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In a year that's been synonymous for things coming to an end, even the Nexus Brand would meet it's demise...

Good write up on Google's effort on the Pixel

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In a year that's been synonymous for things coming to an end, even the Nexus Brand would meet it's demise. Some say it was unwarranted, others say it was long overdue, I say it's right on time for a myriad of reasons.

Back in 2008, then CEO of Google Eric Schimdt sat on the Board of Directors at Apple and released the G1 a year after the original iPhone. Schimdt ultimately resigned from Apple in August '09 and in 2010 came the Iconic Nexus One. The Nexus One took the Android brand to the next level in terms of software, and hardware. Steve Jobs would go on to say the creation of Android was a "slap in the face." Fast forward 8 years and the Nexus brand is now defunct.

I've worked in the telecom industry most of my adult life, and my passion for all things tech has never wavered. My personal favorite devices was and has been any device running "Stock" software. Systematic Updates, the cleanness of the OS, I could go on and on. Working in the retail channel, people have always asked me,"what phone do you use?" "Which one do you think is best?" Of course people expected me to say the iPhone or maybe a Samsung product and every-time I'd say "the Nexus phone"(which ever Nexus was out at the time) and they'd say "Whahh?" "What's that," then I'd go on to say "the Google phone." Some would stop the questions there, others were more curious. For those wanting to know what it was they'd usually go on to ask "Google makes phones?" I'd laugh and say "Google runs Android, Google is Android." They'd say "wow" with astonishment. It amazed me how the common consumers didn't know about the relationship between Google and Android. I wasn't too surprised that they didn't know about the Nexus brand due to the lack of marketing it received. But at the time I couldn't help but wish for Google to do more with the Nexus brand and firmly connect it's name to Android furthermore. And the changes came soon enough; the Android Market was replaced with Google Play Store in 2012, Google was starting the transition.

Rebranding is always needed with a transition, people often buy off of brand-recognition, seeing a logo or tag line you can identify with puts people at ease. That's the key to marketing and that's what Google is doing with the Pixel name. People associated the Nexus Brand with cheap or affordable pricing. But the Nexus phones weren't always "affordable." The Nexus One & S were both over $500 and at the time that was very expensive, especially in the U.S. where buyers were used to 2-year contracts. The Galaxy Nexus was the first Nexus device to receive a discount mid-way through it's life cycle. If you've owned Nexus devices after the One & S, then you've always gotten a Nexus device for a more "manageable price," I say "manageable" because prices are always subjective.

Google has spoiled us with good pricing for unlocked phones for several years, then enters the Pixel Brand. A name synonymous with premium/high-end products, since the first all aluminum Chromebook Pixel in 2013. Then Senior VP, now CEO Sundar Pichai stated that the goal behind the high-end Pixel was to "push the boundary and build something premium." The Nexus brand for all it's efforts was more focused on software rather than hardware. I admit the Nexus 6P is mighty purdy along with the Nexus One, those were two Nexus devices that stood out hardware-wise. But I think it's fair to say the brand is more known for software, so a change was needed.

Samsung has dominated the Android world for quite some time. In terms of sales, market-share, and profit. Samsung has reigned supreme, and it's only focus has been Apple while other OEMs have been gunning for Samsung. Google is the only brand big enough to compete with Samsung and Apple on a Global scale and you might ask why would Google want to compete with Sammy, and I'd say because Samsung doesn't represent Android, it only represents Samsung. From their watches, to their VRs, and other products, Samsung has a closed eco-system meaning that many of their products only play well with Samsung devices. Google is the captain of the ship and has to shoulder Android with not only software, but hardware too. LG, Motorola, Sony and other manufacturers haven't been up to task thus far, so Google has to take the wheel. There will be many changes to the Samsung Galaxies in 2017, and after the disastrous Note 7 debacle, I'd say Google's take over was right on time. And let's not forget Silicon Valley is a small place, Google's well aware of the 10th generation iPhone next year, this year was all about mindshare as opposed to market-share. Consumers are asking about the Pixel, consumers are wanting the Pixel, all due to marketing.--That's a win for Google. Fret not Nexus users the Pixel is a rebranding for the general consumer, of course it's more expensive than what you're used to paying for but once it's available on all Carriers via financing, it'll be more affordable for everyone, and if that isn't good enough for you than there's always other options like the OnePlus, Moto, just to name a few.

