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Happy Bday to ME!!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you... happy birthday to happy birthday day tooooooo you. HAHHA, yeah my website is now 1 year old. WOOHOO. I can't believe it has been a year since I set up this site. It has gone through one major change and also a colour change but it is still the same thing, reporting on my life, well I hope I have been doing that. Does my site need to make a wish... hell why not... but the website cannot say what it has wished for since it will be bad luck. HAHA... So what is in plan for this website for the next year, well I am hoping to change this website a lot, and I am planning something special, but again I am not sure that my web server can do it so I may need to buy one, and also my website could changing its name... hehe... but that is later, much much later when I have time on my hands to waste.

So reporting on what I did, which is the main purpose of this website... yesterday I went out for a end of term lunch in an Indian restaurant near my university. I had Chicken Bhuna, or something like this, and it said on the menu that the dish was going to be medium hot, but as you guess it wasn't even hot, couldn't taste any of the chillis... must be that I am use to hot food from eating too many Malay cuisines. After that we quickly attended some tutorial thingy which I have to say was poorly delivered by our tutorial teacher who is completely incompetent, and after that we went to have some drinks, had a group hug and singing some Christmas carol (well, me and Ben mostly), and then all said our farewells and headed home.

So that's it for now, I am going to put the Christmas tree up now and then later going to start my revision. Now expect lack of updates for my site, and anyway, I will have nothing interesting to say since I will be cooped up in my room virtually 24 hours a day... But oh well, need good marks, still in the hunt for internships and need the marks, so cya all later, and if I don't get a chance to say it, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR...

ARGH; Fog!

The other day, I found myself scared of fog. You must be saying what the hell is this kid on... but what happened was I was travelling back on the train from my hard days work at uni. In the morning it was very foggy and you couldn't see anything out of the window, but that didn't scare me. As I was travelling back, it had brighten up and there was no fog, and there was a brilliant red winter sun shining and making everything around golden, rich and warm. But as I left one station, a massive cloud of mist came and you couldn't see anything. The sun that was brilliantly shining had disappeared and it the rich surroundings had now turned dark, gloomy, depressing and you couldn't see anything. At first I thought there was a building on fire and that smoke from it was causing this. I was kinda frightened at the time since in all my years living in England, I had never experience this. It felt like at the time being in those old English drama set in London where everything is misty and has a sense of what is around the corner feeling. But after 10 minutes, the sun appeared and everything was back to normal. But I quickly looked around to see what the thick fog looked like, and it looked like a cloud of smoke had engulf that area and you couldn't see anything... very grey and black it looked, not a nice place to be in when you could be in the great British winter sunshine.

Also, yesterday was recorded of the year, and yeah, guess who won it. Oh the brilliant WESTLIFE won it. Oh how much I love them. They rock so much. But to be honest, out of the songs available, James Blunt song, Beautiful should have won it. But seeing this, I would like to say my top 5 songs of the year, and to be honest, it is very different to what happened last night. At number 5 for me is an unknown band from Denmark, called Utah with a song called, Break the Mould. A really refreshing group and I hope one day will be known across the world. Number 4, I would say My Chemical Romance, Helena. I just love the person voice and the song is amazing. Number 3, hmm... would be Katie Melua, 9 million Bicycles. I love the lyrics used here. Number 2 would have to be a KT Tunstall track that make her famous, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Number 1, and I think a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but it is Nizlopi, JSB. The lyrics used on this are special. To be honest, I am not at an age that remembers the classic A-team and the cartoon show of Transformers, but I can take from the fact that a lot of 25-30 year old will have remembered all of this and can easily relate to the song, not only because of the show but because of the fact that their dads could have taken them to work, and spending time with them, which is what most new dads (who are within the 25-30 age) now are not having the luxury of doing in this fast pace world we live in. So I love the fact that that was done. So Nizlopi is my number 1. HEHE...

Hmm... what else? Well now back to boring stuff, I am now in the process of doing my dreaded revision... WOOHOO!!! So actually I shouldn't be updating this and should be studying hard, but who careless, I want to do it and no one is going to stop me, WUHAHAHAHA... ok I think I am going crazy, maybe the fact that I haven't eaten anything yet apart from a banana and it is lunch time, so I gonna go and have something to eat. So cya all later...

