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F*** man... A bloody young reckless driver was speeding around my area, and he skidded, went across two of my neighbour's garden and smashed into my mum's car. Lucky my mum's car was in the way, since the f****** driver's car would have been in my house. I couldn't believe it! Was extreamly shock and still am. Oh well, lucky no one was hurt and especially to some children who were out riding their bikes... but I can't believe he was speeding around this area... something needs to be done now, maybe speed bumps... since next time, people could be hurt... argh... can't believe this...

Also, on a site note, I had to transfer my site to a new host... so there might be some links around this site that doesn't work, if so, email me or shout in the shout box. Thanks.

Version 2

WhooHoo, version 2 is now up. This version 2 has taken around 2-3 weeks to do, which is less than what I thought. I have to say thank you to my friend, Antony for helping me debug and use some of his php programming code, since without it I would not have completed this site by now.

So what is new... well I have added a shout box to my website, where you can just shout, lol. I wanted to add some kind of smily to what I am writing, but the program code that I wanted to use doesn't work, so I have to think a way around it so that it will work.

Also, this site is now XHTML 1.1 and CSS 1.0/2.0 valid. What does this mean? That means this site complies to the web standard of the way a web site should be written. In other words, the proper way to write a website.

Word of warning, some stuff in this website might not work, since there might be errors. If so, email me, or just shout in the shout box and I will correct it, thanks

Ice Skating

Went ice skating today... my first time... wow it was so cool man... really enjoyed myself, even though I fell over 5 times and I can't skate properly, but I don't care. After that we went to the arcades for a bit, and then a group of us whet to have dinner in a Chinese restaurant near by... I have pictures, but have to wait till version 2... lol

But I am so tired now... and I have a massive blister on my foot that hurts like hell... anyway I am going home tomorrow for my Easter break. Also, version 2 is nearly done, so watch out for it... lol...

Tiny news

Site News: The photo page will soon be down. This is due to testing on the new photo layout for version 2. The next time the photo page will be working will be when version 2 is launch... sorry about that...

Final week of first year...

The final week of my first year of uni is coming to an end. I can't believe how quickly it has flew by... but I still have exams to do... and today I found out that it starts on the 12th May 2005... 7 weeks and 1 day away. Oh well, at least that is more time to revise then we had for our Chirstmas exams.

I finally got the vacuum cleaner sorted out... and partly it was my fault, since I never emptied the bag... so the vacuum cleaner motor was put under stress... but who cares, got a new one, and it is even more S*** than the old one... oh well...

Also, I have been working on version 2 of this site, and I will be launching it soon... so keep a wide eye out for it

Going to a friend's birthday party tonight... so it should be fun... lol...


F***... was cleaning my room today with the vacuum cleaner, and I was half way through and then the vacuum cleaner started to make strange noisies and began to stutter. So I looked around and saw smoke pouring form the back of the vacuum cleaner. Knowing the fire alarms in Stamford Street are very sensitive, I quickly move the cleaner to the window until it stopped smoking... But now my room sticks of smoke and I am well annoyed. I wanted to get a new vacuum earlier, but they only will change it if it is gone... well it has now... so HAHAHA...

Apart from this, yesterday my brother got his certificate for getting his masters. WOOHOO... then I went china town and ate with him and my parents... spent a lot of money... but who cares... lol.


Went to the IMAX yesterday(or should I say today...) with a couple of friends to watch matrix 2 and 3. You probably thinking why I decided to watch matrix since it is an old movie. Well, if you haven't heard of the IMAX, it is a cinema with a difference. The screen is 5 times bigger than any other cinema screen in the world... so go figure...

The movies started at 12:30am and finished at 5:40ish am in the morning... so it was pretty late/early when I got back... and I thought that I would go to sleep quite easily, but didn't... didn't sleep too well... lol.

Anyway, I have a management essay that still needs to be completed, so I better do that, even though I have no idea how to do. But the good news is that my semester is coming to an end... and then I have an 8 week break till my exams... but still have to study :(


I played badminton yesterday, and it was the last ever session that King's are going to offer. Bit disappointed that it is the last, since I have 2 more weeks left until my semester is finished. But what can you do.. but a group of my friends are going to organise and book courts, so... at least I can still play

I also watched my friend in this dance show yesterday... and at first I thought it was going to be boring, but it turned out to be a great night. It first started out with a dance routine of the movie, Moulin Rouge. WOW... those girls man... awesome. After that... acts had a lot to live up for, and some wasn't able to live up to the standard of the first performance. My friend that I came to watch was in this break dance act and she was scared that she wasn't going to match the boys, but my god didn't she pull it off... matched the boys in every department...

Well, I better be off, have to have lunch before I go off to uni. So BYE!!!

Update: I forgot to say that I wasn't able to take photos of the night. This was due to no flash photography. So annoyed :(

Happy Birthday to me...

HAHAHA... It is my birthday today!!! WUAHAHA... expecting present now HAHAHA... anyway not a good way to start my birthday. Got woken up at 6 something in the morning... stupid fire alarm. I actually thought it was my alarm clock going off and I was wondering why it was ringing at this time... lol

But it got better. I awoken 3 hours later to discover that it was snowing, and the snow was sticking... so happy, as I am writing now the snow is melting :(

Anyway.. going home today as well, and I have no PR2 to do since I finished it. I may have to check over some things, but I think it is alright. I have lectures now, so I better shoot off.