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Working at Detica

After 20 days without an update, one comes along. Well as you are probably aware I have started working at Detica. Two weeks has passed, and my overall conclusion of it is erm.. it is ok... the first week was so boring. All I did was read and surf the net all day long. Not very constructive isn't it... The second week was better, I did programming for the entire week, but the main problem was that it was at Guildford, so I am kinda commuting everyday from my home town, which is a bitch. they told me too late so that means I can't get accommodation, and by the time I do get it, I would have moved back to London... so I am spending 4 hours a day just getting to the place to do basically what I can do just by sitting in front of my own computer.. lol.. But yeah, lucky I have another 4-5 weeks top at Guildford.. so it should be ok, finger cross...

Right, next thing is that got my results for the second year of studying at King's. Just a recap, I got an 80% average for the first year, which is a first class.. so I was trying to match it.. This is what i got this year...
  • Database System (DB) - 89%
  • Computer Communication and Networking (CCN) - 91%
  • Operating Systems and Concurrency (OSC) - 90%
  • Programming Language Design and Parameters (PLD) - 95%
  • Software Architectures and Patterns (SAP) - 81%
  • System Implementation (SPE - Project) - 80%
  • Marketing - 59%
  • Accounting - 84%

Overall, that is just under a 84% average, and I am so happy about these set of results. What the hell, I was not expecting it to be this high, since one of them PLD, I completely guessed 1 and a half questions worth around 33% of the mark. I didn't know what I was doing and thought I did so crap. Oh well... someone must be looking over me or something...

I have also added some more videos on you tube. I won't post them her, but I give you a link to the page where it is on. . basically it is some awesome guitar stuff, which I think some of you seen before... but I will be adding some of my own videos soon... which will be on my new version of my website. Talking about new version of my website.. I think it is going to come out in September. I wanted it to come out next month, but I doubt I can complete it, considering that I working everyday now. Anyway, that's about it, so see next time.

ZZ insane moment...

World cup is now over, and Italy are world champions for the 4th time. Not bad, since they won on penalties, which is quite surprising considering that they are meant to be worse than England at it. But yeah, congrats to them, even though I thought over the whole 90 minutes + extra time they didn't really deserve to win it. But what this final will be remembered by is the head butt that Zinedine Zidane gave to Marco Materazzi. If you want to see that "head butt" again, take a look at the video below

Yes, I am now part of the You Tube crowd, lol. Not bad piece of software, and I will hopefully be using more You Tube on my new website. I would use my new web host to do this, but due to the amount of space I have on it (the lack of it), I will stick with You Tube for now.. lol

What else happened, oh ya Federer and Mauresmo won Wimbledon this year, both very good matches I have to say.. HEHE, erm.. oh yeah, yesterday I was trying to close the kitchen window before going to sleep, and I broke the handle on the window.. lol... well it was always going to happen, since the handle was coming off. Around 3 weeks ago I did some minor repairs to it to help it stay onto the window, but yesterday it broke.. aww.. RIP window handle. Took me ages to get the window to close last night.. lol... and now have to pay £50 to get it fixed, argh stupid really... £50 to unscrew the old handle catch and put a new one in? Is that really value for money? lol...

Anyway.. I am off now to do a bit more relaxing before I start my summer internship that begins next Monday... cya later guys!!


7/7/05, the day that we will never forget. This day last year, 52 people were killed and over 700 injured in an act of terror in the heart of one of the world's busy cities and busy transport system. Yes, no one can forget the scene that took place that day, where destruction, confusion and shock turned us into a nation of hero's, super-human bravery and courage. Yes, a year has past, but have we been defeated? Has terrorism got the better of us? No, we have not falling to terrorism and we shall not fall to it. What the 4 bombers did on that day was wrong, and I don't get what they get from their religion that make them act in this way where their religion ask not to do such things to a fellow human being. The 52 people who were cruelly murdered did not deserve to die. What have they done to deserve this? We have to be strong together to stop terror from affecting us and prevent it from progressing. If we don't, the terrorist have won, and we will continue to see such activities happening more often.

Yes, it is kinda of a sad day today isn't it, after seeing all the scene last year on TV again, even though I wasn't in the UK at the time. My thoughts go out to each and every people who went through that traumatic day. I do not have a clue on how they have been effected.

Anyway, on to other stuff, more light hearted I guess.. I finally got confirmation on where I will be working for my summer internship with, Detica. I will be living in London.. WOOHOO... but on the first day I have to go to Guildford for an introduction session or something like that.. lol.. oh well.. I have ot get up 5am in the morning to travel down.. lol..

Before I start working, there are more important issue to deal with. HEHE.. first there is the world cup. The conclusion of the biggest sporting event in the world comes to a close this Sunday, where 3 times world champion (and probably favourites) Italy take on the ageing French. Who is going to win? I think Italy are going to win it.. that's my 2 cents.. hehe.. also, the other is Wimbledon. The men's final of the "Swiss Army Knife Federer" Vs "The Young Pretender" Nadal, and in the women's final, "The Classy" Justin Henin-Harden Vs the "Majestic" of Amelie Mauresmo. God, a great weekend of sport is ahead of us. Can't wait!

Anyway.. I don't think I have anymore to say now, so I say good bye. HEHEH Cya!