Just remember that the Nexus brand was meant to show other OEMs how to do it software-wise. And the Pixel is supposed to set the tone hardware-wise, the Pixel phone is a combination of the two. 2017 should indeed be exciting.

You've served us well Nexus brand, but the future looks bright with the Pixel. #nexus #pixel

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Mind blown

Mind blown

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This makes me angry - Pixel is becoming the first class citizen and it is wrong The Pixel will ship...

This makes me angry - Pixel is becoming the first class citizen and it is wrong

The Pixel will ship with 7.1 in a few weeks. Yeh! New Android version, lets head over to AOSP to see the source so devs and partners can start building towards it.... oh wait a minute...

7.1 is coming towards the end of the year to Nexus devices as a Dev preview. I am not so concern about the Dev preview but the fact that 7.1 is stable, it is on the Pixel so why is it not in AOSP.

Is it me or is this wrong. Whenever a new version came out it was put on AOSP within a few weeks or a month tops. As we probably have 2 or 3 rounds of the dev preview it will be around Feb when we will get official 7.1 on AOSP for partners like Samsung, HTC to start building towards. This is such an unfair advantage to the Google Hardware team. So much for a firewall...

Anyway I think this is a dangerous precedent we are heading towards. All OEMs and Partners should be on a level playing field, but Google just gave themselves a 6 month head start. (or Pixel 7.1 is just a beta software which is shipping on a very expensive premium device)

Android 7.1 is coming to current Nexus devices and the Pixel C, will land before the end of 2016 as a dev preview
For those of you who were worried about Google's current Android devices not receiving Android 7.1 Nougat, don't be; Google has confirmed that the Pix... by Richard Gao in Development, Google, News, Nougat 7.0, Pixel, Pixel XL
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Verizon has final say over when its Pixels get Android updates

Carriers knows best, awesome they can dictate when phones gets updates even at that premium price #pixel

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Verizon has final say over when its Pixels get Android updates

Verizon has final say over when its Pixels get Android updates
The real question: How long will Verizon Pixel owners have to wait?
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Awesome VR footage to the edge of space

Awesome VR footage to the edge of space

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C'mon, folks. It's a game. Whatever. Have fun.

Guy quits job to be a full time pokemon master, haha

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C'mon, folks. It's a game. Whatever. Have fun.

Man Quits Job To Become Full-Time 'Pokemon Go' Player
Tom Currie is living the dream.
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Forget The Wedding Cake

Now this is a wedding cake 🎂

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Forget The Wedding Cake

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A few months ago, I complained about the insane state of today's advertising and the evil that is VPAID...

Ad tech needs to wise up, otherwise we all use Ad blockers

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A few months ago, I complained about the insane state of today's advertising and the evil that is VPAID ads

These ads destroy performance, leech bandwidth by 10s of megabytes, and are served by major ad networks, including Google's own AdX and AdSense.

Today, these VPAID ads are as popular as ever - and that is just disgusting. They're the real cancer of the advertising industry.

To showcase just how evil they still are, I took a single AdX ad tag and put it on an otherwise empty page. A static image ad loads, but it's secretly a VPAID one. It then randomly switches to a video, then back to a static image, then back again - it's like a never-ending self-reloading cascade of garbage.


Right now after several minutes of just leaving this one single ad open, I'm at 53MB downloaded and 5559 requests. By the time I finished typing this, I was at 6140 requests. A single ad did this. Without reloading the page, just leaving it open.

A single VPAID ad absolutely demolishes site performance on mobile and desktop, and we, the publishers, get the full blame from our readers. And when multiple VPAID ads end up getting served on the same page... you get the idea.

Google and other ad networks, why are you allowing this kind of garbage to continue flowing through your pipes? Don't you see how much damage it's doing to the whole advertising business as people are practically forced to install ad blockers?

If you don't like to be taken advantage of, tell Google. Tweet at them, send them emails, let them know via any means you can that it is not OK to allow our browsers to be hijacked in this manner.

Thank you.

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RIP Christina Grimmie +zeldaxlove64 Christina Grimmie @TheRealGrimmie #RIPChristina Just learned today...

