. See a great reason why advertising is great!!! lol.. you get free stuff but also may get spyware :( ... lol. Anyway, SpiralFrog will offer bands from U2, erm.. well anyone who is on the Universal label. I just hope that more record companies follow suit, lol...

Now on to sad theme. The oldest person in the world died today. Maria Esther, from Ecuador passed away hopefully peacefully, after reaching an impressive age of 116 years old. Before she died, she was repeating the words, "I want to be young again" and at times called to a dead daughter, asking her "to come, take me with you". You never know, she might have been in a place where she was half way between the afterlife and our life and may have thought that she could see her daughter. Anyway, she has died now. I only wish I could live that long... actually on second thoughts no! lol.

Anyway... I think that will be sufficient for today's entry, but I leave you with something my cousin, Shelly sent me. It is a joke story thingy. Actually she is my second cousin, but who cares.

The Perfect Husband...

Several men are in the changing room of a golf club. A mobile phone on a bench rings and a man engages the hands free speaker-function and began to talk.

Everyone else in the room stops to listen.

MAN: "Hello"

WOMAN: "Darling, it's me. Are you at the club?"

MAN: "Yes"

WOMAN: "I am at the shopping centre and found this beautiful leather coat. It's only £1,000. Is it OK if I buy it?"

MAN: "Sure...go ahead if you like it that much."

WOMAN: "I also stopped by the Mercedes dealership and saw the new 2005 models. I saw one I really liked."

MAN: "How much?"

WOMAN: "£70,000"

MAN: "OK, but for that price I want it with all the options."

WOMAN: "Great! Oh, and one more thing .. The house I wanted last year is back on the market. They're asking £950,000"

MAN: "Well, then go ahead and give them an offer of 900,000. They will probably take it. If not, we can go the extra 50 thousand. It really is a pretty good price."

WOMAN: "OK. I'll see you later! I love you so much!!"

MAN: "Bye! I love you, too."

The man hangs up. The other men in the changing room are staring at him in astonishment, mouths agape.....

He smiles and asks:

"Anyone knows whose phone is this?"


Right, bank holiday Monday today, so yeah, I get an extra day off.. WOOHOO.. but I didn't do anything exciting, only just relax the whole weekend and chilled.. lol pretty boring actually. So, 6 weeks have passed on my summer internship. Only have 4 more weeks left. So how has it been. Well, pretty boring I have to say, not the most exciting job in the world to do. Mostly just sitting at a desk and writing code... lol.. but yeah only 4 weeks left, well less than that and then I will be back to uni again... WOOHOO

Oh ya, I have 5 tickets to go and see the View play live at King's College London. So if anyone wants to go and see, email me or just leave me a msn or something ok. It is for the 18th October, so you lot have plently of time to decide if you want to come or not.

Right thats about it. I can't be bothered to update anymore, since one, I am in no mood to really write anything, and I also have writers block, so yeah.. I'll cya later.. lol

Biggest hoax ever

A girl last week texted in last week competition to a radio station to win ticket to see the, erm I forgot now, I think it was a rolling stones concert or something. The radio station is XFM (have to say the best radio station out there) and what you have to do to win this competition is text a friend with the message beginning with, "I've just heard a rumour about you - guess what it is." So this girl called, Lizzie from London tooting text her ice skating teacher and her ice skating teacher replied, "I should have told you before, you are old enough to know now. It was a stupid mistake but looking at you now I have no regrets." Lizzie then phoned her ice skating teacher, Cotrina to get the whole story. What turned out as a simple text to win a competition changed into Cotrina admitted to be the mother of Lizzie and she had to put her up for adoption because Cotrina was bought up from a Catholic Italian family. Lizzie won the competition, as expected.. lol... but what a fantastic story, too bad it isn't true..

On Friday last week, Lizzie admitted it was a con. Maybe the reason why she admitted it was that the national paper decided to print this extraordinary story, and I think some international papers started to print it as well. It is such a good con. She conned the whole country to win some sold out concert tickets.. lol.. she even conned me.. I was so convinced of this story.. lol..

Oh ya, me seeing low planes flying aggressively (posted in my last entry), well I can say that now I don't see them anymore.. so yah!! Good for all of us. lol..

Erm, I can't think of anymore to write, but I leave you with some interesting maths question that you can do. LOL.. hope it doesn't test you too much..

Low flying planes...

Before the terror attack that was disrupted by British Police last Thursday, I have been seeing a lot of low flying planes. I have been noticing this for like the past two weeks as I have been travelling to and from work. I thought it must be a sign of something to come and lol.. it was.. lol.. but the funny thing is, is that I have still been seeing a lot of low flying planes around, and yeah, it is London, you always seem to see a lot of low flying planes, but these low flying planes look different, they look aggressive. I don't know, maybe it is me, but there is something going to happen soon, I am sure of it, don't know what though.. just a feeling.. hmm...

Anyway, enough of my weirdness since it is even scaring me a bit.. erm back to normal, I am still at Detica working away, still finding it ok ish.. yeah working is always going to be dull and boring, but that is always gonna be the case. Like what one of my cousin said to me the other day, which is so true, "jobs are never really fun unless u make it fun". LOL.. but yeah, I have only 6 weeks left of it.. then back to uni!! WOOHOO

Actually I am looking forward to return to uni.. I am gonna miss it when I graduate.. lol.. since then I have to get a job and pay my way out of things, instead of relying on the student loan... oh well life moves on doesn't it...

