The View was worth watching...

Went to see "The View" gig yesterday. It was amazing. To start the night of, we had some supporting bands. We had 3 altogether and I cannot remember what their names were, but the first band wasn't too bad. They played music that is er... probably a harder edge to the kooks... The second band were the worse of the night. They were ok I guess and are kinda like a bad version of the verve mixed with the libertines. But yeah, they didn't really command the stage and lack something special that makes them exciting to watch. The next band were amazing. In my opinion, this band will be big soon. Their stage present is like oh my god. Their last act, the guitarist and the bassist climbed onto the railings where the lights were situated and jumped from them.. hehe.. well good.

And now at around 10:10pm, The View came on, and at first they played some songs that I have no idea, and then... WASTED LITTLE DJ came on and the whole place went mad. People were coming on stage singing (2 girls and some blokes in the background I think) with the band and then some of the people from the crowd tried to get on. And then came the last song. Superstar tradesmen, and now it was getting insane. People were somersaulting on the stage and trying everything to get a piece of the view. And then, it ended, but it was a great night out.

But yeah, today in the London Lite, there was an article about the view gig last night, the one I was at. And it got 5 out of 5.. lol.. here is the article.

Written by Sophie Harris

If you bought The View's debut single which crashed into the charts at No. 15 in August, then you might have some idea of what the Scots four-piece sound like. Wasted Little DJs is jangly, raw and catchy. But nothing you can buy really prepares you for the exciting experience of seeing this special new band live. It's little wonder then that Rough Trade A&R guru James Endeacott (the man who signed The Libertines) nearly fell over himself getting the View to sign to his new label, 1965. And their forthcoming debut album was recorded by Owen Morris, who produced The Verve's Urban Hymns and Oasis's Definitely Maybe, and Primal Scream's leading man Bobby Gillespie, is a big fan. Hailing from near Dundee, The View have an average age of 18, and it was striking just how young they look - a mess of curly hair; volatile skin and recalcitrance. But the fervour with which they sang and played made their three-minute songs feel mighty. The View's guitar hocks recall The Clash, but equally some chord changes sounded like The Wonder Stuff's Unbearable and their rompy basslines summoned the spirit of Chas 'n' Dave. Ultimately though, The View sound like youth, in all its sweaty, manic glory. The show's pinnacle arrived with their hit. The audience roared, and two your ladies in shiny blouses ran onstage and ooh-ed into singer Kyle's microphone. Then with the same immediacy as they began, Bang! It was over. No encore. Just a very, very happy crowd.


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