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An unusual christmas

It was my first time having Christmas outside of the UK and it was a pretty weird one. First of all it is blooming hot here in India which is a change to the cold of England. To be honest it doesn't feel like Christmas at all in India. There are like no christmas decoration anywhere and also just the general atmosphere felt like any other day. I did manage to have christmas dinner though, and even that was unusual. Gone away was the roast potatoes, brussle sprouts and in game a tika chicken salad and indian dosa's. But I still had turkey, but it was seasoned in cranberry sauce or something, which made the turkey taste weird, but it was nice. I ended up enjoying the meal and ate way too much.. LOL.. Apart from the Christmas lunch, I did pretty much nothing for the rest of the day. Watch some TV and some stuff on my laptop. I should have started revision, but again was not in the mood. Yeah, I have two more exams and then the technical training will be over and I don't have to worry any more about revision for a long time. Also, my website is now 3 years old. So yeah have to say happy 3rd birthday website.. LOL.. Anyway, got nothing much to write now.. thought that I should update my site since I haven't updated it in over a month. Anyway.. Merry late Christmas and a Happy new year!!

Liverpool Rant!

I can’t believe what I am reading in today’s news papers. Well ok I am in India but reading on the website and reading that our manager Rafa Benitez is up for the sack and he will definitely be going in the next couple of days. I mean that is the most ludicrous thing I have heard. What the hell has Benitez done to deserve such speculation? I mean yes he did make a public out burst on the owners but the funny thing was is that he was exactly right and what he said had no lies. I mean when you want to buy top top class players you need to be able to identify the targets you want and try to close the deal as soon as possible. Yes the transfer windows opens up in January, but you still need to know whether or not you will have the funds in order to be able to purchase the players you want. Also, usually transfers in the modern day often occur before the January window. I just don’t understand what the American owners are on about. Benitez has live his entire life in Europe and he understand how the system works, but the Americans have only been here 8 months and they just don’t understand the situation and the going ons in the world of football. I mean it is not like Benitez is not doing well in the league. If Liverpool wins their game in hand, they will go second and right in there challenging for the title. Ok champions league is now in our own hands, but we are still not out of that yet. If he gets sack, the whole world has gone mad. Anyway, I just needed to write about this since it is making me so mad.

Ooty Trip part 1

Ok again, sorry for the lack of updates. Just haven’t found a time where I am in the mood to write. But yeah, a quick update on me before writing about my trip to Ooty. I had my big test a few weeks ago. Basically it was a comprehensive exam of everything that I have learnt over the pass few months. It went very well and I got 97% for it, so I am happy.. Started the second part of the training and it is much harder. Lol, anyway back to the Ooty trip. Anyway, I think it was 7 weeks ago I went with a group of work colleagues to a place called Ooty. Ooty is situated in the mountains so we will get a lot of great views. More on that later. So yeah on the Saturday around 7 weeks ago we started our long journey to Ooty. We set off in the early hours of the morning (5am) which was pretty insane since we were pretty tired and we didn’t get much sleep the next day, and yeah it is a 4-6 hour drive to get to Ooty. But because it was a long way, we also had a lot of stops, and the first stop was national safari park which is around 2 hours away from my Mysore Infosys campus. At the safari park, we decided to take a safari ride into the jungle so we could see exotic animals. We were so looking forward to it and when we actually done the safari, it was one of the most pointless thing I have ever been on. During the trip into the so call jungle, we saw dears (right at the beginning), a peacock and a backside of an elephant. I mean we paid like 400Rs for this. After that safari ride, we wanted to go on the elephants, but there were two problems. First, the elephants were still sleeping and second we were a bit apprehensive of actually doing the elephant riding just because the safari trip was so bad. So we decided to carry on towards Ooty. Ooty is situated in another state to the state that we are staying in, and in order to get into that state, we have to pay a 500Rs tax charge. Things looked like they were getting worse; first it was the awful safari ride and now this stupid tax charge. But after this things started to get a lot better. Before we entered Ooty (by this time we had gone up quite high into the mountains) we stopped at this boat place. We decided to take a boat ride. This boat ride is basically just going around this lake thing, and my god was it beautiful. Just look at the pictures below (even thought it doesn’t do any justice to what we actually saw).