Funny stuff I read this week. Two things to do with Malaysia actually.. The pussy cat dolls are getting fined 10000RM (around £1300) for throwing a concert that contains too much sexual content.. LOL.. Don't Malaysian do their research? Do they actually listen to the lyrics to their song and look at how they perform on stage? Seriously messed up country man! I am sure they knew what they were getting themselves into when they allowed the pussy cat dolls (PCD for short) to perform in Malaysia, but still they let it happen and when they find out it was a mistake, they blame PCD... lol so stupid.. and the second thing was that a gang in Malaysia tried to rob a bank by nicking a cash machine. But what they ended up nicking was the cheque machine. So basically they went through all that effort to steal the machine only to find themselves nicking the wrong thing, which is completely useless to them. Something we can learn from this, Malaysian are stupid when it comes to robbery.. well this gang is.. lol..

Well I have exhausted my resource of what to say, so I end it here.

Working at Detica

After 20 days without an update, one comes along. Well as you are probably aware I have started working at Detica. Two weeks has passed, and my overall conclusion of it is erm.. it is ok... the first week was so boring. All I did was read and surf the net all day long. Not very constructive isn't it... The second week was better, I did programming for the entire week, but the main problem was that it was at Guildford, so I am kinda commuting everyday from my home town, which is a bitch. they told me too late so that means I can't get accommodation, and by the time I do get it, I would have moved back to London... so I am spending 4 hours a day just getting to the place to do basically what I can do just by sitting in front of my own computer.. lol.. But yeah, lucky I have another 4-5 weeks top at Guildford.. so it should be ok, finger cross...

Right, next thing is that got my results for the second year of studying at King's. Just a recap, I got an 80% average for the first year, which is a first class.. so I was trying to match it.. This is what i got this year...
  • Database System (DB) - 89%
  • Computer Communication and Networking (CCN) - 91%
  • Operating Systems and Concurrency (OSC) - 90%
  • Programming Language Design and Parameters (PLD) - 95%
  • Software Architectures and Patterns (SAP) - 81%
  • System Implementation (SPE - Project) - 80%
  • Marketing - 59%
  • Accounting - 84%

Overall, that is just under a 84% average, and I am so happy about these set of results. What the hell, I was not expecting it to be this high, since one of them PLD, I completely guessed 1 and a half questions worth around 33% of the mark. I didn't know what I was doing and thought I did so crap. Oh well... someone must be looking over me or something...

I have also added some more videos on you tube. I won't post them her, but I give you a link to the page where it is on. . basically it is some awesome guitar stuff, which I think some of you seen before... but I will be adding some of my own videos soon... which will be on my new version of my website. Talking about new version of my website.. I think it is going to come out in September. I wanted it to come out next month, but I doubt I can complete it, considering that I working everyday now. Anyway, that's about it, so see next time.

ZZ insane moment...

World cup is now over, and Italy are world champions for the 4th time. Not bad, since they won on penalties, which is quite surprising considering that they are meant to be worse than England at it. But yeah, congrats to them, even though I thought over the whole 90 minutes + extra time they didn't really deserve to win it. But what this final will be remembered by is the head butt that Zinedine Zidane gave to Marco Materazzi. If you want to see that "head butt" again, take a look at the video below

Yes, I am now part of the You Tube crowd, lol. Not bad piece of software, and I will hopefully be using more You Tube on my new website. I would use my new web host to do this, but due to the amount of space I have on it (the lack of it), I will stick with You Tube for now.. lol

What else happened, oh ya Federer and Mauresmo won Wimbledon this year, both very good matches I have to say.. HEHE, erm.. oh yeah, yesterday I was trying to close the kitchen window before going to sleep, and I broke the handle on the window.. lol... well it was always going to happen, since the handle was coming off. Around 3 weeks ago I did some minor repairs to it to help it stay onto the window, but yesterday it broke.. aww.. RIP window handle. Took me ages to get the window to close last night.. lol... and now have to pay £50 to get it fixed, argh stupid really... £50 to unscrew the old handle catch and put a new one in? Is that really value for money? lol...

Anyway.. I am off now to do a bit more relaxing before I start my summer internship that begins next Monday... cya later guys!!


7/7/05, the day that we will never forget. This day last year, 52 people were killed and over 700 injured in an act of terror in the heart of one of the world's busy cities and busy transport system. Yes, no one can forget the scene that took place that day, where destruction, confusion and shock turned us into a nation of hero's, super-human bravery and courage. Yes, a year has past, but have we been defeated? Has terrorism got the better of us? No, we have not falling to terrorism and we shall not fall to it. What the 4 bombers did on that day was wrong, and I don't get what they get from their religion that make them act in this way where their religion ask not to do such things to a fellow human being. The 52 people who were cruelly murdered did not deserve to die. What have they done to deserve this? We have to be strong together to stop terror from affecting us and prevent it from progressing. If we don't, the terrorist have won, and we will continue to see such activities happening more often.

Yes, it is kinda of a sad day today isn't it, after seeing all the scene last year on TV again, even though I wasn't in the UK at the time. My thoughts go out to each and every people who went through that traumatic day. I do not have a clue on how they have been effected.

Anyway, on to other stuff, more light hearted I guess.. I finally got confirmation on where I will be working for my summer internship with, Detica. I will be living in London.. WOOHOO... but on the first day I have to go to Guildford for an introduction session or something like that.. lol.. oh well.. I have ot get up 5am in the morning to travel down.. lol..

Before I start working, there are more important issue to deal with. HEHE.. first there is the world cup. The conclusion of the biggest sporting event in the world comes to a close this Sunday, where 3 times world champion (and probably favourites) Italy take on the ageing French. Who is going to win? I think Italy are going to win it.. that's my 2 cents.. hehe.. also, the other is Wimbledon. The men's final of the "Swiss Army Knife Federer" Vs "The Young Pretender" Nadal, and in the women's final, "The Classy" Justin Henin-Harden Vs the "Majestic" of Amelie Mauresmo. God, a great weekend of sport is ahead of us. Can't wait!

