Sorry that I haven't been updating. Been a crazy few weeks for me and cannot find time to update this site, but I have found some time, so I will update now. Well the first important news of the day is that I went to my Morgan Stanley Accesment day last Friday and Saturday to get a summer internship. And two be honest, it was very tough. I didn't expect half the things that I was faced with, the technical interview went crap for me, since I didn't know half the stuff they were on about, the role plays I had at the end of the day were also crap. And thats probably why I didn't get it the internship. I knew when I left the building that I didn't get it, since if I was the person deciding, I wouldn't have offer myself a place. I was that bad. Oh well, I have a another interview with a firm called, Detica. I not too sure about this company, but I do some digging and see who they are.

Ok, what else, erm yeah, doing group project for my uni, and it is going.. well it can be a lot better, but at the same time it isn't going too badly, but now we all have to do some serious work, since just over 4 weeks left to go. But it should, I say should be ok.

So, that is my life over the pass few weeks, and now I have to do some research into some programming crap. HEHE, how nice is my life eh!


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