After the boat trip, we stopped by some waterfall place. As you can see from the pictures below, it does look very nice, but it wasn’t that impressive. There were a lot of people around as well, which meant taking the perfect picture a bit hard, but hopefully I got some really good ones which you can see below.

Then we finally reached Ooty. It was raining at the time and then we had some lunch. It was around 3pm when we actually got into Ooty so we were pretty hungry considering our last proper meal was at like 7am. Then after lunch, our driver (in recent times has become our driver for most trips), Voonoock (I think that’s how you spell his name) suggested to go to this garden place. To be honest, it was crap, and we spent like 45 minutes there. It was very nice actually and quite beautiful but it was not my thing. The only interesting thing that came out of actually being here was us daring each other to stay in the toilets for more then 5 minutes. This was because the toilets were so bad and that we thought that no one would be able to survive 5 minutes in there.. lol.. Anyway, some pictures, and also one of our driver.. LOL.

After the disappointing garden trip, our driver said that Ooty makes some pretty decent hand made chocolate, so we decided to buy some on the streets. And I had to agree, they did taste pretty good. Wasn’t too sweet, which was a surprised considering everything in India is probably made out of 100% sugar.. lol.. anyway after the chocolates we thought it was getting late (6pm at this time) and thought we head to our hotel. We spent an hour going around trying to find the hotel that we meant to be staying at and then we found it and my god was it a good hotel. We had 3 rooms, and each room was on suite with a tv. Also we had a living area (with a TV), dinning area and a preyer room. The bedrooms didn’t have an AC though, but you didn’t need one. You needed a heater man. Because we were up in the mountains, it was so much colder, and at night you could even since your breathe when you walk outside. I say it was around 8C at night. Anyway, here are some pictures of our hotel.

Anyway, after that we had dinner. LOL.. we ordered so much food that we couldn’t finish it. Antony tried his god damm hardest to finish off the food, but he couldn’t. Anyway.. it was late now (actually like 11pm, but because we started at 5am, we were gone) and so decided to go sleep. Tomorrow is another day of exploring Ooty, and I will cover this in another post which will be posted tomorrow. I think the above is enough for one day, lol. So continue when I can be bothered to post again, LOL.

My trip to Mysore!

After over 4 weeks of no updates, I thought that I should at least make some sort of attempt to update this web blog, and I actually have a lot to write about now since I have been places.. hehe.. So yeah, I will start of with my adventures in Mysore that happened just over 3 weeks ago. So me and a couple of friends, or should I say work colleagues took a taxis and the first stop was Mysore Palace. We arrived outside the palace and the first thing that we experienced was a mob of Indians that came over to us to sell over-inflated merchandises. They try to sell like a paper fan for 500Rs, which is around £7. Ok that might not sound like a lot, but in India that is one hell of a lot of money for a paper fan that didn’t even work properly. But anyway, back to the palace.

The palace which you can see above is spectacular. It was built around the 1890s and I think it was the first place in southern India to have electricity. Well I am kinda bad at remembering stuff so don’t quote me on that. We hired a tour guide to bring us around the palace and it was quite interesting. They had a lot of paintings that were suppose to have a “3D” effect, as in the objects on the painting will look different if you look at it on different angles, but I never could see it. May be I am just blind or something. Also they had statues that looked different when looking at different angles, and these I could see quite easily. I wish I took some photos, but we were not allowed to take cameras into the palace, so you just have to trust my word on this. Oh yeah, a couple of my friends were nearly pick pocketed inside the palace by these two little rascals, but thank god my friends were aware enough to notice it and after the kids ran away towards their parents crying, ok not literary ran to their parents, but they did run away.. LOL.. Anyway, here are a couple more photos of the palace.

After we completed the palace, we decided to go up to Mysore mountain (or hill), called Chamundi Hill. This hill is the highest summit in Mysore and I think if I am not mistaken that this hill holds to clue on why Mysore was called Mysore. If I remember there was a monster that was named Mysore on the top of the hill and their was a princesses that needed to be rescued or something, and well that’s all I remember the story.. remind me to listen more clearly when people are actually telling me stuff.. LOL. Anyway, on the hill there was just a temple so yeah it wasn’t anything special but it was nice and relaxing up there. People still try to sell us dodgy crap for well over its value, but it wasn’t as bad as it was in the palace. Below are some of the photos of the palace and also views from the top of the mountain.

