3rd year, here i come

My god, how time flies. Only a week and a bit ago I was working at Detica, and now back to the full flow of uni. And it is October as well. Scary man, where does all the time go? Anyway, uni is starting to get busier. Not that the lectures are intense or anything, it is just that project are coming up and reading other stuff, and just realised just how busy I am going to be over the next few weeks. Not looking forward to it at all. But everyone is in the same boat.

Was watching a TV programme just now (yes, I am always glued to the TV, lol) and it was about this boy aged 4 from India. He was a poor boy and was taken in by this judo guy so that one day he can train to become a judo master, or something like that. Anyway, this boy was always being naughty and the teacher didn't wanted to punish/hit him, since he was still so young. So what he did to try to teach the little boy a lesson was to ask him to run around the track outside his house where they do judo training. So the boy did. But the teacher forgot that he sent the little boy running and after 3 hours he realised that he forgot all about him and went to see on him. To his surprised the little boy was still running, and he asked the fellow student if he had been running all this time, and they confirmed that he did. After that, he began to train this little kid. Now this part is just inhuman. What he did was trained the kid to run at least 20 miles a day in the soaring heat and what is even worse is that the teacher doesn't allow the little boy any water whilst he was running. He said that it will make him weaker if he does take water. I mean come on, he is 4 years old for god sakes, why put him under so much stress. Ok he has talent, and yeah maybe he can do the running. Maybe 20 miles a day is a bit too much, but having no water. That is just sick. LOL... but this show was a good insight on what people in countries like India, where money is so hard to get, and how one will try to earn a bit of money. But yeah just something I like to share with ya!

You know, I would like to have some comments on this, but my site doesn't allow this. LOL... but not for long. Yes, now I am talking about version 3 of my site. And it is erm complete, well it is functioning; just that it doesn't have any layout or any proper navigation. So hopefully I can get it out soon, just depends really. I want to get it out of the way since I have big project that I have to do for uni, and I don't want this cloud over my head, and also I don't want to waste my web space I have bought. Oh yeah... got a new domain.. www.richardtan.co.uk. You can now access this website via this link.


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