RIP Christina Grimmie +zeldaxlove64 Christina Grimmie @TheRealGrimmie #RIPChristina

Just learned today that someone I followed on YouTube for around 4 years has died after a gun attack after a concert she just finished in Florida. A life cut so short and a talented singer songwriter who was doing it her way to make a living in the industry.

May you R.I.P

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Don't use MySQL, use somebody else SQL LOL But if you happen to and want to connect from Java program...

My SQL problem? Use somebody's else SQL

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Don't use MySQL, use somebody else SQL LOL
But if you happen to and want to connect from Java program then you can use this guide to connect to MySQL #MySQL   #Java  

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Double efficient solar cell, plus possibility of it running in the dark? This is pretty interesting...

Double efficient solar cell, plus possibility of it running in the dark?

This is pretty interesting. By converting light to heat first they could create the right wavelength of light for generating electricity. Also because it is using heat as a source it will not be affected by clouds blocking the light for a few minutes. But the biggest thing is generating electricity at night. Read the article for more, but it is pretty interesting and potentially a game changer. 

Hot new solar cell
System converts solar heat into usable light, increasing device’s overall efficiency.
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Android Instant Apps - The Flash/Java Plugin replacement?

Just had a thought, Android Instant Apps could actually be a Flash replacement...... Yeah mind blowing!!!

Just think about it, are basically streaming a component of an Android app on a Google cloud server, so theoretically if there is something in HTML5 that you cannot do, you could just build a component out of the Android SDK, plug it into a web browser and boom, extra functionality.

Google Assistant, Chat Bots done right

One thing that did excite me from Google I/O keynote is the way they have in my view done chat bots right, unlike the way Facebook has done it.

Instead of the user installing bots, the Google Assistant decides what bots to use to best answer your question.

I can see one day if I have a problem with my washing machine for example, I could ask Google to help me fix it. They could go through my email, find out when I purchased it and if in warranty and call up on my behalf to get an engineer out to have a look at the problem. It will also add the appointment to my calendar.

Only thing Google needs to do right is get the 3rd party support. I could easily see Android Instant Apps just having an assistant capabilities only which will make it easier for developers to just create that component instead of the entire app. Interesting times....

Neapolitan Ice Cream (NIC)


Android VR + Project Soli = Mind Blown!!

This has got to happen. A perfect application for Project Soli. Anyone who needs to know what Project Soli is,



Why weaken encryption is not the discussion we should have

Apple vs. the FBI case has had a lot of media attention and a lot of stories has been written where we should have back doors in place to allow law enforcement access to data.

We all know that back doors are not the solution as bad actors can easily exploit this. We cannot weaken encryption as it is Math and you cannot weaken math. It's like saying 2 + 2 = 4, but only sometimes.

Steve Gibson has came up with a way to achieve the same level of security but at the same time not compromising security where bad actors can exploit (shared link). It isn't full proof as now someone else holds a secondary key but it does not inherently weaken security on a phone.

But the real discussion should be; should a search warrant allow law enforcement access to our data on phones in the same way as it allows access to our homes? That is what we should be discussing.

Android N will install Facebook much much quicker

Android N will install Facebook much much quicker

But still 45 seconds or whatever it was is still crazy long. I have no idea what crazy libraries Facebook are using that requires such long installation time. Full of bloat! 

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Solar power is becoming insanely easy to deploy. We got to start using more of this renewable energy

Solar power is becoming insanely easy to deploy. We got to start using more of this renewable energy
Solar energy rolls out like a carpet with groundbreaking Roll-Array photovoltaics
The Roll-Array is a flexible and easy-to-transport solar panel that rolls out like a carpet.
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C.Y.P.O - New Android app from me

C.Y.P.O - New Android app from me

Finally got this app out of the door. It was actually more or less finished last March (2015) and I have been putting it off for 9 months to release it.

C.Y.P.O stands for check your phone often and basically it just checks and monitors how many times you turn your phone on. The main reason I developed the app is because I wanted to try out Android Wear development and see what can be done. This does have an Android wear component and it tells you the last time you checked your watch and how often you have checked your watch.

Follow the below link to install it

Want to see how it is made, link below to the GitHub repo
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