Where has everyone gone?

Well, over a month, nearly two since I last updated my site. Why, well it isn't because I am very busy, it is just that for some reason I am in no mood to. And even now I am not really in the mood to actually write something, but I thought it would look bad for my site that there hasn't been any update, so I better do one.

Well, since my last update, I played my first badminton match, and the score line was predictable. LOST!! hehe.. oh well, and talking about LOST, it is now only on sky one which is a pain, since now I have to watch it via other means.

Erm, what else can I say, erm, nothing much really... got my project background report to be handed in next week, and thats about it. So, I think I get cracking with it, so I say good bye..


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