Exam over + new music player?

Woohoo... yesterday was my last exam for the second semester, I am so happy... no more revision man. I was going mad looking at the same thing over and over again. But yeah, now I have 8 weeks before I start my internship at, Detica. Hmm I still don't even know where the place is, I mean the where it is situated. But oh well, they will let me know. But i hope it isn't in Guildford, or I would have to rent a house there and stay there for 10 weeks, and that will just be so inconvenient.

What else can I talk about, erm I had some really good stuff to say on here yesterday, but now I have forgotten. LOL... oh well signs of old age me thinks. Anyway, I have a teaser from my new website. Ok, it isn't much, but a few months back, I promise media streaming on my new website. Well, I have done a very quick version of it, and here it is. Click Here to open it. At the moment there are 3 songs to pick from. One from the new American band, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, another from a band called, We are Scientist and the other from one of the best UK bands at the moment, The Kooks. I hope you like it. Oh yeah, you need JavaScript enable to view it. Sorry, it is just for the pop up window.. lol..Anyway... I am going to have lunch now, so cya guys later.

Update: 12:09GMT - Tested on Firefox 1.5, Opera 8.5 and IE 6. You will need Windows Media Player in order for this to work


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