After finishing the mountain, we decided to go for dinner, but as well descended the hill we came across this cow statue thingy. I have no idea what it was though, but it looked interesting. We also saw some Japanese girls, and pete or one of the guys with us wanted a photo, or someone wanted it done forgot who, anyway.. the below are the photos of the cow status and.. why not, a photo of the Japanese girls.. LOL.

Anyway, after the cow statue thingy, we decided to head for dinner at a restaurant called Park Lane. But before we did that, we decided to head back to Mysore Palace, because every Sunday (we went to Mysore on a Sunday by the way.. LOL), they switch on the lights. It was amazing to see the palace lit up at night. It looks completely different to what it does in the day time. The lights gets switched on for one hour between 7-8pm and it cost 100,000Rs just to light it up for that amount of time. They used to do it between 6-8pm but I think it cost too much and also if there is a power cut, it will eat up the generators, LOL. Oh yeah, out of context we do get a hell lot of power cuts, but usually the main stuff are backed up by dedicated generators. Anyway, here are some picks of the Palace at night.

After that, we finally went to park lane hotel to have dinner. The food I have to say was pretty incredible, probably the best in Mysore. And we only paid like £4 per head and this was like 2 starters, lots of main course and also a dessert. We also paid for our taxi driver as well, so it is pretty cheap to eat. Anyway, that is about it to the day, I am pleasantly surprised that I actually remember a lot considering this was like 3 weeks ago. There are more places that I have to do updates for and hopefully I can get them done soon. But for now I am quite tired writing all this out, so I will say goodbye.

A quick rant from India!

I feel annoyed at the moment. My internet connection is so slow and I can't even youtube properly... Stupid Infosys not given us faster internet. And also Infosys have blocked the internet rights for me to upload stuff to my website, which means I can't load photos or update some pages on my site (which is in badly need to be updated, due to bugs in the code). Oh well, that means no photos for like 6 months sorry! Obviously I can update my blog, but that is because I wrote a script, so the blogs will not be effected thankfully.

Anyway, started the technical training now, but I think I mentioned that already. Quite tiring, but it is slow enough for me to switch off and have some micro breaks, so yeah it is good so far. Oh yeah, we have coffee breaks, and my god, the amount of sugar they put in the coffee is enough to supply the whole of the developing countries for a year. Seriously, it is soooooo sweat man. It makes me go a bit hyper for a while.. LOL... Anyway, back to the work, I have a test on Wednesday so I have to study hard for that and score good marks for it. :D

Anyway, it is late here, don't look at the time of this post, it is in British time, I am 4 and a half hours ahead over here and it has been a LONG day.. so night night.

In India!

Hello, and greetings from India. I have finally travelled 5000 miles or so to India to start my training in India. I arrived a good week and a bit ago. I didn't have time to update my website. I am tempted to say that I was busy, but that would be wrong.

To be honest, I just couldn't be bothered to update my site and also I am hardly in my room until around 11ish, so I am always too tired to update it. There are quite a lot of things to do in the evenings after classes, like football, badminton.. etc you get the picture, a lot of stuff.

Classes has been boring. We started off by having HR and soft skills training which is pretty pointless. Then we moved onto the technical training, and it is so boring. We have all been put into the slow track because they don't know how the UK syllables works. So they thought well put us all in the slow track.. hehehe... Anyway, it is boring, since the guy is explaining the same thing in like 4 different ways.

Also over the weekend, I went to Bangalore, which is a big city near the Infosys campus (3 hours drive away). I didn't enjoy it at all, since I was sick.. LOL.. So yeah didn't really do much.

Anyway, can't think of anything else, I am just updating my site for the sake of it... so yeah, catch you lot later.

Welcome to WebV3!

Hello and welcome to the new version of my site. As you can see it is a complete redesign and I think it looks great, I would say that wouldn't I. So what's new? Well there is a new comments section for my blog which means that now you can comment on my entry.

Also there is a new photo engine which should improve the experience of viewing photos. but as of yet it is still playing up on me, so I have temporary disable it, but it will be up very soon.

Anyway, the main reason for this update is so that I would be able to update my blog easier, which means more entries...

