Damm you BT

I kinda pissed off today... First thing is that the clocks went forward one hour and I got one hour less of sleep and also, I was filling out the BT summer placement application, and was half way through it until it said that they are not offering anymore technical placement. I was like, Nnoooooooooooo.... But the thing is, is that BT only opened up the application forms last week, Firday 17th March to be exact, and already not allowing anymore applications. Stupid BT. I still have two, but still no reply. I am going to email Detica again, just incase they forgot about me, but yeah, I am not very happy today... HEHE

Erm, I am in no mood to write something interesting now... so I say good bye.. hehe.. oh yeah.. holiday started, got exam like in 7 weeks times, so plently of time to revise, and also, I have a good examination timetable, I will explain later.. now.. I can't be bothered.. gonna do something now.. not sure what... hhehe.. BYE


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