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Site News!!!

Site news. I have added an archive page, which means that this front page won't get too clutered and also added another page, the about page. This page just tells you who I am and information about this site. Nothing fancy... lol. What else... erm nothing really apart from I got my first coursework of this semester, but of course going to leave it until the last minute... lol.

Fire Alarm!!!

Argh... I am in agony... you maybe thinking, what the hell is he on about, but I will explain.

I play badminton for the first time for god knows how many weeks, and it was good fun and it was good to be out there hitting the shuttle around. Came back to my accommodation and then when I got to my room, which is on eight floor (top floor) the fire alarm went off. So, me and my flat mate had to get out of the building and because of fire regulation, we couldn't use the lift. So we walk down the stair. When I got down to the main enterance, I could feel my legs cramping, due to walking down and playing 3 hours of badminton. Me so unfit lah. Anyway, when the fire alarm stop, me and my flat mate couldn't be bothered to wait to take the lift since people were already in it and go up to there respectful rooms, so we took the stairs. Oh my god, after only four floor I was hurting so much that I had to walk the rest of the four floors with bent knees. When I got to my room, I was in so much pain and both my legs were cramping like hell. Argh, I can still feel the after effect lol. Anyway, that must have been like the 100 fire alarm we had at Stamford Street Accommodation. Argh so annoyed.

New stuff added

It has been a couple of weeks since my last entry and a couple of things has changed around the site. I have now added a links page that has links to webpages made by friends and family, some sites that are useful and also affiliates sites that earns me money :-). I will be adding more stuff on this site when I feel like

But what have I been doing for the past week I here you cry. Well, basically nothing apart from going to lectures. I have been so lazy this week and the new term really hasn't really picked up at all, so I have been doing sod all...

Well, I have nothing else to add now... actually one last thing. If you have not heard of this band, Athlete, go listen to them now. Amazing band!!!

Exams OVER

WooHoo, exams over and also an update to this site. Nearly a month since I created this site and at last, the first major update... lol. Anyway I have added some photos and you can see it by pressing the "photos" button on the right hand side of this page.

But yes, exams are over and now I have a 4 day holiday before my lectures starts again... Nooo... But some people are not so lucky and still have one more exam. HAHA!!! Anyway... Good luck to all you SENers for tomorrows exam... I know you'll will all pass, lol.


Well, my first post of the new year and to be honest I haven't got much to write... lol. I am back in my accommodation in Waterloo and I am still revising for my exams, which starts in less than 48 hours... argh... So pretty much working and feeling tired and bored. Decided to write an entry to get away from the work...

Anyway, if anyone hasn't or are thinking about donating to the Tsunami disaster in south east asia, try this website by the Disasters Emergency Committee at, I think this website will only allow donations by people who lives in the UK only... not sure...

Well, I think I better get back to my work, wait a minute, I better have some dinner first. Me a bit hungry... Anyway... Happy New Year! Hope you all made resolution and still haven't broken them... hehehe