Anyway.. I don't think I have anymore to say now, so I say good bye. HEHEH Cya!


Insomnia, a Chronic inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an adequate length of time. That is a dictionary definition on what is happening to me lately. I have no idea why. I am not stress, I don't have anything to worry about. Oh well, maybe it is my hayfever or something, but you know, when you are not able to sleep for a long period of time, you end up thinking so much crap it is unbelievable. But the funny thing is, by the time you wake up, you forget the majority of what you were thinking at the time. There is one thing that I think about, but I wouldn't want to share it here, since it is kinda personal and I don't think this is the place to share. This website is not Oprah you know, or whatever that US chat show is called where all those actors/actresses bring up their trouble child hood etc...

Talking about my hayfever affecting my sleep pattern, I think I have worked out a way of making hayfever go away, well control my hayfever without taking tablets. I do this by using magnets. I now wear two magnets on my ear and sometime wear these magnets on my nose, which has electricity pumped through it. I know it sounds silly, but I am sure it is working, since my symptoms have dramatically reduce, to a point in which today I forgot I even had hayfever. Maybe the weather has a part to play in it, since it has been so cool lately.. only time will tell.. hehe

World cup fever is still upon us, where England qualifies to the quarter finals, and guess what, the formation used was the one that was posted in the post below. Well, not completely the same, the personnel were different, and also the tactics were not the same as what I said below, but it is getting there, but to be honest, I probably would have played a more attacking formation today, against Ecuador, since they sat back a lot, and was kinda surprised about that tactic. But oh well, In-Ger-Land are through, to play Portugal, after Portugal beat Holland, in what I would call the most funniest and enjoyable game I have watched so far, and this doesn't include the football that was played. Oh My God, 16 yellow cards and 4 red cards in the game, people pushing each other over, diving everywhere, seriously these footballers should have a career in acting, since they definitely convince the referees and also made it very enjoyable for the viewing public (or is that just me?). But yeah, the 4-5-1 formation should suit England more for the Portugal game than the Ecuador game, just because Portugal won't sit as much as Ecuador, even though they did do a lot of sitting against Holland, which surprised me a bit. Oh well, only time will tell I guess.

Anyway, late already, 12:23 am here so I better TRY to get some sleep, if I can.. lol.. I am not really that tired, but need to get something. I have been sleeping like 4 hours a day because of this insomnia... lol.. also I should go since my fingers are hurting typing all this up, and I don't want to get RSI.. lol.. so cya later.

It's Coming Home...

It's Coming Home, It's Coming Home, Football's coming home.. well just not yet.. hehe... taken from the famous Beadle and Skinner track, probably England's best footie song of all time, but will it come true, will football actually be coming home? Before I move on to the world cup, lets elaborate more on pass world cup songs and also the current one. World cup songs for England has been, well putting it bluntly, just purely awful. The only one which has been able to live up to a footie anthem is Beadle and Skinner track, which was originally a Euro 96 song, not the World Cup 1998 song that is usually associated to. Even now, a great band like Embrace who made the current World Cup Song, World at your feet is simply lacking in quality. Why can't any people out there make a good football song. Well, it comes down passion. I haven't been to a footie match, but you go to one and you will hear pure genius songs and lyrics that will make your heart skip a beat. For example, a Peter Crouch song, he is big, he is red, his feet stick out of the bed, is just pure genius. So what am I getting at, actually I have no idea what the hell I am writing about now, but I think I am coming to a conclusion that in order to make a good footie song, you do not have to be great singers, have no musical talent, must be a die hard footie fan, and maybe being drunk wouldn't hurt; just take for example the great Beadle and Skinner (Ok, over used now, sorry). Comedians doing a TV show called Fantasy Football (have to say, was an amazing show, too bad it got axe) and everyone knew that they are football fanatics, have no musical talents, and yeah drunks as well; and over night transformed into music hero's... anyway.. enough of this, back to the world cup.

Well, we are nearly pass the group stages, oh yeah before I go on, I think I better warn you that this post is mostly to do with football, so if you hate football, look away now... Ok, back to what I was on about, we are nearly passed the group stages of the world cup, and our belated team, England has made it to round 2 of the competition. WOOHOO... It's Coming Home, It's Coming Home, Football's Coming Home... ehem.. right, and we now face the mighty Ecuador, who on their way to qualifying for the world cup beat the likes of Brazil and Argentina, bar having played at home which is like ten thousands metres above sea level, are a team we got to look out for. Eh? are you reading this correctly, yes you are, we have to fear them. Look at the way we played against Paraguay, which is a team we beat only 1-0 with an own goal, who are of similar football team as Ecuador as they both play in high altitude. We didn't play well against Paraguay, and at times, Paraguay actually deserved the draw. The problem we have is that we don't play with width, we don't pass and move, play in triangles, do not hassle the teams.. I could go on and on, and also, the stupid manager, Sven what's his face tactics are just diabolical. Playing arguably the best Midfielder in the world at attacking in the holding position? What is this guy on. If I had the chance to pick a team, the team I would pick is below. (Ok, this is considering the injury to Owen and Neville)

