Group Project No MORE!

WOOHOO.. my group project is finally over.. I can play again.. WOOHOO.. actually I can't, I still have another bloody assignment, which is due in next week and I haven't even looked at it... oh well, better do something about it. But yeah, this group project out of the way is such a big weight of my shoulders... so nice feeling.

But enough talk on that.. what else. Well if you have been reading lately, I was having my birthday party, and sure enough, it happened, with the exception of Sue-Lee... oh well.. next time maybe? Anyway.. it was a great night out. I got to dance badly with a belly dancer and got to dress up like an angel with wings. HEHE.. at one point I was calling, nicola and anita my ANGELS... not charlie's angles, Richard's angels.. WUAHAHA... (by the way, it was mine, nicola and anita party). So yeah, it was a great night. I hope to get pictures, but I have to get them of other people, so yeah people, can I have photos please!!

Hmm, what else, well erm.. oh.. my group project was based on web programming, and from this, I have learnt so much about web programming, and actually it isn't too hard. So from today, the start of development of V3 of my site begins. Ok, the stuff I want to do are not easy. I won't give out too much, but the site will be a lot more interactive and also features some media content. Hopefully I can pull it off, but it may take 6 months to do, because since everything is done by me, I have to keep testing if it works or not. But yeah, it is gonna be wicked.. I am gonna define a new chapter for blogs.. lol...

Hmm what else, erm, nothing much, I think I better start doing my course work for management. Only 7 days to do it and have not started... depressing.. oh yeah, I got 3As for my December exam. I haven't found out my management grade yet, but yeah, it looks good for me to maintain a first class for my course which I wanted to do.. and just some random crap, as mentioned below, I meant to have a interview with Detica.. guess what.. still no interview, but I got a reply from them, and they said that they haven't forgotten me and that they have been so busy. I am like what the f***... oh well... need to wait I guess... nothing I can do about it.. anyway.. I have to shoot off, wasted lots of time.. after the management course work is done, I promise I write more interesting stuff.. hehe.. bye bye...


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