Anyway, I have been busy trying to set up a computer, which has the new Windows Vista. Vista is well nothing outstanding, but it does boot up a hell of a lot quicker than XP, anyway, there was something wrong with the PC and I had to take it back to PC world today. Such a hassle. This computer isn't even for me, it is for my brother, and I only get a chance to bring it to him on the weekend coming, so I have to set it up before, and with the computer dying on me, I haven't got much time :(

Anyway, I am off now, got to go back to setting up the computer. Hope you enjoy the new site, please if you find an bug, please let me know.

It's the end of Harry Potter

Finished reading the last few pages of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last night (actually, 4am in the morning), and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised that the book was actually quite good. It wasn't as direr as Order of the Phoenix or as draggy as the Half Blood Prince but it wasn't as good as the first 3-4 books. Actually there isn't anyway that this book could have been better than those books, it is just impossible.

The first book, was just magical and took your breath away, and the Prisoners of Azkaban was by far the best book, but the last was worth reading. There were parts in the middle that you wish that J.K. Rowling would just skip and get to the part where Harry met his final encounter with the Dark Lord. But after the bit where Harry was at Bill's and Fleur's place it got interesting and this was the part where you just couldn't put the book down. Actually I should say when they were at Malfoy's place... yeah there, it got interesting there.

You learn a lot about Dumbledore's secrets and also a lot of Snape's secrets, good or bad I will not tell but the amount of twists and turns you get from reading these secrets were mind blowing. Now comes the final encounter, and to be honest it was a bit of an anti-climax, maybe I was expecting more. It was a decent ending, but I just don't like how the person that was defeated was defeated by chance and luck, since it wasn't planned that way... LOL... well I must be fussy.

Anyway, I leave you with what I think was an error at the last chapter of the book. Teddy, how old is he by the way? Should he really be there in that place at that particular time. Shouldn't he be too old to be there??? Or maybe I got it wrong and he was there seeing off Voctoire. Must be the later...

Edit: After reading the text more closely, it turns out it was the later and it was not an error... LOL.. my wrong

Visa to India!

Yesterday I finally completed my visa that I needed so that I will be able to work in India. I decided to leave it as long as possible since people going to work in India for Infosys were having problems obtaining the right version of the visa. The Indian Embassy has to be partly to blame due to an unstructured system and paper work needed. And this unstructured way was apparent when they wanted to look at my contracted and required all 10 pages of the contract instead of the front page that everyone else who obtained the visa for working in India had presented. Of course, I didn't wanted to give the original contract so I had to go out and get the 10 page contracted photo copied, and then when I arrived back, the India Embassy had closed for lunch till 2pm.

After return at 2pm, I was then told by the Indian Embassy that the doors will open at 3pm, so with more hanging around I finally got in and went straight to the queue and thankfully they accepted and told me to wait for 10-15 minutes. So I decided to go and see the other guys I went with to get my visa done, Antony and Gaurav.

Antony and Gaurav had already obtained their visa, but due to Infosys not giving us the required information, had to get something changed on their visa. It must read something particular and they did not have this. They needed to wait for this guy at the embassy who signed their visa so that they can get it changed. They were waiting with me earlier on and found out that they were waiting in the wrong section... but to be honest it wasn't their fault, the Indian Embassy told everyone with visa stuff to go up stair, but they needed to be downstairs, so they wasted 3 hours queuing upstairs for no reason.

Anyway, when I went to see how the guys were doing, it wasn't going to well and was still waiting for that guy. After 10 minutes I went upstairs to get my passport back with a new visa. I went to this door where you have to wait to get your passport back, and then I heard a call, "MR LEECHURT, MR LEECHURT" and I was like eh? and looked behind and saw waves waving urging me to go to the counter, so I went and there I see my passport. WOOHOO, after 5 hours waiting, I finally got it done!! WOOHOO!!! After that I went downstairs to see how the guys were doing.

HEHE, they were still waiting for that guy, and we waited another hour for them to get it done. After that we were meant to go see the Simpson's new movie, but we couldn't be bothered and decided to go and eat. HEHE...

