Low flying planes...

Before the terror attack that was disrupted by British Police last Thursday, I have been seeing a lot of low flying planes. I have been noticing this for like the past two weeks as I have been travelling to and from work. I thought it must be a sign of something to come and lol.. it was.. lol.. but the funny thing is, is that I have still been seeing a lot of low flying planes around, and yeah, it is London, you always seem to see a lot of low flying planes, but these low flying planes look different, they look aggressive. I don't know, maybe it is me, but there is something going to happen soon, I am sure of it, don't know what though.. just a feeling.. hmm...

Anyway, enough of my weirdness since it is even scaring me a bit.. erm back to normal, I am still at Detica working away, still finding it ok ish.. yeah working is always going to be dull and boring, but that is always gonna be the case. Like what one of my cousin said to me the other day, which is so true, "jobs are never really fun unless u make it fun". LOL.. but yeah, I have only 6 weeks left of it.. then back to uni!! WOOHOO

Actually I am looking forward to return to uni.. I am gonna miss it when I graduate.. lol.. since then I have to get a job and pay my way out of things, instead of relying on the student loan... oh well life moves on doesn't it...

Funny stuff I read this week. Two things to do with Malaysia actually.. The pussy cat dolls are getting fined 10000RM (around £1300) for throwing a concert that contains too much sexual content.. LOL.. Don't Malaysian do their research? Do they actually listen to the lyrics to their song and look at how they perform on stage? Seriously messed up country man! I am sure they knew what they were getting themselves into when they allowed the pussy cat dolls (PCD for short) to perform in Malaysia, but still they let it happen and when they find out it was a mistake, they blame PCD... lol so stupid.. and the second thing was that a gang in Malaysia tried to rob a bank by nicking a cash machine. But what they ended up nicking was the cheque machine. So basically they went through all that effort to steal the machine only to find themselves nicking the wrong thing, which is completely useless to them. Something we can learn from this, Malaysian are stupid when it comes to robbery.. well this gang is.. lol..

Well I have exhausted my resource of what to say, so I end it here.


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