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Currency Converter Version 1.1.3 - Android App

Today I have released a new version of my Android Application Currency Converter. You will be able to find it by going to the below link and downloading it off Google Play.

This update fixed an issue with the converter failing to work due to iGoogle support. Google dropped support which basically broke my app :)

Also added the ability for backing up if you are using any third parties tools like Titanium Backup or Helium.

The latest code base has also been pushed to GitHub so you can have a look if you want to know how it is built or just interested to learn Android programming.

What if Mario and Pacman were in the same game

What if Mario and Pacman were in the same game

Awesome gif

If it is now $0.10 for 1GB of storage, why don't we have extremely cheap cloud storage solution?

Doctor Who prequel

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