Anyway, on my way home, was reading the London free paper and there was an article about Boris Johnson, the Conservative MP and potentially running for the new Mayor of London. This article was about the application he wrote for Mayor, and under the section, "Challenges Faced", he had as an answer, "Trying to help raise 4 children in inner London. Outcome too early to call, but looking promising." and "Taking on Blair and Campbell in the battle of Black Rod's Memorandum on the Queen Mother's lying-in-state. Outcome: Total victory." and finally, "Negotiating Hyde Park Corner by bicycle. Outcome: survival.". I think these are awesome replies.. hehehe.. who would have thought someone would write such utter rubbish for an application that allows him to run for Mayor, Oh yeah I forgot, it is Boris Johnson...

New Anfield looks stunning

25th July 2007 at 11pm, Liverpool release photos of the new stadium that they are going to build, and it looks amazing! Just take a look at the photos below, just simple unique and so different to anything that is out there, just what Liverpool needs for its new home.

I just love the new Kop, picture 3. It looks so steep it is going to scare the living daylights out of the opposition. You will notice a lot of glass on the side of the building that you can look in, well that will be gone when Liverpool get the planning permission they need. They are going to start building with 60000 seats inside the stadium, but by the time it is open in 2010, Liverpool should have got there planning permission to build just under 80000 seats. It is going to be amazing. Just need to go up to Liverpool one day to see a match, actually I should make a trip up to see a game in the old stadium.

Lots of updating to do...

Haven't been updating my site for a long time. Should have really, but I have been far too lazy and also been working on the new site, which should be out pretty soon. So what have I been doing then... I went to my brothers place for a few weeks to try to sort it out. I had to put in the old laminate flooring in his entire house, since 6 months ago my brother had to put in a new central heating system, and all the pipes where under the floor boards, so they took it out the laminate flooring to get access to them, but they never got the chance to put it back. And because they were so badly damaged, they were very hard to put back together.. but I did it!! WOOHOO...

But my brother's house is nice, the only thing I don't like is that slugs comes into the house so easily. Apparently it is quite normal in Swindon, but it is yucky.. I mean they leave this trail behind and you know it had been there. We bought this new rug for my brother, and the next day we saw the slug had left its mark on it.. ERGHH.. lol

Also I revisited the game, Simcity 2000. LOL.. it is such a great game.. Love it.. hehehe, but now it is a bit boring since I found out that you can cheat. Argh, wish I didn't have to cheat.. oh well..

Also I got my results for my degree. I got a first in it, really happy about it, and yesterday I had the ceremony for my graduation. To be honest, I didn't really feel nervous or anything, I mean I was only going to get something from them and shake hands... Actually, we only shook hands at the ceremony. I thought we will be getting something, like a piece of paper saying, well done for passing your degree.. but all we got was a lousy hand shake.. oh well.. hehe

Also queuing up for the photos was terrible. They told us to queue before the actual ceremony and so I did, but apparently I was quite far back in the queue and they advised me to do it later, which I did, and when I did it later, I had to queue for over 1 hour. But lucky I did, since the queue was so long that it curved like a snake all throughout the reception hall, and the reception hall isn't small at all...

I also got my final dose of injection today. And I think the nurse had trouble injecting me in my left arm since she left the needle in me for quite some time, she probably bent it or something, and now my left arm hurts... :( oh well, it isn't like I have been shot in the arm or anything, but saying that, I have never been shot in the arm before so I can't really compare the pain of injection with being shot in the arm... probably the injection is more painful ;)

Anyway, that's about it, and my left arm is hurting more from typing this out. I will post the photos up on my graduation that I have taken on my website when the new site is about and running.

Whaa, so many injections...

A requirement for me going to India for six months for my new job at Infosys is that I have to have lots of injections. Yesterday I went to get them done, and already knowing I need to get immunised for hepatitis and all that crap, I thought that they would just administer one injection and be done with it. Well of course I was wrong and it looks like I will have around 5 injection to have. The hepatitis A and B I would need 3 lots of injection at day 0, 7 and 21 and then the rest will be single dosage. But I hate it that I had to have the injection on my right arm since it hurts when you lift your arm up and I hate it and don't like to be in any kind of pain.. LOL..

What else, yeah, I have to get my visa done now for my trip to india. I heard the Indian Embassy is one of the most busiest embassy in London, so I am not looking forward to go and apply for my visa.. hmm.. oh well.. that will waste one day.

