OS paper done and dusted!

Well, just finished my first exam today and it went ok. Today subject was about Operating Systems! WOOHOO.. lol.. Anyway today's paper was a kinda guess work on what type of question will be coming out, since the course lecturer has changed from last year, and this year our lecturer refused to provide us with revision material, so we went into the exam blind. The paper I have to say was poorly structured, it didn't seem like an exam on Operating System, more like an describing why there is an operating system. Anyway, I hated it, but I think I did quite well.

Also, last week I got a summer internship.. WOOHOO... with the UK largest IT consulting firm (Well that's what they claim) called, Detica pronounce Del-Tic-Ca. I am so happy that I got one.. hehe... and I will be starting on the 17th July and it is 10 weeks. I earn quite a lot as well. I don't think I will say here, just in case some crazy people want to come and rob me, but there is opportunities for me to get bonuses, so I am well chuffed!!

But anyway, i better go do some more work... actually screw it, I gonna nap a bit.. next exam on Tuesday... so anyway.. BYE BYE.. oh yeah, good luck to everyone who are sitting exams now. I know you will all do well...


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