Now it gets complicated. Bare with me, but I just need to do this for my sake and my sanity. Look at this, it is a 4-5-1 formation, which a lot of the teams are playing at the world cup and has been working. But it is also a 4-3-3 formation as well. How? Well, when you haven't got the ball, you will move into a 4-5-1 formation where you flood the midfield and try to win the ball back in the middle of the park, and when you have the ball, or more accurately you are attacking, you switch to a 4-3-3 system, ala Chelsea, which will give you more attacking success. It also gives you width, since you have the two wingers, and also give support to the lone strikers via gerrard and lampard. It also gives protection to the back 4 without hampering Gerrard or Lampard. Now here comes the genius bit. In order to win the world cup, you must let Gerrard Roam around the park. Because of the flexibility of gerrard, and the way this formation is set out, he can also be a second striker. Also if he needs to can go and play on the right and left wing, which he can do because beckham and J. Cole can play in the middle of the park. This is what he does for liverpool, and it works, with him scoring 23 goals last season. Gerrard is the success of the team, not Rooney (he isn't fit), not fat Lampard who shoots all the time (did you know lampard leads the way as the player who has shot at goal the most time, having a total shot count of 18, with no goals). I think we need to play this way, at least have this formation in order for England to play at their best. Wow, that was technical, it's ok, I won't talk anymore on this anymore.. lol.

Wow, I have written a lot today, all on world cup... lol.. yeah I am a footie fan and I think if I am not mistaken watched every game... no I think I missed one or two, but yeah.. lol.. I actually don't have a clue who is going to win the world cup this year, maybe Argentina, but I don't have a feeling they will. I predicted Czech republic before the world cup, but not too sure now. Anyway, going now to see Argentina play Holland in their last group match. There might be mistakes above, but I will correct later.. I am sorry that I have written all about football, next time I will pick another topic to write on.

World Cup 2006

So, today is the start of the greatest sport competition on earth, where over 30 billion viewers will be watching the whole contest. Today is the start where boys become men, where any other event becomes eclipsed. Yes today is the start of the world cup, in Germany. Of course, I am bias, and I hope In-Ger-Land (the way we pronounce England when the footie (In America, it is soccer) team plays) will win, and yeah, we do stand a great chance in winning this yeah competition. Do I think we can win it? Yes, of course we can, any team from 6 can win it this year, but at the end of the day it all comes down to luck. Anyway, enough of football, we can talk more about that when the competition starts, lets move on to some of the things that I have done this week

Last Saturday, I think it was the 3rd June, I went with a lot of people to celebrate Alan and Antony 21st birthday. We all went paintballing. When we got there, we got split into two teams, one blue and one gold. I was in the blue team, and of course we won. HEHE... But I got the worse battle scars. I got shot in the neck, where bare flesh was exposed, and if you look at the photo on the right, you can clearly see the damage that occurred. It has basically cleared up now, but I am proud that I had the worse injury of the day, out of everyone including the other people who were there that wasn't in our group.

Then yesterday, I played some football in hyde park, and oh my god, I can't believe how unfit I am. I can barely run like 100 metres before feeling completely exhausted. LOL... need to get more fitter man. Also, my passing as well isn't up to scratch and also lost a lot of power in my shooting as well. Oh well, haven't played football in like 2-3 years, not surprising. Oh well... and also, my hayfever is so bad man. So stupid British weather. Oh well, just have to cope a little bit longer than. Oh well, I am going to go now, nothing more to right, so I say goodbye. BYE!!

Still here, I'm not going anywhere

Wow, long time without an update. Reason because I have nothing to talk about. I am so boring. There are no more exam talk and how I feel that they are pointless and there is nothing else which is exciting in my life. So what I have been doing since then and till today.. well I have been cleaning the house. LOL I am such a domestic!! Yeah, well my mommy isn't here, she in another country enjoying her holiday and this house is in a mess so I better tidy it up before she comes back this weekend, or she will have a go at me. lol.. but I have leant a useful lesson, cleaning is pointless. You clean one day and the next day the house is messy again. What is the point... Argh I don't know.. lol..

What else have I been doing, well, I been catching up on my playstation, argh.. this sounds so crap... not going to write anymore that isn't interesting. But this is interesting... What has Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Johor Bahru got in common? All of these cities have or will have a Disneyland. Johor Bahru I hear you say, well yeah, my motherland country, Malaysia is thinking of building a Disneyland there. How good will that be.. hehehe.. well knowing Malaysian it will be completed in around 50 years time. But it will be good for the country, just wish they concentrate on other things before thinking to do anything of this scale.

An update on version 3 of my site. I have done absolutely nothing to it and to be honest, I can't be bothered, I am so de-motivated at the moment. The only thing that I have done is that music player thingy, and that is quite dodgy, and if a couple of you missed it, you can now find the link on the side of the page. It only works if you have windows media player (WMP), but version 3 will also be quicktime and real compatible, so don't worry if you don't have WMP. Anyway, I have nothing to write about now, so cya guys later...

Exam over + new music player?

Woohoo... yesterday was my last exam for the second semester, I am so happy... no more revision man. I was going mad looking at the same thing over and over again. But yeah, now I have 8 weeks before I start my internship at, Detica. Hmm I still don't even know where the place is, I mean the where it is situated. But oh well, they will let me know. But i hope it isn't in Guildford, or I would have to rent a house there and stay there for 10 weeks, and that will just be so inconvenient.

What else can I talk about, erm I had some really good stuff to say on here yesterday, but now I have forgotten. LOL... oh well signs of old age me thinks. Anyway, I have a teaser from my new website. Ok, it isn't much, but a few months back, I promise media streaming on my new website. Well, I have done a very quick version of it, and here it is. Click Here to open it. At the moment there are 3 songs to pick from. One from the new American band, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, another from a band called, We are Scientist and the other from one of the best UK bands at the moment, The Kooks. I hope you like it. Oh yeah, you need JavaScript enable to view it. Sorry, it is just for the pop up window.. lol..Anyway... I am going to have lunch now, so cya guys later.