Also, I hate the government... ok, my post is a bit disjointed today, but I can't be bothered to link it all together. Right, back to topic, the reason why i hate the government, is that our student loan will now have its interest increase to 4.8% instead of its inflationary interest rate. I mean Noooooooo.... I have been earning money from the government for putting my loan money in a high savings account and now the government wants to hike it up so that I can't earn money from them.. Damm you government, Tony Blair I bet has done this just to stuff up us younger kids, just because we are younger and have our life to live you have to punish us... Why don't you punish the Scotts, they get free uni fees, more NHS drugs and so on... Bloody Government....

London 2012 Logo.. what is that about?

Look at the new London 2012 logo that was released a couple of days ago. Who are the damm amateur who design this piece of crap. Seriously, it looks like a kid age 10 had designed it. And what's this, it also cost £400k of tax payers money to create it. I mean come on anyone could have designed a better logo for this for the same amount of money that us Londoners, well outskirts Londoners will feel proud of... Even me, a computer scientist who has no graphics design training since my good old GCSE days can make a logo in 10 minutes, and in my opinion is so much better than that piece of crap that money hungry delusional so called designers could have designed.


Spammers... why are they such a pest eh? A week or two ago, some of you may have noticed that spammers were spamming my shoutbox. And as soon as one got in, I got an influx of them. Such a pain and because I didn't implemented any prevention measure, they were able to spam all they want. And when they were spamming, I didn't have time to counter it since I had my final year exams (which went quite well, more on it later) to complete, so I wasn't going to waste time to counter it. But now I get hardly any spammers because of my brilliant spamming prevention tool I have put in place.. WUAHAHAHA eat that stupid F****** spammers!!!

I do get some spammers, but I don't mind now... one or two can easily be dealt with, but I haven't been attack for over 36 hours now, so I am happy.

Yeah, last week I sat my last exam, all of them went well I guess and now waiting to see what I get from them. Hopefully it is pointing towards a first class.. HEHE...

I have accepted the job at Infosys and will be working in India for 6 months.. WOOHOO... the pay isn't that great, but I am looking forward to it since there is so much things to do over in India since they have their own purpose built campus to train their employees.

Erm what else to say.. well nothing much now... this update is just to get myself into the blogging again... so hopefully more updates to come...


This 9 minute clip shows a Ferrari (actually it is a Mercedes S class, but the car was dub over with a Ferrari engine noise.. LOL) tearing through central Paris. Supposedly the driver managed a top speed of around 120 miles per hour through Champs-Elysées which is pretty impressive. This was taken from a French movie called, C'était un rendez-vous. It was done in the 1970s so that explains why the driver didn't stopped ones. Also, this clip was used in the latest Snow Patrol video, Open Your Eyes. Anyway.. enjoy the 9 minute clip.

Finished Dissertation, YES!!!

It has been a long time since I last updated, but it has just been so busy these couple of weeks. Today I have finally completed my dissertation for my uni degree. I have written the documentation, sorted all that needs to be printed ready for me to hand in tomorrow. In my honest opinion, the project has gone like clockwork with no delays and I am pretty happy that it has finally finished. Now I will be able to enjoy the unseasonable warm weather that we have been having... But still got to revise before my final exams which starts just little over 3 weeks time.

Also I got a job at Infosys! I had the interview in mid-march time. The interview went pretty ok... it was a bit weird though since the interviewer was not going to make the final decision on whether I will get the job or not. Instead a manual script of the interview will be sent to India, where I will be sent, where the people who will be training me will make the decision. After 4 weeks, I got a call saying I got it.

The training camp will be in India for 4 months where I will be in a classroom getting taught the basics of computer science and then I will spend at minimum of 2 months in India working on a project. After that 2 month spell, I will be sent back to London to continue working for them. Infosys is a pretty decent company. They are an India company and they are one of the up and coming IT consulting firms in the world. It is apparently one of the best companies to work for in terms of the way they treat their employees.

Anyway.. I don't know what else to say now. Liverpool pay Chelsea in the semi-finals of the champions League, and we all know who is going to win, and then go on to win the whole competition.. LOL.. Anyway.. cya dudes, need to start revision :(

Great idea to prevent global warming

What a great idea to prevent global warming. Just contaminate petrol! That is what Tesco and other leading and influential retailers are doing. By filling your car at one of their flagship pumps, you can save the environment by filling your car up with petrol that will slowly deprive your car with the nutrients it needs and therefore starving your car to death...

