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Valentine's day

Whoa, another update from me... wow this is a surprise considering the recent months. Anyway, I want to clear something up before I write anything else. The bit about the valentine's day thingy, some has said, argh go get a girl friend and other stuff, but I didn't write that because I was fed up of not having a girl friend, I worte it since I thought the whole day is LAME. But I will do something for my girl friend, but I won't go over the top, I leave that for another day. So ok that sorted... lol.

Right, back to the basics. What has been happening in my crappy life. Well, I ordered a new badminton racquet from the best auction place on the net, eBay. It is basically a early Birthday Present for myself. It cost £24 in total due to postage and packaging, but it isn't bad. The racquet value is £70-£80 and I have confirmed that price on the net by using the all famous Google. The cheapest I found was £30, but that doesn't include postage and packaging. So overall I am happy, and today I tested it out. And I must say it is more powerful then my old one. Maybe not as mobile, but sure since my timing was so out today, and power got me out of trouble so many times. But yeah, hopefully this new racquet can help me get into the KCL badminton team, which is what I am working towards.

Something, I won't say funny, genius I should say, happened today in a place in Kent. What happened was that over £40 million was stolen from a cash depot. It is the biggest robbery in the UK. What happened was that the criminal's first step was to get the manager and kidnap him so that they can get the codes to break in and steal the money. But why would the manager tell the criminals. Well, the criminals also kidnapped his wife and daughter and threaten to kill them if he doesn't co-operate. They kidnapped the manager like anyone would do, gun point, but the wife and child, they ingeniously dressed up as police officer, saying that the wife's husband was involved in a car accident, and ask them to follow them to the station and so forth. Anyway, after a few hours later, the criminals got the money and fortunately no one was harm, which was good, but my god, pulling this stunt off, you have to take you hat of to them. Amazing man to steal that much money in a place that security will be at the highest. So far they haven't been

Well after that what else should I say, hmm not sure now. Lets talk about my boring life. Hmm... project.. nah don't want to talk about that... too depressing... oh yeah, my birthday, most likely I will be doing some kind of celebration for it, and I gonna join it with another friend of mine, Sue-Lee... since I know all you guys are running out of money and so cheaper to kill two birds with one stone. Most likely is gonna happen on Friday 10th March, but this will probably change, like everything does... erm what else.. erm... Ooo.. I got 50 free text messages from o2... lol due to the fact my phone is my mum's sim card, and therefore on her birthday, which was the 17th February, she received 50 free text messages. How kind of o2 to give it to us. Anyway.. yeah I can text for free now.. Woohoo... argh this is too boring, I gonna go now.. cya later guys and gals!!!


ARGH... I am ill, well I was, or still, I am getting better I should say, and yeah I am still kinda busy, and really cannot be bothered to update this website as much any more. Just no mood anymore... maybe it is my cold that is doing the talking here. But anyway... what have I been doing since my last entry?

Last Saturday, I went to, Joanne's birthday bash. Was nice to see her again, and it was a good night. I was ill at the time and really was kinda dead during the whole day, but yeah overall it was a good day. If I have time, I will nick photos of people and put them on my website, but HAHAHA as if that will happen.

What else, well it is valentine's day today... WOOHOO to all ya couples out there, lucky for me I don't have a girl friend and that means I do not have to waste my money on over priced flowers. Anyway, I don't understand this day. So stupid, why can't you guys just surprise your girl any time of the year, and only wait till today. Actually, it's the girls that makes such a big thing about this, they put so much pressure on us guys to actually do something to impress them. And if you don't get it right, you probably end up getting left out in the cold and feeling sorry for yourself. You know what, it should be the other way around, and then we will see how girls like it. Actually, imagine the roles reverse and the girls have to impress the guys. And if they get it wrong, they will be the one feeling sorry for themselves.. HAHA.. yeah right Richard, that is really gonna happen lol.. I am talking crap man, argh don't care. Doesn't even make sense, but I am ill, I am excused for writing crap. Anyway, go to go since I haven't got anything to write. So BEYBEYEBYEBYBEBYBEYBEBYEBYEBYBEYBEE.


Sorry that I haven't been updating. Been a crazy few weeks for me and cannot find time to update this site, but I have found some time, so I will update now. Well the first important news of the day is that I went to my Morgan Stanley Accesment day last Friday and Saturday to get a summer internship. And two be honest, it was very tough. I didn't expect half the things that I was faced with, the technical interview went crap for me, since I didn't know half the stuff they were on about, the role plays I had at the end of the day were also crap. And thats probably why I didn't get it the internship. I knew when I left the building that I didn't get it, since if I was the person deciding, I wouldn't have offer myself a place. I was that bad. Oh well, I have a another interview with a firm called, Detica. I not too sure about this company, but I do some digging and see who they are.

Ok, what else, erm yeah, doing group project for my uni, and it is going.. well it can be a lot better, but at the same time it isn't going too badly, but now we all have to do some serious work, since just over 4 weeks left to go. But it should, I say should be ok.

So, that is my life over the pass few weeks, and now I have to do some research into some programming crap. HEHE, how nice is my life eh!