Update: 12:09GMT - Tested on Firefox 1.5, Opera 8.5 and IE 6. You will need Windows Media Player in order for this to work


It is actually the 19th now, but because of stupid Britain moving one hour ahead of GMT, it reads that it is yesterday instead of today. HEHEHE... Anyway, Another exam went by on Tuesday, and well, it went ok I guess. Not too sure how well I have done, just have to hope and see I guess. Anyway, I just thought that I will give a quick update. Oh ya, I got new webspace, I am on a trial now, and the new host will be my new home! Awww.. anyway, it will take a long time for me to move since at the moment I can't be bothered to do it.

Anyway, I think I will be going to sleep now. Need to wake up a bit earlier tomorrow to continue with revision. 4 days left to my last exam. Need to score high man! Anyway, cya later dudes!

OS paper done and dusted!

Well, just finished my first exam today and it went ok. Today subject was about Operating Systems! WOOHOO.. lol.. Anyway today's paper was a kinda guess work on what type of question will be coming out, since the course lecturer has changed from last year, and this year our lecturer refused to provide us with revision material, so we went into the exam blind. The paper I have to say was poorly structured, it didn't seem like an exam on Operating System, more like an describing why there is an operating system. Anyway, I hated it, but I think I did quite well.

Also, last week I got a summer internship.. WOOHOO... with the UK largest IT consulting firm (Well that's what they claim) called, Detica pronounce Del-Tic-Ca. I am so happy that I got one.. hehe... and I will be starting on the 17th July and it is 10 weeks. I earn quite a lot as well. I don't think I will say here, just in case some crazy people want to come and rob me, but there is opportunities for me to get bonuses, so I am well chuffed!!

But anyway, i better go do some more work... actually screw it, I gonna nap a bit.. next exam on Tuesday... so anyway.. BYE BYE.. oh yeah, good luck to everyone who are sitting exams now. I know you will all do well...

I'm gonna be on TV

Oh what a strange day I had today. I went shopping today with my mum to keep her company, and one point, my mum wanted to go to the toilet, so yeah I took a seat in the shopping complex thingy, and then this old women, around 60 years old sat next to me. Ok, nothing out of the ordinary happened at this moment in time, but then the old women got a phone call. Oh My God, the things she was saying was unreal, very inappropriate and she was talking really loud, and I was like, what the hell, is she some old bag running a sex phone line. LOL... And then she hung up, and what was really weird is that she immediately got up and walked away. I was thinking, was she expecting a call or something, why would she only sit down and answer a phone call. And then, 30 seconds later, another woman walked up to me and said, hey we were kinda filming you for a TV show that will be air later in the year on E4 and Channel 4, I think it is for trigger happy TV, which I loath. I was like shocked and speechless, I didn't know what to say after that. She asked me to sign some forms saying that I know that I got filmed and things, but they said they liked my reaction towards the old granny and would probably use my material in the show.. ARGH.. not looking forward to see myself on TV. I hope they don't use me!!! I even forgot if they will pay me or anything.. I was so shocked and since then to now, I had a grin on my face. If only I knew that this was a TV show or something, I would have spotted cameras!!! So the next time you see anything weird happening around you and you can't quite work out why this is happening, more chances than not, you are being used by a big media company for a TV show.. WHUAHAHA.. Anyway I will keep you updated if it airs, and hopefully get a clip of me on my website, if the show actually airs.. WUAHAHAH...

Easter.. no fun for me

Well, Easter is fast disappearing and for me, it marks the time for me to start taking my revision seriously... I have taken a few days off resting and recharging my batteries before I make an attempt to do solid revision. There is now only 23 days till my first exam, so better start now. So yeah, basically this is going to be my last proper update for a long time. First I will give an update on v3 of my site. Well, since I am doing everything myself, the site is going to take a long time to develop. Basically, I redesigned my shout box and that is around 25% done since I am having some problems with it and also I have developed a new navigational system for my photo page. So, that means v3 is around 1-2% done... WUAHAHAHA. Also, I will be moving host soon to a new 500mb home with my own proper domain. So watch this space, and also my MSN nickname.. hehe...

Second, a few weeks ago I reported on an unknown Londoner who got a record contract by playing gigs through the internet with the aid of a web cam. Well, I finally listened to some of her music and yeah, it isn't that bad. It is a mix of folk/pop/rock and has an element of jack johnson and she reminds me a lot of Missy Higgins as well... But yeah, go check her stuff out.. it isn't bad at all.

I have a question for all you guys. Is Easter becoming the new Christmas? I know some of you must be thinking what on Earth is this guy on about, but apparently it slowly is becoming it. In the UK, over 34 million Easter cards were given out this year and over 80 million eggs were given and every year it is slowly increasing. Sooner or later we will be given out more or less the same amount of Easter cards then we do Christmas cards. lol... Well, in my opinion, the reason why this is increasing since it gives the British public an excuse to have another holiday, or make them feel like it is an holiday and therefore just treat themselves... even the amount of food bought over the period has increased with £3bn spent on it this year.

Anyway, I don't know what else to say now, so I logging off and erm, have a great Easter, well what is left of it anyway.. hehe... cya!!

Deja vu?

Something very weird happened today. Well, I was travelling on the tube today, and was on the jubilee line and this women walks in. She isn't hot or anything, well, I think she looks easy, but yeah nothing really interesting happened. She didn't get out of the same stop as me, but then, 6 hours later, travelling on the circle line, I saw the exact same women, and I was like... what the hell.. I seen you somewhere before. It was freaky man. Anyway, just wanted to write that in... since it was WEIRD... lol. Anyway.. cya guys later!!! Can't be bothered to do a full update today.