LSE must pay!!!

OH MY GOD. Last Friday, my University, King's College London was attack by LSE (London School of Economics). What happened was that LSE were having their annual "15 hours drinking day" and apparently, about 10 hours in or so, 200 LSE students thought, yeah lets go to King's and trash the place. Well that's what they did and caused £30,000 worth of damage. I haven't actually seen the damage but it happened in the English Department area, and I don't study English... so hehe. But I can't believe that happen. We should go over to LSE and give them one... lol.

What else to report on, nothing really, I have done all my homework for this semester and now it is down to revision, so I won't be updating this site as much. And also, I have been playing Pro Evolution 5 too much. I should stop playing it a bit, but it is so damm good man. I can't put it down. ARGH.

Also, I have added another book to my book section, so go look at it if you want to, and also, some one pointed out that there is an error on that page, but to be honest, I cannot be bothered to correct it, will do it after my exams... anyway, going now, so catch ya later!!!

December is here

Wow, in the first week of December already, only 21 days to Christmas. How time flies now a days. Well a few weeks ago, I reported that it was getting colder here, but for some reason, it is warming up again... and also I read in the news paper that global warming is in fact making the UK colder, instead of warmer. I was like what the f*** when I read this, but this is due to the warm waters we usually get from the south of the Atlantic Ocean and apparently over the 12 years, the temperature of this warm water is getting colder. The reason for this is that Antarctica is melting and causing the water to rise and therefore heat is dispersed. Something like that, not actually too sure.

Going away from this, on Thursday I had dinner in this Japanese restaurant because it was, Kiet's birthday. It was an all you can eat thing, and there was a conveyer belt and you just take the plates you want to eat. I was quite disappointing. I only ate like 12-15 plates, and unlike some people who were greedy enough to take like 25 plates.

Yesterday, I went to see, Ben performed in his church band in Oxford Street. I have to say that I enjoyed myself a lot watching them play, and I was quite happy I recognised some of the songs playing, since it was kinda rocky type music... which is MY music.. hehe.. but yeah it was a brilliant performance all round last night.. and I actually was thinking of going to the Franz Ferdinand concert on the same night with Jo, but was glad that I came to this, even though the Franz Ferdinand concert would also be awesome.

Also, a few week a go, I gave that link for the JCB song by Nizlopi, well it is in the running for Christmas number 1. 5 to 1 on to get it. I think it should be Christmas number 1 man, so please buy it everyone... such a cool song man, and if anyone missed the link on the page for the video, you can catch it here.

Oh yeah, I found these two interesting things on the net. The first one was about the TV licence. Ok, people who don't live in the UK, everyone who owns a TV has to pay a TV licence in order to watch TV... basically it is because the BBC, which is one of the main channels are publicly funded, so basically it is like a tax. Anyway, some naughty people haven't been paying up. And when the TV licence officers found out, the people who didn't pay try to give excuses... and their excuses are, well I quote.

"The Dogs are the only ones who watch TV"

"I don't need a TV licence because I only watch Australian soaps and as far as I'm aware you don't need a licence in Australia"

The TV had been broken since "my daughter tried to feed the kittens on Rolf's Animal Hospital"

A mother said, "He stopped making payments as he's gone off with someone he met on the Internet"

What are thses people playing at, as if anyone is gonna believe that. Anyway, on to the second thing I found. Apparently the war in Iraq has created a bored game, similar to Monopoly called, Battle to Baghdad: The Fight For Freedom. I was shock when I first saw this, and it doesn't get better. First, you start of with 3000 trops and you have to make your way up to win the game. In the game, you get like chance cards in Monopoly. They are like, ""Captures!" declares one, rewarding the player with 300 extra men for the ensnaring of Saddam Hussein." and "Some soldiers are found guilty of unlawful treatment and inhumane acts of violence towards Iraqi prisoners. You lose 100 troops.". What the hell is going on man. Ok, it is kinda funny, but I can't believe anybody will actually make this game. It is just sickening... but actually hehe quite funny... And with that I think I better sign off, since I have work to do and exams are only around the corner... so cya guys latter.

