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Could the Super Capacitor replace batteries?

Ever needed to go out and realised you haven't charged your phone? No problem, plug it in for 30 seconds and you are good to go. 

The below video discuss a new technology discovered by a couple of guys in UCLA on using graphene to store electricity like a battery, but unlike a battery it can charge within minutes.

If they can scaled this up, just imagine the possibilities. We can harness solar and wind energy and store them in these super capacitors and use the electricity when we need it. We can have electric cars that charges in minutes. And the best of all it is just carbon, so it friendly to the world. 

I recommend you watch the below video, and if you have seen it watch it again :-)

New update for my app

Pushing out a small update. Changes made are:
 - Sorting done alphabetically on names rather than on short currency e.g. AED, USD...
 - Slight changes to visual when outputting the converted value
A simple currency converter designed based on the Android Holo Theme, provi...

I am so envious :(

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I used Google Glass

Doesn't the Playstation 4 new controller look a bit dorky and a bit old fashion?

Photo from +Engadget


Google Glass is AWESOME

Can't say more about it, it looks amazing! Too bad I am in the UK and can't enter the "How to get one" to stand a chance to purchase one... but if I was in the US, then #ifihadglass  I would take a full day video of my life, speed it up and put some really wicked sound track to it :)

Question though, I ware glasses, so are they going to make a Google Glass that can be overlaid over existing glasses instead of getting a prescription on it. I think it will be possible to do using the right materials.
+Project Glass 

HTC One - First Look

Just seen some videos and here are my thoughts

Button Layout on the front
Not sure on this, looks quite awkward and feels uneven. Just get rid of the logo!!!

Speakers on the front
Brilliant, at last someone done this. Now all they have to do is have the ability to take calls from either sides of the phone, hopefully Google Motorola  do this.

As they say, more is not always better. But HTC has a huge problem to market this to consumer who thinks more means better!

How did I forget this the first time I posted. I love this idea. The fact that you can take a photo and then at the same time take a short video is awesome. It is like Vine, but it makes a lot more sense as you can add meaning behind some of the photo's you are taking. But who came up with the name? Was it from a HTC employee name Zoe??

Awesome ideal and can be your social/information hub on your phone. Have some Google Now, Email and SMS integration and wow you have something powerful. Looks Flipboard like though ;)

IR Blaster
Hmm... not sure on this. I have my own reservation on how smart TV's should work, but I guess it is a neat idea for a fancy remote control.

Looks to be a Brilliant phone, but will it sell? Branding has been HTC problem. Their communication has sucked over the pass few years. Will it be another HTC One X, I hope not because HTC makes fantastic phones and in my opinion was better than the S3. So my advise for HTC, go and hire some awesome marketing guys ;)

Impress with Ubuntu

I like what they are trying to do and it makes complete sense. Let's hope they are not too late to the game because a lot of their ideas will be stolen in the next couple of months

Also a shout out to my friend +Rachel Liu who appears in the video :-)

Deserves a reshare! Please read and watch

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The phone rang last night as I was eating a late dinner. A BBC TV World News producer wanted me to be on a segment about Facebook being hacked. I spent time trying to talk her out of this nonstory. Some employee laptops fell victim to malware. It was fixed. No user data was compromised. But couldn't people's posts be made public? she protested. Well, I said, everything put on Facebook is intended to be shared with someone. This isn't like a bank being hacked. Where's the damage? Where's the story? You are engaging in a technopanic, I complained. Media does this too often, jumping on the latest problem to warn of the danger of this technology rather than doing enough stories on the wonders and opportunities of this new technology. Y'know what, I concluded, I don't want to be part of the segment. Oh, but wait, she said. She talked to her producers and called back to say they wanted me to say this. I'm going to say this is a nonstory and bad news judgment, I told her. It's bullshit, I said, adding that I wouldn't use that word. It's BS. Yes, come on and say that, she said.

Well, I did. But any hope I had that this would become a sensible segment about why there is no cause for panic was soon dashed. It was the same story they came into this wanting: Hackers! Privacy! Danger! Danger! I told the anchor this was a nonstory. I said the BBC was engaging in technopanic trying to stir up needless fear the world around. I said it was irresponsible. I said it was "crap." Then -- and this is what got me -- Auntie scolded me for my language. "Crap?" Really? I had refrained from using the appropriate word: Bullshit. They cut me off. I took to Twitter to tell Auntie to kiss my ass.

I'll not say this was my proudest moment in TV history. I was disappointed to be part of another moment in TV technopanic. I was angry that they'd diverted their exercise in poor news judgment into a scolding over the word "crap."

I should have gone with my first instinct: Leave me out of this. I should have known better than to think that I could convince a TV operation that a story already in the rundown was a nonstory. I should have watched TV rather than being on it.

I didn't know what the reaction would be today and looked with trepidation. By far most has been positive.
* Here's CNET:
* Here's Mediaite:
* Even someone who usually wants to torment me agreed:
* Tough journalists on the topic of privacy joined:
Others didn't agree. Some continued to scold for my Twitter language. So be it. I point them to my defense of bullshit:

Judge for yourself. But please also judge the BBC's news judgment. That's what got hacked here.

Yes, got the 4.2.2 update for my Nexus 10. Now just have to wait for it on my Nexus 4

Calling all Android users: try out my app for free

OK, this is my first attempt at doing an Android app and it isn’t the most intelligent or the most exciting app out there, but I think it is useful :). Please download it and check it out from the Play store. And best of all, it’s FREE!!!!
A simple currency converter designed based on the Android Holo Theme, provi...

Coming soon...

So funny, deserves a reshare

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Trick all Mac user with Mountain Lion should do

1. Open up any application that allows you to write with your keyboard, say for example your email app, or even a note pad, it does not matter.

2. Type in File:///

3. Press enter and enjoy!!!


Warning: This crashes the OS as there is a bug:

Probably been shared to death but this is so funny

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HMV staff hijacks Twitter

I thought this is funny, but good on them :)