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Exam over + new music player?

Woohoo... yesterday was my last exam for the second semester, I am so happy... no more revision man. I was going mad looking at the same thing over and over again. But yeah, now I have 8 weeks before I start my internship at, Detica. Hmm I still don't even know where the place is, I mean the where it is situated. But oh well, they will let me know. But i hope it isn't in Guildford, or I would have to rent a house there and stay there for 10 weeks, and that will just be so inconvenient.

What else can I talk about, erm I had some really good stuff to say on here yesterday, but now I have forgotten. LOL... oh well signs of old age me thinks. Anyway, I have a teaser from my new website. Ok, it isn't much, but a few months back, I promise media streaming on my new website. Well, I have done a very quick version of it, and here it is. Click Here to open it. At the moment there are 3 songs to pick from. One from the new American band, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, another from a band called, We are Scientist and the other from one of the best UK bands at the moment, The Kooks. I hope you like it. Oh yeah, you need JavaScript enable to view it. Sorry, it is just for the pop up window.. lol..Anyway... I am going to have lunch now, so cya guys later.

Update: 12:09GMT - Tested on Firefox 1.5, Opera 8.5 and IE 6. You will need Windows Media Player in order for this to work


It is actually the 19th now, but because of stupid Britain moving one hour ahead of GMT, it reads that it is yesterday instead of today. HEHEHE... Anyway, Another exam went by on Tuesday, and well, it went ok I guess. Not too sure how well I have done, just have to hope and see I guess. Anyway, I just thought that I will give a quick update. Oh ya, I got new webspace, I am on a trial now, and the new host will be my new home! Awww.. anyway, it will take a long time for me to move since at the moment I can't be bothered to do it.

Anyway, I think I will be going to sleep now. Need to wake up a bit earlier tomorrow to continue with revision. 4 days left to my last exam. Need to score high man! Anyway, cya later dudes!

OS paper done and dusted!

Well, just finished my first exam today and it went ok. Today subject was about Operating Systems! WOOHOO.. lol.. Anyway today's paper was a kinda guess work on what type of question will be coming out, since the course lecturer has changed from last year, and this year our lecturer refused to provide us with revision material, so we went into the exam blind. The paper I have to say was poorly structured, it didn't seem like an exam on Operating System, more like an describing why there is an operating system. Anyway, I hated it, but I think I did quite well.

Also, last week I got a summer internship.. WOOHOO... with the UK largest IT consulting firm (Well that's what they claim) called, Detica pronounce Del-Tic-Ca. I am so happy that I got one.. hehe... and I will be starting on the 17th July and it is 10 weeks. I earn quite a lot as well. I don't think I will say here, just in case some crazy people want to come and rob me, but there is opportunities for me to get bonuses, so I am well chuffed!!

But anyway, i better go do some more work... actually screw it, I gonna nap a bit.. next exam on Tuesday... so anyway.. BYE BYE.. oh yeah, good luck to everyone who are sitting exams now. I know you will all do well...