Biggest hoax ever

A girl last week texted in last week competition to a radio station to win ticket to see the, erm I forgot now, I think it was a rolling stones concert or something. The radio station is XFM (have to say the best radio station out there) and what you have to do to win this competition is text a friend with the message beginning with, "I've just heard a rumour about you - guess what it is." So this girl called, Lizzie from London tooting text her ice skating teacher and her ice skating teacher replied, "I should have told you before, you are old enough to know now. It was a stupid mistake but looking at you now I have no regrets." Lizzie then phoned her ice skating teacher, Cotrina to get the whole story. What turned out as a simple text to win a competition changed into Cotrina admitted to be the mother of Lizzie and she had to put her up for adoption because Cotrina was bought up from a Catholic Italian family. Lizzie won the competition, as expected.. lol... but what a fantastic story, too bad it isn't true..

On Friday last week, Lizzie admitted it was a con. Maybe the reason why she admitted it was that the national paper decided to print this extraordinary story, and I think some international papers started to print it as well. It is such a good con. She conned the whole country to win some sold out concert tickets.. lol.. she even conned me.. I was so convinced of this story.. lol..

Oh ya, me seeing low planes flying aggressively (posted in my last entry), well I can say that now I don't see them anymore.. so yah!! Good for all of us. lol..

Erm, I can't think of anymore to write, but I leave you with some interesting maths question that you can do. LOL.. hope it doesn't test you too much..


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