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An unusual christmas

It was my first time having Christmas outside of the UK and it was a pretty weird one. First of all it is blooming hot here in India which is a change to the cold of England. To be honest it doesn't feel like Christmas at all in India. There are like no christmas decoration anywhere and also just the general atmosphere felt like any other day. I did manage to have christmas dinner though, and even that was unusual. Gone away was the roast potatoes, brussle sprouts and in game a tika chicken salad and indian dosa's. But I still had turkey, but it was seasoned in cranberry sauce or something, which made the turkey taste weird, but it was nice. I ended up enjoying the meal and ate way too much.. LOL.. Apart from the Christmas lunch, I did pretty much nothing for the rest of the day. Watch some TV and some stuff on my laptop. I should have started revision, but again was not in the mood. Yeah, I have two more exams and then the technical training will be over and I don't have to worry any more about revision for a long time. Also, my website is now 3 years old. So yeah have to say happy 3rd birthday website.. LOL.. Anyway, got nothing much to write now.. thought that I should update my site since I haven't updated it in over a month. Anyway.. Merry late Christmas and a Happy new year!!