Interview @ Detica over..

I had my interview with Detica yesterday. At last!!! Remember me complaining that their excuse for not giving me an interview earlier was that they were busy. Actually, I kinda believe this now after I was with the company having the interview. Looking at the way they did the interviews, they did not do it every day. And also, their workforce is only 1000 strong, and for a company that claims to be the leading IT constant in the UK, that is a low figure. But the future is bright for them though, considering they double their workforce in a year. Anyway, back to the interview

The interview as a whole was very good. At the beginning, they ask if what I knew about Detica, and yeah basic question and was able to answer it. Then we went on to my presentation, and that was about my web project that I done a few weeks ago, and that I think went very well, apart from some hiccups on the site that we design not working 100% because of a beta browser being used (I won't go into this, I will just bore you). But yeah, the presentation was very comprehensive and so after that, he couldn't really ask me anymore question since it was all covered. Leadership, working in teams, the way I can program, problem solving, communication, work experience, EVERYTHING. So the next part was this case study

Now, this case study was a bit of a surprise for me, since we were not told about this prior to the interview, but it went very well indeed. It was about the new ID cards that the UK government are proposing, and basically solve some problems and stuff, and I answered it very well. So yeah, it seems all good, but I have to wait till like 2 weeks to get a reply, and hopefully, fingers cross I can get this job. HEHE

Now going off topic reporting some news stuff, there was a girl, Sandi Thom who comes from, Tooting London was a struggling singer/song writer, and was struggling to get noticed. So guess what she decided to do, well hold live gigs on the internet. Only 70 people tuned in for her first gig on the net, but her recent gig received over 70,000 people. And now she has a record contract RCA/SonyBMG. I haven't heard her music, but I gonna check it out and let you guys know if it is any good, but yeah, if any of you guys are desperate to get notice and get a record contract, forget Pop Idol or X-factor, all you need is a PC, a webcam and set up your own gig.. HEHE.

Now on to some more depressing stories, the parents of Damilola Taylor who died 6 years ago are still trying to get justice for their son's murder, and now today the latest of a long line of trails to convict potential murders had fallen short again. I wonder how the parents of Damilola Taylor are coping with this, I have no idea in the world how they can do it. Oh well, hopefully the murders are caught soon, since racist attacks are so cowardly!!

Anyway, I been blabbering on here, and this is probably my last interesting update until my exams are finish. Sorry guys, I have to revise now... hehe.. but anyway, I hope I can do these updates more often. Cya later everyone

Interview @ Detica

Quick update before I go sleep or something.. I have an interview with Detica on Monday 3rd April.. AT LAST.. I emailed them for the sixth time today.. and if this didn't work I was tempted to phone them... but yeah I am happy now.. now I have to prepare a presentation.. but I need to nail this one, unlike the morgan stanley one which I completely flopped. After this I think I have to start revising... need to ace this year.. hehe.. but enough of the boring crap...

Played badminton today.. and going ice skating tomorrow... hmm... this isn't interesting... erm lets talk about this in the news or something.. hmm I know..

What do you guys think about the Internet? Great place, meet people, can find anything that you want to know of a click in the button, you can find my website.. lol and also you can buy stuff on the Internet. And a site called, ebay allows this and has revolutionised the way people buy things on the Internet. But what are the things that people can buy on the Internet. Things like ipods or classic CDs, but when it comes down to things like Blue Peter Badge... I think that is disgraceful. OK, people who are not in this country, I briefly out line what these Blue Peter badges are. Well basically Blue Peter is a Children Show on the BBC, and sometimes they reward their viewers or children that appear on the show with a Blue Peter Badge. What these allow is for them to enter theatre shows, art galleries, museums for free. These are hard to come by, and as a child, well when I was growing up, I would have loved them. But now, ebay are selling them on their website, and I think that is disgraceful.

And now, Blue Peter has decided to suspend its badge scheme entitling holders to free attraction access. Just because of people on the net wanting to make a few bucks (some have been selling for near £200) little kids who actually deserves their badges and are rightly entitled to have free access to attraction have been robbed. It just isn't fair!! Oh well what can you do, you can't monitor the Internet can't you.

Anyway.. I can't be bothered to write anymore, so I say good bye.. Good bye!! hehe..

Damm you BT

I kinda pissed off today... First thing is that the clocks went forward one hour and I got one hour less of sleep and also, I was filling out the BT summer placement application, and was half way through it until it said that they are not offering anymore technical placement. I was like, Nnoooooooooooo.... But the thing is, is that BT only opened up the application forms last week, Firday 17th March to be exact, and already not allowing anymore applications. Stupid BT. I still have two, but still no reply. I am going to email Detica again, just incase they forgot about me, but yeah, I am not very happy today... HEHE

Erm, I am in no mood to write something interesting now... so I say good bye.. hehe.. oh yeah.. holiday started, got exam like in 7 weeks times, so plently of time to revise, and also, I have a good examination timetable, I will explain later.. now.. I can't be bothered.. gonna do something now.. not sure what... hhehe.. BYE

Lots and lots of stuff

Hmm.. another update so soon after my last. HEHE.. I stil haven't done my management coursework. Well, actually it is done but it is crap, and also I am well over the word limit. So I have to proof read it. Anyway.. what have I been up to today. Well, I played badminton today, and it was fun. I didn't smash in most of the games I played, so that I could find another way of winning if smashes wasn't working, and it was fun to do it. But on the way back from, some stupid kids put something on the railway line, and nearly de-railed the train. Well, I doubt it would have de-railed, but the train was going like 50+ mph and jesus, the noise that was made was so loud. I knew it was kids since nearby when the accident happened, a group of kids were looking at the train. But the railway line was in the middle of no-way, it is like in some country side area.. and I knew it was them that did something.. it is just crazy man...

