I'm gonna be on TV

Oh what a strange day I had today. I went shopping today with my mum to keep her company, and one point, my mum wanted to go to the toilet, so yeah I took a seat in the shopping complex thingy, and then this old women, around 60 years old sat next to me. Ok, nothing out of the ordinary happened at this moment in time, but then the old women got a phone call. Oh My God, the things she was saying was unreal, very inappropriate and she was talking really loud, and I was like, what the hell, is she some old bag running a sex phone line. LOL... And then she hung up, and what was really weird is that she immediately got up and walked away. I was thinking, was she expecting a call or something, why would she only sit down and answer a phone call. And then, 30 seconds later, another woman walked up to me and said, hey we were kinda filming you for a TV show that will be air later in the year on E4 and Channel 4, I think it is for trigger happy TV, which I loath. I was like shocked and speechless, I didn't know what to say after that. She asked me to sign some forms saying that I know that I got filmed and things, but they said they liked my reaction towards the old granny and would probably use my material in the show.. ARGH.. not looking forward to see myself on TV. I hope they don't use me!!! I even forgot if they will pay me or anything.. I was so shocked and since then to now, I had a grin on my face. If only I knew that this was a TV show or something, I would have spotted cameras!!! So the next time you see anything weird happening around you and you can't quite work out why this is happening, more chances than not, you are being used by a big media company for a TV show.. WHUAHAHA.. Anyway I will keep you updated if it airs, and hopefully get a clip of me on my website, if the show actually airs.. WUAHAHAH...


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