Ok, what I am talking about is the petrol crisis that is happening at the moment. People who are not too familiar with the story, it is about an ingredient that petrol station around the country has added to their petrol to reduce the amount of carbon emissions. This ingredient has apparently done something to the cars that makes the car back fire and eventually stop working.

But think about it in a different way. What big companies like BP and Shell were trying to do in the first place was to try to lower carbon emissions by adding this so call ingredient. Well they have and spectacularly succeeded in doing so. By adding this ingredient you have not only lower carbon emissions, but completely abolish carbon emission by cars. By making this kind of petrol available to everyone in the country, you have just created the world best method of tackling pollution made by cars. Well the down side of this is that everyone will be stuck at home and we can't do anything, but who cares! Who says BP and Shell doesn't do anything for the environment eh!

Anyway.. we should get the full story about this soon.. but it is so funny that companies can stuff up so badly in this modern day of age where computers and machinery do all the work for us. It isn't like making petrol is a new thing isn't it. Probably our grandfathers were making it... says a lot about modern people eh... lol

I am talking such b*** s*** now... lol.. I think it is because today has been quite a productive day, and I am just trying to relax a bit by writing this crap...

Wow, today is the first day of spring, god how time flies. It feels like spring hasn't been away from us at all, well that is probably because of the hot winters we have been having... which is another reason for this great new ingredient to be added to petrol.. LOL.. ok I will stop now... LOL

King's College London Sucks!!

Attention, attention, King's College London (KCL) is closed for the day due to a power failure in the area... Well that is what I heard from, Vadim on the way to college yesterday travelling PEAK I should say. It isn't their fault I have to be honest, but they should at least have warned us about it. Oh yeah, they couldn't since their website and email service was down... so yeah, I went to the college yesterday since I had the ticket anyway and as I got to the college all that was shown was a little sign on the window, a hand drawn A4 piece of paper saying something about it being closed and people who are to repair the system would have to go somewhere and await further instruction or something like that. There was 200+ students waiting, confused outside, and there was not one sign saying what student should do. I mean KCL is a joke. They don't care about us, their "students" at all.

Also the fact that their whole web system is located in the Strand, the campus that had the power cut, not one person could be informed about it, even the lecturers didn't know what was going on. I mean this is just bad planning from the guys not only on infrastructure but also in terms of personal relations with no one really telling us what the hell we should be doing.

And the day after the power cut, KCL sent an email to everyone saying that they were sorry about the power cut, which is at minimum one should expect from a organisation such as KCL, but they had the cheek to say that KCL has done a good job at handling the situation and that everyone involved in making sure that the college was back in order should be congratulated. More like some of them should get the sack. In the first place, the web system should not have gone down and it was the people implementing and planning the infrastructure of the computer system are at fault and should get a good telling off. The handling of the situation was poor. They could have put better signs up directly talking to the students on what to do. There should be a help desk on site assisting people on what they should do, or a person directing students to the waterloo campus help desk for further information, since classes still could have gone on around at other campuses. So KCL, you didn't do a good job and shouldn't be patting yourself on the back. You should be telling students how sorry you are for not considering us at all and that you should offer some compensation to poor students who paid good money to come all the way to attend university to gain a good education at your institution. Something in the region of say £1000 each please :D ... hehehe...

Anyway enough of that, don't want this post to be all negative... but to be honest, other than that I don't think I have anything else to say, and that was some piece of writing I have produce and it did take a long time. I think I deserve a pat on the back now for my effort.. ;) LOL...

Welcome Facebook viewers

I hope this works, or the title you see will be totally meaningless. Well hopefully all facebook people can see my entry on my blog. I have integrated my blog with facebook, so now it is even more easier to check updates and so on. You should be able to see all my entries I have made to my blog, if not then crap.. Also I have RSS my website, the link will be up soon, but it is still a bit dodgy.. but oh well.

For people who is their first time reading my blog, well it is about me (duh!) and it is my ramblings... I also post some YouTube stuff so watch carefully and erm yeah that’s about it basically... So without further a due, lets get cracking on...

