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Happy Bday to ME!!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you... happy birthday to happy birthday day tooooooo you. HAHHA, yeah my website is now 1 year old. WOOHOO. I can't believe it has been a year since I set up this site. It has gone through one major change and also a colour change but it is still the same thing, reporting on my life, well I hope I have been doing that. Does my site need to make a wish... hell why not... but the website cannot say what it has wished for since it will be bad luck. HAHA... So what is in plan for this website for the next year, well I am hoping to change this website a lot, and I am planning something special, but again I am not sure that my web server can do it so I may need to buy one, and also my website could changing its name... hehe... but that is later, much much later when I have time on my hands to waste.

So reporting on what I did, which is the main purpose of this website... yesterday I went out for a end of term lunch in an Indian restaurant near my university. I had Chicken Bhuna, or something like this, and it said on the menu that the dish was going to be medium hot, but as you guess it wasn't even hot, couldn't taste any of the chillis... must be that I am use to hot food from eating too many Malay cuisines. After that we quickly attended some tutorial thingy which I have to say was poorly delivered by our tutorial teacher who is completely incompetent, and after that we went to have some drinks, had a group hug and singing some Christmas carol (well, me and Ben mostly), and then all said our farewells and headed home.

So that's it for now, I am going to put the Christmas tree up now and then later going to start my revision. Now expect lack of updates for my site, and anyway, I will have nothing interesting to say since I will be cooped up in my room virtually 24 hours a day... But oh well, need good marks, still in the hunt for internships and need the marks, so cya all later, and if I don't get a chance to say it, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR...

ARGH; Fog!

The other day, I found myself scared of fog. You must be saying what the hell is this kid on... but what happened was I was travelling back on the train from my hard days work at uni. In the morning it was very foggy and you couldn't see anything out of the window, but that didn't scare me. As I was travelling back, it had brighten up and there was no fog, and there was a brilliant red winter sun shining and making everything around golden, rich and warm. But as I left one station, a massive cloud of mist came and you couldn't see anything. The sun that was brilliantly shining had disappeared and it the rich surroundings had now turned dark, gloomy, depressing and you couldn't see anything. At first I thought there was a building on fire and that smoke from it was causing this. I was kinda frightened at the time since in all my years living in England, I had never experience this. It felt like at the time being in those old English drama set in London where everything is misty and has a sense of what is around the corner feeling. But after 10 minutes, the sun appeared and everything was back to normal. But I quickly looked around to see what the thick fog looked like, and it looked like a cloud of smoke had engulf that area and you couldn't see anything... very grey and black it looked, not a nice place to be in when you could be in the great British winter sunshine.

Also, yesterday was recorded of the year, and yeah, guess who won it. Oh the brilliant WESTLIFE won it. Oh how much I love them. They rock so much. But to be honest, out of the songs available, James Blunt song, Beautiful should have won it. But seeing this, I would like to say my top 5 songs of the year, and to be honest, it is very different to what happened last night. At number 5 for me is an unknown band from Denmark, called Utah with a song called, Break the Mould. A really refreshing group and I hope one day will be known across the world. Number 4, I would say My Chemical Romance, Helena. I just love the person voice and the song is amazing. Number 3, hmm... would be Katie Melua, 9 million Bicycles. I love the lyrics used here. Number 2 would have to be a KT Tunstall track that make her famous, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Number 1, and I think a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but it is Nizlopi, JSB. The lyrics used on this are special. To be honest, I am not at an age that remembers the classic A-team and the cartoon show of Transformers, but I can take from the fact that a lot of 25-30 year old will have remembered all of this and can easily relate to the song, not only because of the show but because of the fact that their dads could have taken them to work, and spending time with them, which is what most new dads (who are within the 25-30 age) now are not having the luxury of doing in this fast pace world we live in. So I love the fact that that was done. So Nizlopi is my number 1. HEHE...

Hmm... what else? Well now back to boring stuff, I am now in the process of doing my dreaded revision... WOOHOO!!! So actually I shouldn't be updating this and should be studying hard, but who careless, I want to do it and no one is going to stop me, WUHAHAHAHA... ok I think I am going crazy, maybe the fact that I haven't eaten anything yet apart from a banana and it is lunch time, so I gonna go and have something to eat. So cya all later...

