Christmas time everyone!!!

Jingle bells, Jingle bells... Christmas has arrived early folks. LOL.. yup... was on my way to uni today and was passing Lakeside Shopping centre, and from the train I could see them putting up the Christmas tree for the front entrance. Ok, it wasn't completed in that it was decorated, but still, it is only October, still a good 2 months away from Christmas. Well.. they might as well do something, since shoppers aren't really spending money now are they.. hehe...

In other news, yesterday was Michael Schumacher last ever Formula 1 Grand Prix. The 7 times world champion failed to add another world championship, as Alonso won it. But yesterday confirmed what we will be missing from this great sports men... He started 10th because of some kind of engine problem, so he was already wrong footed. Then he had a puncher to his car, which put him to the back of the grid, 70+ seconds away from the leader. But he some how clawed his way back to finish in a not to distance 4th, only 24 seconds behind his team mate, Massa. A truly great performance which future stars will find hard copy.

Oh ya, I made it to the badminton team, well the second team that is... lol... pretty random, since on Saturday, this guy called Matt came up to me to ask if I would like to be on the team or not. And being me, I jumped to the chance, but I didn't know I was in already. I thought that I have to show what I was made off.. and then today, I got an email that I have to play on Wednesday against, Hertfordshire University away. So yeah, pretty pleased with that.. got to show my stuff now.. lol..

Anyway.. I have some issues that I have to sort out with my laptop.. ya.. I formatted on the weekend so just installing stuff, so erm I leave you with a youtube video. No.. it isn't me playing guitar, but a clip on Ben from the X-Factor singing. I think he is going to win it... you can judge for yourself. View the video below and tell me what you think via the shout box.


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