Working at Detica

After 20 days without an update, one comes along. Well as you are probably aware I have started working at Detica. Two weeks has passed, and my overall conclusion of it is erm.. it is ok... the first week was so boring. All I did was read and surf the net all day long. Not very constructive isn't it... The second week was better, I did programming for the entire week, but the main problem was that it was at Guildford, so I am kinda commuting everyday from my home town, which is a bitch. they told me too late so that means I can't get accommodation, and by the time I do get it, I would have moved back to London... so I am spending 4 hours a day just getting to the place to do basically what I can do just by sitting in front of my own computer.. lol.. But yeah, lucky I have another 4-5 weeks top at Guildford.. so it should be ok, finger cross...

Right, next thing is that got my results for the second year of studying at King's. Just a recap, I got an 80% average for the first year, which is a first class.. so I was trying to match it.. This is what i got this year...
  • Database System (DB) - 89%
  • Computer Communication and Networking (CCN) - 91%
  • Operating Systems and Concurrency (OSC) - 90%
  • Programming Language Design and Parameters (PLD) - 95%
  • Software Architectures and Patterns (SAP) - 81%
  • System Implementation (SPE - Project) - 80%
  • Marketing - 59%
  • Accounting - 84%

Overall, that is just under a 84% average, and I am so happy about these set of results. What the hell, I was not expecting it to be this high, since one of them PLD, I completely guessed 1 and a half questions worth around 33% of the mark. I didn't know what I was doing and thought I did so crap. Oh well... someone must be looking over me or something...

I have also added some more videos on you tube. I won't post them her, but I give you a link to the page where it is on. . basically it is some awesome guitar stuff, which I think some of you seen before... but I will be adding some of my own videos soon... which will be on my new version of my website. Talking about new version of my website.. I think it is going to come out in September. I wanted it to come out next month, but I doubt I can complete it, considering that I working everyday now. Anyway, that's about it, so see next time.


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