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Nothing to do...

Late now, and have nothing to do(actually... I do) so update my blog. Argh.. Liverpool lost today in the cup final against Chelsea. So disappointed since we took the lead and of all people, Steven Gerrard scored an own goal and brought Chelsea back in it and then Chelsea won it in Extra time. So I am not very happy.

What else, oh yeah doing my PR2 coursework (Programming Two) and I have made it too complicated man. It is at the moment 1400 lines of code and it is increasing... Argh I am going mad. Oh well, I still have one more week to get it done by, so hopefully I can do it :-)

Hmm... I should go to sleep now, I have classes at 10am and it is 1 in the morning. Argh... my stupid hair is wet(just had a shower), have to let it dry before I sleep... lol.

No Update?

Whoa.. haven't update for long time, so I feel that I should... Anyway, at the moment I am just recovering from a cold, but it is getting better. I actually think that my cold is gone, but the problem is that my voice is gone and I can't talk. HAHA.

Anyway... today I played badminton. Bit boring actually but anyway good to get some exercise. Erm what else, oh yeah I put some more photos up on my photos page, so go and check it out.


WOOHOO, I finished my DST coursework at last, with some little help from my friend, Alan. Thanks man. but now I have an even tougher coursework to do... argh... lets not talk about work.

Yesterday, I went to china town to eat with some friends. We went to this Malaysian Resturant and the food there wasn't too bad, but it no where near compared to the food in Malaysia. We then went back to a flat in Stamford Street and started playing this dancing game on the PS2. At first, I was thinking... what the f*** I am not going to play that, but it wasn't so bad, actually is was really fun. I was so crap at first, sometime I nearly fell over, but I got better... but then someone spoilt it by complaining of us being too noisy... oh well... it was 2am in the morning though...


Argh... Just have time to update my blog before I go back to uni. I got my DST second coursework (things to do with data and their structures) yesterday and it is IMPOSSIBLE. How the hell are we meant to do this... argh... not fair. I still have to try and search for a house to live in next year, and with this hanging over my head, I don't know how much time I can put in to finding something. Oh well... I am sure I will solve it, but it is so hard...

Anyway, I have added a new link to my link page. Crystal Lau's website can now be viewed from there...

China Town

Just got back from china town (actually, that is a lie, I got back over an hour ago) and there were doing some kind of parade there. My god, it was so crowded man, we couldn't move to get anywhere. To be honest though, it wasn't really that interesting. They did the same thing over and over again and got tiresome. They did do some fire crackers, but I was at Trafalgar Square at the time and the fire crackers were going to be done in Leicester Square, so we rushed to Leicester Square to see it, only to get the ending of it. I have some pictures from china town, and will upload them later today.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Hey, first thing first gong xi fa cai, xin nian hao, kong hee fatt choy or happy new year!!! lol. Well, haven't written an entry for ages... over a week now. That is because I have nothing to report on.

So what have I been upto. Well, work, work and more work. The course works that my lecturers has set is damm hard. Takes ages to work out and code. Also, on Monday, I went to my lecturer to ask him for help, and the thing was, he knew my name and I have never in my life had a one to one conversation with him until that moment. Also what was also freaky was that my friend was with me at the same time, and he ask them something only they know and a few other people know. I was like, what the F***. How the hell did he know about that... I am sure he is spying on us...

What else can I say, erm, I played badminton (BAD MEAN TURN) today, and it was good. I am starting to hit the shuttle harder and getting them in. We had a little doubles tournament between all of the casuals players and the first tournament I was runner up and the second, I won.

Erm.. what else can I write, nothing, can't think. hehe so I will be off then and I hope all of you will/had have a great Chinese New Year.