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Awesome cover by @iamkawehi

The Sexy Moto 360, best design for a smart watch, but still meh!

Very Strong theory for the disappearence of MH370

Channel 4 - Where is ISS?

Evidence pointing to Chromecast release in the UK :)

MH370 - We should be able to figure out where this plane is!

Must Watch - Edward Snowden and ACLU at SXSW

Small update to my Android App

MH370 track for 1 hour 10 minutes after communication lost heading in totally the wrong direction... Something fishy going on...

If true this is quite disturbing...

Chromebook user, get 60 days free Google Music all access!

Can radar be turned off on a plane

After all the privacy concerns, the UK government does this, Awesome!!!

Hangouts to rule the World!