And talking about train stuff, I have noticed so much rubbish that has collected near the platform edge. The next time you are at a train station, just look at the amount of rubbish around. It is unforgivable, considering that there is a bin just a couple of steps away. Why can't people just walk a few steps and put it in the bin. It just makes the environment look bad, and also it smells bad as well... You know.. we should adopt the Singapore approach. If you get caught littering.. you get fine.. that will stop people.. hehehe...

And talking about the environment, I have thought of two new ways of producing less pollution, both using the same technology.. lol.. one is to line all the motorways with wind turbines... not the really big ones, but the same size as the street lamps. This will one, not cause damage to the environment in terms of making the environment ugly, since there is already a bloody road causing it, and two have the street lamps self sufficient... and the extra power can be used for homes... I was on the M6 the other day, and wow, I could imagine it all covered... be well good. The second one is to use wind turbines in cars. Yes, in cars.. lol... the way that I have designed it is so that basically, on the roof of the car, there will be two wind turbines. But isn't that dangerous I hear you cry.. well basically no, since you will add a cover the size of the roof over the turbines, but leaving a gap on the front so air can collect. So basically when you are driving, the air that is produce gets pushed into the gap rotating the turbines. And it is flexible to. Because the faster you drive, the more power you need, but at the same time, the more air will be produce and therefore increase the rate that the turbine rotates, which means extra POWER.. hehe.. well.. crazy ideas I know.. lol... probably not the best way to solve the environment problem.. but at least I am thinking...

HEHE, why am I so environmentally friendly today.. oh well.. I soon won't be.. hehe.. anyway.. I have to get back to management and try to cut down on the amount of words used... so I cya guys later

Group Project No MORE!

WOOHOO.. my group project is finally over.. I can play again.. WOOHOO.. actually I can't, I still have another bloody assignment, which is due in next week and I haven't even looked at it... oh well, better do something about it. But yeah, this group project out of the way is such a big weight of my shoulders... so nice feeling.

But enough talk on that.. what else. Well if you have been reading lately, I was having my birthday party, and sure enough, it happened, with the exception of Sue-Lee... oh well.. next time maybe? Anyway.. it was a great night out. I got to dance badly with a belly dancer and got to dress up like an angel with wings. HEHE.. at one point I was calling, nicola and anita my ANGELS... not charlie's angles, Richard's angels.. WUAHAHA... (by the way, it was mine, nicola and anita party). So yeah, it was a great night. I hope to get pictures, but I have to get them of other people, so yeah people, can I have photos please!!

Hmm, what else, well erm.. oh.. my group project was based on web programming, and from this, I have learnt so much about web programming, and actually it isn't too hard. So from today, the start of development of V3 of my site begins. Ok, the stuff I want to do are not easy. I won't give out too much, but the site will be a lot more interactive and also features some media content. Hopefully I can pull it off, but it may take 6 months to do, because since everything is done by me, I have to keep testing if it works or not. But yeah, it is gonna be wicked.. I am gonna define a new chapter for blogs.. lol...

Hmm what else, erm, nothing much, I think I better start doing my course work for management. Only 7 days to do it and have not started... depressing.. oh yeah, I got 3As for my December exam. I haven't found out my management grade yet, but yeah, it looks good for me to maintain a first class for my course which I wanted to do.. and just some random crap, as mentioned below, I meant to have a interview with Detica.. guess what.. still no interview, but I got a reply from them, and they said that they haven't forgotten me and that they have been so busy. I am like what the f***... oh well... need to wait I guess... nothing I can do about it.. anyway.. I have to shoot off, wasted lots of time.. after the management course work is done, I promise I write more interesting stuff.. hehe.. bye bye...

Depressed... me 20!

I am so depressed... I have turned 20 :( ... it isn't a nice feeling you know knowing that you are turning into an adult and that know you can't just simply play around. You have to actually take things more seriously and I honesty believe that I am not capable of it.. lol... oh well... so what did I do on my magically 20th Birthday. Well, pretty normal day really. Went play badminton and then had lunch with a few friends. Sue-Lee gave me this wicked card that she made by herself.. it must have taken her hours to do, and I am so loving it man... but yeah, and then I went home and had dinner with my parents... But on the 10th March, me, nicola, anita and hopefully sue-lee will be combining birthday parties... at the moment we have t o dress up as movie characters, but hopefully that won't be the case since I have no idea what to wear... hehe...

But I have no time really to celebrate my birthday, I have this really annoying project to do, and it is killing me, seriously... oh well... it is in soon so I can get it out of the way, but then I have another one to do, which I haven't even started yet. I am so behind man. And also I am waiting for this Detica interview to come in. I am still waiting, and I have sent 3 emails to them asking them when I can go to the interview, and still I have nothing. They are so unorganised. Oh well what to do eh!!

Erm, what else to say, nothing much, pretty boring at the moment. I have ot go hover my room now since it is so dusty it is unreal. So I bid farewell... BYE!!

Valentine's day

Whoa, another update from me... wow this is a surprise considering the recent months. Anyway, I want to clear something up before I write anything else. The bit about the valentine's day thingy, some has said, argh go get a girl friend and other stuff, but I didn't write that because I was fed up of not having a girl friend, I worte it since I thought the whole day is LAME. But I will do something for my girl friend, but I won't go over the top, I leave that for another day. So ok that sorted... lol.