Two Friday's ago it was Lap's 21st... He did it at a bar/restaurant in Piccadilly which is called, erm... Sugar Reef and it was a great night out. For people you hasn't seen the pics, it is on Fu's facebook. For people looking at this entry through my website, I am sorry and do not have photo's, so you are missing out... lol...

But during the night, me and Jo left the bar and went and crashed another party nearby, and then later return with some more people to wish Lap a happy birthday. In the end they didn't end up going into the bar since they had to pay, so fair enough. Later, the bouncer came after me and jo because he thought that we let these extra people in to the bar without paying. Obviously we didn't and he threaten us by telling us if we don't pay for them, the whole group, which was around 30+ people would have to leave. Obviously we didn't pay, and in the day they wouldn't let us back in. Lucky Lap called an end to his tame night and all ending good. But it still angers me though.

After that, I went to Ant Low's place since my last train has gone bye bye already, and we ending playing Wii till 5 am. I need to get myself a Wii man. It is amazing; trust me it is, and if you don't believe me look at the YouTube video below of me and Fu playing Wii boxing...

Ok, if you have facebook, you probably already seen this, but if not you have to admit, it looks fun to play.

On to other stuff, erm I was put as temporary captain of my badminton team. LOL... And so far I haven't had a chance to lead a team out yet. We had a game against UCL, but it was cancelled and we won on default... lol and we have a match this Wednesday, but it looks like I have to cancelled it because no one wants to travel to Kent.. LOL... oh well, 1 win and 1 lost isn't too bad.

Anyway, I think I better stop procrastinating. I should do some project work, but I can't be bothered. I think i go to sleep now, even though it is only 11 something. So cya later guys.

NOTE: Just check how facebook uses my RSS feeds, and it doesn't import all my blog :( and it also doesn't show the youtube video. So you better just go to my website then.. lol

Let it snow!!!

Take a look at some of the photos that I have taken from my house when it was snowing a few days ago, actually it was yesterday.. lol...

Also, I have put up the new year photos. Just go to the photo section. If you are using version 3, please go back to version 2 to see it. I am planning to put more photos on soon.

I am still alive...

Now this must have been the worse stretch of time since I haven't updated my website. 30th November 2006 was the last time I posted and now it is January 22nd 2007. That is like 50+ days man!!! So what have you missed in the life of me (lol). Well the first thing you have missed is my websites birthday. It is now 2 years old, well it was, but now it is much older, lol. I also missed Christmas and also New years.

Now I will try to give a brief updated on what I have done since November. Well the first thing I have to note is that my cousin, Ching Ling (Ciara) came to the UK and basically camped at my house for a few weeks. I think she spent around 3-4 weeks in the UK, where she also went to Paris, but not with me but with some of her friends. She left yesterday, and her flight took a total of 30 hours. Actually, she should have arrived like 3 hours ago. LOL.. that’s how long the flight was.

Actually, if you have been staying tuned to my YouTube page, erm, I put the link somewhere on my site later, you might see some really random videos with me and her... lol... but yeah, it was nice seeing her since this is the first time I have actually met her. So yeah it was nice. I have a lot of photos to put on, and I will be uploading them on Wednesday/Thursday this week, and that is a promise!

Also I spent New Years in London. Well basically wanted to do something for my cousin, so yeah, it was a good night out. We tried to see fireworks, but that failed miserably... oh well never mind. Again, the photos on this will be up, and I know a couple of people already pestering me about it. It is coming, just wait a bit...

Also had my exam during this time, and yeah it wasn't too bad. Hopefully two more As, and that will be really good, since then I will only need one more A and the rest pass to get a first class... yeah.. I like to brag!

What else, erm well I think that's basically it I think; back to normality now without Ching Ling here. Seems really quiet and unusual in my house and it is a bit of getting used to.. lol... oh well never mind... But I will promise to keep updating my site with some random stuff as well...

Oh yeah, one more point, jesus, it is so cold outside. I couldn't believe it. Today, I went to take my train, yeah it was raining but it was relatively warm. And then came out of uni at around 6ish and my god, that is the coldest weather I have experience for a long long time. It is meant to be -4C tonight... WOOHOO bring on the snow...