LSE must pay!!!

OH MY GOD. Last Friday, my University, King's College London was attack by LSE (London School of Economics). What happened was that LSE were having their annual "15 hours drinking day" and apparently, about 10 hours in or so, 200 LSE students thought, yeah lets go to King's and trash the place. Well that's what they did and caused £30,000 worth of damage. I haven't actually seen the damage but it happened in the English Department area, and I don't study English... so hehe. But I can't believe that happen. We should go over to LSE and give them one... lol.

What else to report on, nothing really, I have done all my homework for this semester and now it is down to revision, so I won't be updating this site as much. And also, I have been playing Pro Evolution 5 too much. I should stop playing it a bit, but it is so damm good man. I can't put it down. ARGH.

Also, I have added another book to my book section, so go look at it if you want to, and also, some one pointed out that there is an error on that page, but to be honest, I cannot be bothered to correct it, will do it after my exams... anyway, going now, so catch ya later!!!

December is here

Wow, in the first week of December already, only 21 days to Christmas. How time flies now a days. Well a few weeks ago, I reported that it was getting colder here, but for some reason, it is warming up again... and also I read in the news paper that global warming is in fact making the UK colder, instead of warmer. I was like what the f*** when I read this, but this is due to the warm waters we usually get from the south of the Atlantic Ocean and apparently over the 12 years, the temperature of this warm water is getting colder. The reason for this is that Antarctica is melting and causing the water to rise and therefore heat is dispersed. Something like that, not actually too sure.

Going away from this, on Thursday I had dinner in this Japanese restaurant because it was, Kiet's birthday. It was an all you can eat thing, and there was a conveyer belt and you just take the plates you want to eat. I was quite disappointing. I only ate like 12-15 plates, and unlike some people who were greedy enough to take like 25 plates.

Yesterday, I went to see, Ben performed in his church band in Oxford Street. I have to say that I enjoyed myself a lot watching them play, and I was quite happy I recognised some of the songs playing, since it was kinda rocky type music... which is MY music.. hehe.. but yeah it was a brilliant performance all round last night.. and I actually was thinking of going to the Franz Ferdinand concert on the same night with Jo, but was glad that I came to this, even though the Franz Ferdinand concert would also be awesome.

Also, a few week a go, I gave that link for the JCB song by Nizlopi, well it is in the running for Christmas number 1. 5 to 1 on to get it. I think it should be Christmas number 1 man, so please buy it everyone... such a cool song man, and if anyone missed the link on the page for the video, you can catch it here.

Oh yeah, I found these two interesting things on the net. The first one was about the TV licence. Ok, people who don't live in the UK, everyone who owns a TV has to pay a TV licence in order to watch TV... basically it is because the BBC, which is one of the main channels are publicly funded, so basically it is like a tax. Anyway, some naughty people haven't been paying up. And when the TV licence officers found out, the people who didn't pay try to give excuses... and their excuses are, well I quote.

"The Dogs are the only ones who watch TV"

"I don't need a TV licence because I only watch Australian soaps and as far as I'm aware you don't need a licence in Australia"

The TV had been broken since "my daughter tried to feed the kittens on Rolf's Animal Hospital"

A mother said, "He stopped making payments as he's gone off with someone he met on the Internet"

What are thses people playing at, as if anyone is gonna believe that. Anyway, on to the second thing I found. Apparently the war in Iraq has created a bored game, similar to Monopoly called, Battle to Baghdad: The Fight For Freedom. I was shock when I first saw this, and it doesn't get better. First, you start of with 3000 trops and you have to make your way up to win the game. In the game, you get like chance cards in Monopoly. They are like, ""Captures!" declares one, rewarding the player with 300 extra men for the ensnaring of Saddam Hussein." and "Some soldiers are found guilty of unlawful treatment and inhumane acts of violence towards Iraqi prisoners. You lose 100 troops.". What the hell is going on man. Ok, it is kinda funny, but I can't believe anybody will actually make this game. It is just sickening... but actually hehe quite funny... And with that I think I better sign off, since I have work to do and exams are only around the corner... so cya guys latter.