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Are we about to see the Integration of Android and Chrome?

I do hope so :) Engadget says what if Android Apps ran inside of Chrome... But then if you think about it, what if Chrome Apps ran inside the Chrome Android browser with HTML5 and Native Client support :)
Did Google make its latest Android statue out of chrome for a reason? »
When Google staffer Paul Wilcox started throwing pebbles at his girlfriend\'s office window, he never expected to be confronted by an angry giant Android

This is awesome!!! Ok another Gangnam Style Vid.......

Nice share +Lasse Sørnes

Lasse Sørnes originally shared this post:
Disney's Paperman.
Here is the Oscar nominated Disney short film Paperman. Incredible charming it is.
Push play!

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Good job Google, don't be evil

It is good the Google has made a U-Turn on this and given some time for M$ to get their act together. Now there is no excuse for M$ now.
Microsoft Windows Phone 8 »
Today is the day that Google has been planning to shut off its support for Exchange ActiveSync, but it appears that the company has had a slight change

Forget about Sense 5.0 - This is what HTC should concentrate on

HTC has been dying over the pass few years. They are going to be releasing a phone in Japan with a new UI called IIDA. Looking at the videos it looks very promising and nothing like Sense. It might need to add a few things to be usable for Android but with the way the phone looks and the simple UI HTC might have a winner...

HTC-Made Au Infobar A02 Set To Hit Japan In Mid-February, Marrying A Highly Stylized Android UI With Playful Hardware Design »
Au's Infobar phone line has been around since 2001, always featuring plenty of color and hoping to bring innovative ideas to the smartphone world through ... by Liam Spradlin in HTC, Jelly Bean 4.1, N...

This is so funny to watch. Very nicely done

I have to say that this is impressive

Hardware base password are the way to go

Really interested to see how they are going to do this, and lets hope Google opens it up (which they said they would) to allow others to take advantage and become an industry standard.

Why Data Caps Suck: The Animated Examination

Sigh if only we lived in an ideal world....

So funny. Epic!

This is why the Nexus 10 is important to Android

Android apps on Tablet sucks. It does not compare to the experience you get on the iPad. That's why in my opinion the Nexus 10 is so important.

Nexus 7 done wonders with getting Android serious in the Tablet market. Amazon, Flipboard and Skype now support Tablet size devices from late last year and that only came around with the success of the 7.

Developing Tablet apps is hard on the emulator. I don't know if others have trouble but when I increase the PPI and resolution on my computer I can never launch the emulator.

But all of the above is BS. Android apps work differently to iOS apps. Android apps can scale instead of iOS design philosophy of bitmap. This therefore means one app should be able to run on all screen sizes. Now if only we have a device that can simulate all possible screen-sizes... enter the Nexus 10!!!

Android Central - Use the Nexus 10 to simulate almost any Android device while testing your app

Rap Battle - A rapper versus ...... an English Teacher???

If a teacher was up against a rapper, who will win? Well you gotta watch!

Warning: Very bad language...
Starts: 1min 30 seconds in

Anyone who knows someone on the Google Music Android App Team?

I get very horrible loud and very low sound volumes with the App. These are a mix between what I have uploaded to Google Music and also paid Music from them.

All the music I have uploaded/matched are levelled at 89 Db using MP3Gain so that when I listen on my older devices it all has the same level.

When I listen to my music again both paid and uploaded to Google Music, the Google Web player somehow knows what the levels are and they are all the same volume. However when you play it on the Android app you get a wide variety of levels and what is worse one album has so many different levels it is unreal.

Am I the only one who gets this experience? If not I think this needs to be fixed because on the Web Player it is absolutely fine...

There is also a safety aspect as well as if one song is very soft and then the next song is suddenly loud, your ears won't like it ;)

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Great share. A technology to worth considering for the near future especially with technology moving into the augmented reality

Ultimate fails of 2012 - Bring on 2013 :)