Spider's Web

Well, today I finally got rid of my marketing essay that I was doing. What I was doing was taking Greggs' coffee and analyse their marketing strategy for it. Well, I think the essay is done ok, hopefully, fingers crossed. The main concerns were the word limit, and that gave me pain for like 4 days in a role. Oh well thats finally out of the way.

So, what have I done apart from marketing, well... the only other thing that I have done has been applications for summer internships. I hate them so much. Come on, how the hell am I to know what is special about me, and what can I do that no other people can do. It is not like I can read peoples mind init. But so far I have applied to 3, and guess what, I have heard from 0 companies.. oh well.. maybe it is not meant to be :(

Also, I have to apologise for the diabolical updates that I have been giving. I know, it is not expectable and I am sorry for that... just been too busy and wrapped up in other things.

What else to say... umm hey yeah, check out this song by Katie Melua - Spider's Web. I just love the lyrics she uses and to me shows some insights that to be honest I really never consider; well I did, but never had a second thought about it. Actually, I will leave you with the song lyrics from Katie herself. Cya later dudes!!!

If a black man is racist, is it okay?
When it's the white man's racism that made him that way,
Because the bully's the victim they say,
By some sense they're all the same.

Because the line between,
Wrong and right,
Is the width of a thread,
From a spider's web.
The piano keys are black and white,
But they sound like a million colours in your mind.

I could tell you to go to war,
Or I could march for peace and fighting no more,
How do I know which is right,
And I hope he does when he sends you to fight.

Because the line between wrong and right,
Is the width of a thread from a spider's web,
The piano keys are black and white,
But they sound like a million colours in your mind.

Should we act on a blame?
Or should we chase the moments away?
Should we live?
Should we give?
Remember forever the guns and the feathers in time.
Because the line between wrong and right,
Is the width of a thread from a spider's web,
The piano keys are black and white,
But they sound like a million colours in your mind.
The piano keys are black and white,
But they sound like a million colours in your mind,
But they sound like a million colours in your mind


Hi everyone, been so cold here lately. On Friday, I saw it snow!!! It is November, it shouldn't be snowing now, it is way to early to be snowing. Oh well, global warming, but doesn't global warming mean the earth is getting hotter and not colder? So why is it getting so cold.. argh I don't know.. lol..

I have been so busy over the pass few weeks. I have so much work to do and it is getting too much. I just want to collapse and hide for a while and hope all the work goes away, but yeah right as if that is every going to happen. I not going to bore you on why I have been so busy, but you are probably getting bored at reading this.. oh well, I am not an interesting guy anyway.. hehe..

Erm what else have I got to say, come on Richard think... argh, I am too boring to write anything here... I just can't think about anything to say, I just decided to write something here since I wanted to rest before I start work again. BUSY BUSY BUSY. I promise the next update will be more interesting than this.. lol.. cya later.


Hi, haven't been updating this site much over the past few weeks. Just at the moment finding hard to make time for it. I started for the first time to start writing application forms for summer internships. To be honest, it is one of the most daunting things to do. Summer internships are probably one of the hardest things to get, and I also heard that it is much harder to get then finding work after you have your quailification. And I am spending a lot of time on this.. argh..

Also I have a marketing essay to finish and hehe, I haven't done much.. and I feel bad since this is a group project and I feel sorry for people in my team. But tomorrow I am gonna read what they have done and try to structure it, since so far I don't think it is nicely structured, since last week we finally understood the question. We have been working on this for 4-5 weeks and only now our lecture has really made it clear what the hell the question was.

If you haven't spotted the link on my MSN, please visit this site, It is a music video from this artist called, Nizlopi. Amazing video, and a bloody great song. Me Love, need to get the album now.. hehe..

Apart from this, I think I better get down to finishing this Morgan and Stanley application.. so cya later

Update at last

Ok, haven't updated for ages now, better update now, even though I am in no mood to do so. Just can't be bothered you know. So what has happened... well, I went to two parties, one was nigel's birthday and the other was fu wing's. Nigel birthday bash was held in the waterfront to begin with and then moved to china town where we had dinner. Fu Wing's was held in peter's house, and both occation was very enjoyable.. AIIYA, I am writing so crap man, seriously you can tell I cannot be bothered. There are photos for this and I will be putting them up very soon, again when I can be bothered to.