Right, back to the basics. What has been happening in my crappy life. Well, I ordered a new badminton racquet from the best auction place on the net, eBay. It is basically a early Birthday Present for myself. It cost £24 in total due to postage and packaging, but it isn't bad. The racquet value is £70-£80 and I have confirmed that price on the net by using the all famous Google. The cheapest I found was £30, but that doesn't include postage and packaging. So overall I am happy, and today I tested it out. And I must say it is more powerful then my old one. Maybe not as mobile, but sure since my timing was so out today, and power got me out of trouble so many times. But yeah, hopefully this new racquet can help me get into the KCL badminton team, which is what I am working towards.

Something, I won't say funny, genius I should say, happened today in a place in Kent. What happened was that over £40 million was stolen from a cash depot. It is the biggest robbery in the UK. What happened was that the criminal's first step was to get the manager and kidnap him so that they can get the codes to break in and steal the money. But why would the manager tell the criminals. Well, the criminals also kidnapped his wife and daughter and threaten to kill them if he doesn't co-operate. They kidnapped the manager like anyone would do, gun point, but the wife and child, they ingeniously dressed up as police officer, saying that the wife's husband was involved in a car accident, and ask them to follow them to the station and so forth. Anyway, after a few hours later, the criminals got the money and fortunately no one was harm, which was good, but my god, pulling this stunt off, you have to take you hat of to them. Amazing man to steal that much money in a place that security will be at the highest. So far they haven't been

Well after that what else should I say, hmm not sure now. Lets talk about my boring life. Hmm... project.. nah don't want to talk about that... too depressing... oh yeah, my birthday, most likely I will be doing some kind of celebration for it, and I gonna join it with another friend of mine, Sue-Lee... since I know all you guys are running out of money and so cheaper to kill two birds with one stone. Most likely is gonna happen on Friday 10th March, but this will probably change, like everything does... erm what else.. erm... Ooo.. I got 50 free text messages from o2... lol due to the fact my phone is my mum's sim card, and therefore on her birthday, which was the 17th February, she received 50 free text messages. How kind of o2 to give it to us. Anyway.. yeah I can text for free now.. Woohoo... argh this is too boring, I gonna go now.. cya later guys and gals!!!


ARGH... I am ill, well I was, or still, I am getting better I should say, and yeah I am still kinda busy, and really cannot be bothered to update this website as much any more. Just no mood anymore... maybe it is my cold that is doing the talking here. But anyway... what have I been doing since my last entry?

Last Saturday, I went to, Joanne's birthday bash. Was nice to see her again, and it was a good night. I was ill at the time and really was kinda dead during the whole day, but yeah overall it was a good day. If I have time, I will nick photos of people and put them on my website, but HAHAHA as if that will happen.

What else, well it is valentine's day today... WOOHOO to all ya couples out there, lucky for me I don't have a girl friend and that means I do not have to waste my money on over priced flowers. Anyway, I don't understand this day. So stupid, why can't you guys just surprise your girl any time of the year, and only wait till today. Actually, it's the girls that makes such a big thing about this, they put so much pressure on us guys to actually do something to impress them. And if you don't get it right, you probably end up getting left out in the cold and feeling sorry for yourself. You know what, it should be the other way around, and then we will see how girls like it. Actually, imagine the roles reverse and the girls have to impress the guys. And if they get it wrong, they will be the one feeling sorry for themselves.. HAHA.. yeah right Richard, that is really gonna happen lol.. I am talking crap man, argh don't care. Doesn't even make sense, but I am ill, I am excused for writing crap. Anyway, go to go since I haven't got anything to write. So BEYBEYEBYEBYBEBYBEYBEBYEBYEBYBEYBEE.


Sorry that I haven't been updating. Been a crazy few weeks for me and cannot find time to update this site, but I have found some time, so I will update now. Well the first important news of the day is that I went to my Morgan Stanley Accesment day last Friday and Saturday to get a summer internship. And two be honest, it was very tough. I didn't expect half the things that I was faced with, the technical interview went crap for me, since I didn't know half the stuff they were on about, the role plays I had at the end of the day were also crap. And thats probably why I didn't get it the internship. I knew when I left the building that I didn't get it, since if I was the person deciding, I wouldn't have offer myself a place. I was that bad. Oh well, I have a another interview with a firm called, Detica. I not too sure about this company, but I do some digging and see who they are.

Ok, what else, erm yeah, doing group project for my uni, and it is going.. well it can be a lot better, but at the same time it isn't going too badly, but now we all have to do some serious work, since just over 4 weeks left to go. But it should, I say should be ok.

So, that is my life over the pass few weeks, and now I have to do some research into some programming crap. HEHE, how nice is my life eh!

Happy new year?

Happy new year everyone; 25 days late. Yes updates are back and yes, I am still alive. Thought I better update this site since I haven't done anything to it for like over a month. So what have I been up to. Well, I had my bloody exams, which I think I have done good overall.

But why I haven't updated my site for a long time, even though my exams finshed like 2 weeks ago. Well the simple answer is I CANNOT BE BOTHERED. Actually, I have been kinda busy. First I have an accessment day at Morgan Stanley for my summber internship, which I know I do crap in, also helped my brother to move to swindon 2 days ago (he got a new job) and now I am doing this group project thingy, and so busy at the moment it is untrue. So now I decided to update this site at 12 in the morning since, well I want to.. hehehe

What else to say, oh yeah, my god there is so much good music out there at the moment it is so hard to keep up. The crimea (I think that is how you spell it) are amazing and also the kooks and editors and ... I can go on and on and on... but I can't be bothered and want to sleep now, so I say good night little children. Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!!!