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King's College London Sucks!!

Attention, attention, King's College London (KCL) is closed for the day due to a power failure in the area... Well that is what I heard from, Vadim on the way to college yesterday travelling PEAK I should say. It isn't their fault I have to be honest, but they should at least have warned us about it. Oh yeah, they couldn't since their website and email service was down... so yeah, I went to the college yesterday since I had the ticket anyway and as I got to the college all that was shown was a little sign on the window, a hand drawn A4 piece of paper saying something about it being closed and people who are to repair the system would have to go somewhere and await further instruction or something like that. There was 200+ students waiting, confused outside, and there was not one sign saying what student should do. I mean KCL is a joke. They don't care about us, their "students" at all.

Also the fact that their whole web system is located in the Strand, the campus that had the power cut, not one person could be informed about it, even the lecturers didn't know what was going on. I mean this is just bad planning from the guys not only on infrastructure but also in terms of personal relations with no one really telling us what the hell we should be doing.

And the day after the power cut, KCL sent an email to everyone saying that they were sorry about the power cut, which is at minimum one should expect from a organisation such as KCL, but they had the cheek to say that KCL has done a good job at handling the situation and that everyone involved in making sure that the college was back in order should be congratulated. More like some of them should get the sack. In the first place, the web system should not have gone down and it was the people implementing and planning the infrastructure of the computer system are at fault and should get a good telling off. The handling of the situation was poor. They could have put better signs up directly talking to the students on what to do. There should be a help desk on site assisting people on what they should do, or a person directing students to the waterloo campus help desk for further information, since classes still could have gone on around at other campuses. So KCL, you didn't do a good job and shouldn't be patting yourself on the back. You should be telling students how sorry you are for not considering us at all and that you should offer some compensation to poor students who paid good money to come all the way to attend university to gain a good education at your institution. Something in the region of say £1000 each please :D ... hehehe...

Anyway enough of that, don't want this post to be all negative... but to be honest, other than that I don't think I have anything else to say, and that was some piece of writing I have produce and it did take a long time. I think I deserve a pat on the back now for my effort.. ;) LOL...

Welcome Facebook viewers

I hope this works, or the title you see will be totally meaningless. Well hopefully all facebook people can see my entry on my blog. I have integrated my blog with facebook, so now it is even more easier to check updates and so on. You should be able to see all my entries I have made to my blog, if not then crap.. Also I have RSS my website, the link will be up soon, but it is still a bit dodgy.. but oh well.

For people who is their first time reading my blog, well it is about me (duh!) and it is my ramblings... I also post some YouTube stuff so watch carefully and erm yeah that’s about it basically... So without further a due, lets get cracking on...

Two Friday's ago it was Lap's 21st... He did it at a bar/restaurant in Piccadilly which is called, erm... Sugar Reef and it was a great night out. For people you hasn't seen the pics, it is on Fu's facebook. For people looking at this entry through my website, I am sorry and do not have photo's, so you are missing out... lol...

But during the night, me and Jo left the bar and went and crashed another party nearby, and then later return with some more people to wish Lap a happy birthday. In the end they didn't end up going into the bar since they had to pay, so fair enough. Later, the bouncer came after me and jo because he thought that we let these extra people in to the bar without paying. Obviously we didn't and he threaten us by telling us if we don't pay for them, the whole group, which was around 30+ people would have to leave. Obviously we didn't pay, and in the day they wouldn't let us back in. Lucky Lap called an end to his tame night and all ending good. But it still angers me though.

After that, I went to Ant Low's place since my last train has gone bye bye already, and we ending playing Wii till 5 am. I need to get myself a Wii man. It is amazing; trust me it is, and if you don't believe me look at the YouTube video below of me and Fu playing Wii boxing...

Ok, if you have facebook, you probably already seen this, but if not you have to admit, it looks fun to play.

On to other stuff, erm I was put as temporary captain of my badminton team. LOL... And so far I haven't had a chance to lead a team out yet. We had a game against UCL, but it was cancelled and we won on default... lol and we have a match this Wednesday, but it looks like I have to cancelled it because no one wants to travel to Kent.. LOL... oh well, 1 win and 1 lost isn't too bad.

Anyway, I think I better stop procrastinating. I should do some project work, but I can't be bothered. I think i go to sleep now, even though it is only 11 something. So cya later guys.

NOTE: Just check how facebook uses my RSS feeds, and it doesn't import all my blog :( and it also doesn't show the youtube video. So you better just go to my website then.. lol