Right, bank holiday Monday today, so yeah, I get an extra day off.. WOOHOO.. but I didn't do anything exciting, only just relax the whole weekend and chilled.. lol pretty boring actually. So, 6 weeks have passed on my summer internship. Only have 4 more weeks left. So how has it been. Well, pretty boring I have to say, not the most exciting job in the world to do. Mostly just sitting at a desk and writing code... lol.. but yeah only 4 weeks left, well less than that and then I will be back to uni again... WOOHOO

Oh ya, I have 5 tickets to go and see the View play live at King's College London. So if anyone wants to go and see, email me or just leave me a msn or something ok. It is for the 18th October, so you lot have plently of time to decide if you want to come or not.

Right thats about it. I can't be bothered to update anymore, since one, I am in no mood to really write anything, and I also have writers block, so yeah.. I'll cya later.. lol


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