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I'm gonna be on TV

Oh what a strange day I had today. I went shopping today with my mum to keep her company, and one point, my mum wanted to go to the toilet, so yeah I took a seat in the shopping complex thingy, and then this old women, around 60 years old sat next to me. Ok, nothing out of the ordinary happened at this moment in time, but then the old women got a phone call. Oh My God, the things she was saying was unreal, very inappropriate and she was talking really loud, and I was like, what the hell, is she some old bag running a sex phone line. LOL... And then she hung up, and what was really weird is that she immediately got up and walked away. I was thinking, was she expecting a call or something, why would she only sit down and answer a phone call. And then, 30 seconds later, another woman walked up to me and said, hey we were kinda filming you for a TV show that will be air later in the year on E4 and Channel 4, I think it is for trigger happy TV, which I loath. I was like shocked and speechless, I didn't know what to say after that. She asked me to sign some forms saying that I know that I got filmed and things, but they said they liked my reaction towards the old granny and would probably use my material in the show.. ARGH.. not looking forward to see myself on TV. I hope they don't use me!!! I even forgot if they will pay me or anything.. I was so shocked and since then to now, I had a grin on my face. If only I knew that this was a TV show or something, I would have spotted cameras!!! So the next time you see anything weird happening around you and you can't quite work out why this is happening, more chances than not, you are being used by a big media company for a TV show.. WHUAHAHA.. Anyway I will keep you updated if it airs, and hopefully get a clip of me on my website, if the show actually airs.. WUAHAHAH...

Easter.. no fun for me

Well, Easter is fast disappearing and for me, it marks the time for me to start taking my revision seriously... I have taken a few days off resting and recharging my batteries before I make an attempt to do solid revision. There is now only 23 days till my first exam, so better start now. So yeah, basically this is going to be my last proper update for a long time. First I will give an update on v3 of my site. Well, since I am doing everything myself, the site is going to take a long time to develop. Basically, I redesigned my shout box and that is around 25% done since I am having some problems with it and also I have developed a new navigational system for my photo page. So, that means v3 is around 1-2% done... WUAHAHAHA. Also, I will be moving host soon to a new 500mb home with my own proper domain. So watch this space, and also my MSN nickname.. hehe...

Second, a few weeks ago I reported on an unknown Londoner who got a record contract by playing gigs through the internet with the aid of a web cam. Well, I finally listened to some of her music and yeah, it isn't that bad. It is a mix of folk/pop/rock and has an element of jack johnson and she reminds me a lot of Missy Higgins as well... But yeah, go check her stuff out.. it isn't bad at all.

I have a question for all you guys. Is Easter becoming the new Christmas? I know some of you must be thinking what on Earth is this guy on about, but apparently it slowly is becoming it. In the UK, over 34 million Easter cards were given out this year and over 80 million eggs were given and every year it is slowly increasing. Sooner or later we will be given out more or less the same amount of Easter cards then we do Christmas cards. lol... Well, in my opinion, the reason why this is increasing since it gives the British public an excuse to have another holiday, or make them feel like it is an holiday and therefore just treat themselves... even the amount of food bought over the period has increased with £3bn spent on it this year.

Anyway, I don't know what else to say now, so I logging off and erm, have a great Easter, well what is left of it anyway.. hehe... cya!!

Deja vu?

Something very weird happened today. Well, I was travelling on the tube today, and was on the jubilee line and this women walks in. She isn't hot or anything, well, I think she looks easy, but yeah nothing really interesting happened. She didn't get out of the same stop as me, but then, 6 hours later, travelling on the circle line, I saw the exact same women, and I was like... what the hell.. I seen you somewhere before. It was freaky man. Anyway, just wanted to write that in... since it was WEIRD... lol. Anyway.. cya guys later!!! Can't be bothered to do a full update today.

Interview @ Detica over..

I had my interview with Detica yesterday. At last!!! Remember me complaining that their excuse for not giving me an interview earlier was that they were busy. Actually, I kinda believe this now after I was with the company having the interview. Looking at the way they did the interviews, they did not do it every day. And also, their workforce is only 1000 strong, and for a company that claims to be the leading IT constant in the UK, that is a low figure. But the future is bright for them though, considering they double their workforce in a year. Anyway, back to the interview

The interview as a whole was very good. At the beginning, they ask if what I knew about Detica, and yeah basic question and was able to answer it. Then we went on to my presentation, and that was about my web project that I done a few weeks ago, and that I think went very well, apart from some hiccups on the site that we design not working 100% because of a beta browser being used (I won't go into this, I will just bore you). But yeah, the presentation was very comprehensive and so after that, he couldn't really ask me anymore question since it was all covered. Leadership, working in teams, the way I can program, problem solving, communication, work experience, EVERYTHING. So the next part was this case study

Now, this case study was a bit of a surprise for me, since we were not told about this prior to the interview, but it went very well indeed. It was about the new ID cards that the UK government are proposing, and basically solve some problems and stuff, and I answered it very well. So yeah, it seems all good, but I have to wait till like 2 weeks to get a reply, and hopefully, fingers cross I can get this job. HEHE

Now going off topic reporting some news stuff, there was a girl, Sandi Thom who comes from, Tooting London was a struggling singer/song writer, and was struggling to get noticed. So guess what she decided to do, well hold live gigs on the internet. Only 70 people tuned in for her first gig on the net, but her recent gig received over 70,000 people. And now she has a record contract RCA/SonyBMG. I haven't heard her music, but I gonna check it out and let you guys know if it is any good, but yeah, if any of you guys are desperate to get notice and get a record contract, forget Pop Idol or X-factor, all you need is a PC, a webcam and set up your own gig.. HEHE.

Now on to some more depressing stories, the parents of Damilola Taylor who died 6 years ago are still trying to get justice for their son's murder, and now today the latest of a long line of trails to convict potential murders had fallen short again. I wonder how the parents of Damilola Taylor are coping with this, I have no idea in the world how they can do it. Oh well, hopefully the murders are caught soon, since racist attacks are so cowardly!!

Anyway, I been blabbering on here, and this is probably my last interesting update until my exams are finish. Sorry guys, I have to revise now... hehe.. but anyway, I hope I can do these updates more often. Cya later everyone