ARGH... I am ill, well I was, or still, I am getting better I should say, and yeah I am still kinda busy, and really cannot be bothered to update this website as much any more. Just no mood anymore... maybe it is my cold that is doing the talking here. But anyway... what have I been doing since my last entry?

Last Saturday, I went to, Joanne's birthday bash. Was nice to see her again, and it was a good night. I was ill at the time and really was kinda dead during the whole day, but yeah overall it was a good day. If I have time, I will nick photos of people and put them on my website, but HAHAHA as if that will happen.

What else, well it is valentine's day today... WOOHOO to all ya couples out there, lucky for me I don't have a girl friend and that means I do not have to waste my money on over priced flowers. Anyway, I don't understand this day. So stupid, why can't you guys just surprise your girl any time of the year, and only wait till today. Actually, it's the girls that makes such a big thing about this, they put so much pressure on us guys to actually do something to impress them. And if you don't get it right, you probably end up getting left out in the cold and feeling sorry for yourself. You know what, it should be the other way around, and then we will see how girls like it. Actually, imagine the roles reverse and the girls have to impress the guys. And if they get it wrong, they will be the one feeling sorry for themselves.. HAHA.. yeah right Richard, that is really gonna happen lol.. I am talking crap man, argh don't care. Doesn't even make sense, but I am ill, I am excused for writing crap. Anyway, go to go since I haven't got anything to write. So BEYBEYEBYEBYBEBYBEYBEBYEBYEBYBEYBEE.


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