Now, this week is reading week and I kinda done nothing, but now starting to revise for my exam which starts in 7 weeks time ish. I know very long away, but this is the time to catch up, and I better make best use for it.

Oh yeah, my friend, Ning was caught on tv yesterday, on bbc news. Click here to see her. When you are on that page, click on the top right where it says " BBC NEWS:VIDEO AND AUDIO" and enjoy. Ning makes an appearence 1 minute and 35 seconds into the clip.

Hmm, apart from that, I got nothing else to say, so GOODBYE for now.. Oh yeah, I have to write that book thingy, I finished reading Jane Austin's Sense and Sensibility, but haven't wrote anything about it... do it later lah...


Feeling kinda bored, so thought I update this website. Well, I have completely wasted my weekend, I meant to look and apply for summer internship jobs this weekend and guess what, i didn't do anything like it.. aiiya.. so bad. Also, I nearly screwed my laptop up, due to a firewall, sygate bugging up... so don't get it ok... also linux wouldn't let me install a driver for my wireless internet, well actually I have no clue how to do it, and now there is a problem writing files to the NTFS drive and the root drive... say permission is deny or something, but have no clue what to do anymore...

Actually, I have been feeling pretty low recently, don't know why, maybe just been stuck at home and refusing to leave the house.. lol.. I have been playing Pro Evolution 5, and I have to say it is a damm good, and damm hard game... but I am loving it at the moment...

What else, erm... don't know anymore, apart from this website... .. go and have a look, very interesting, good way to kill a few minutes...

Well you can obviously see this is a very quick update, and it is.. so I leave you by saying... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Don't eat too many chocies ok, or you will grow very fat.. lol...


Hey, quick update. So Ten days since last update, well I have been quite busy... had this coursework to do and it is damm hard and complicated, I hope I done it justice, but not too sure since I am not sure even what I am doing is completely right... argh wish we had tutorial, but oh well who cares...

You know, I was on the train the other day, and because of the school holidays, lots of kids were in the trains, and now they have like gadgets that can play music via built in speakers... ok it isn't a bad ideal I guess, but my god, are they annoying... and especially when they start singing to it.. argh.. not nice to hear, why can't they use headphones for god sakes... oh well trying to impress friends I guess.. I have this, I bet you don't... lol...

Enough of that.. I also got the new Alex Parks album yesterday, haven't really had a chance to hear it yet, so cannot judge if it is any good, and also my brother got the new pro evo game, had a play at it and my god is it hard... hehehe...

Oh yeah, I meant to change the story on what happened at peter's party... if you take a look at the shout box, lap has been explaining what happened.. he didn't punch vadim, but he "dropped" him by accident, so there ya go lap, story changed.. hehehe

Anyway, me gonna get something to eat, haven't eaten today, went to a Morgan and Stanley presentation for internships, and I am quite impress on their student scheme.. so might give them a shot.. anyway.. cya later... oh yeah.. hehe... clocks go back this weekend I think, so no more putting one hour back on the time that I made my post... this post was actually done at 18:49 my time, but 17:49 GMT.. oh well confusing stuff...


I have spent two days putting the photos up, well not two full days, but it took me two days to do it, and now 300+ photos are now on the site and can be viewed... these incluced my trip to malaysia and also peter's house warming party, so go check it out... Also the book section is updated with my thoughts on a book called, The sad truth about happiness... written by Anne Giardini... so go check out if you have time..

So what have I done over the past week, well college and I can now see that it is getting more difficult.. I got my first piece of work on friday, and it is so confusing.. don't like it, but oh well I have to do it, but lucky that it doesn't go towards the final mark...

I played badminton for the first time this year, but didn't get to play as much as I would have liked... too many people, and also I was force to pay, unlike last year when I cheated the system... but oh well, £20 for two years, WOOHOO..

What else can I say, erm... oh yeah, was watching X-factor over the weekend and I knew these group of individual were good, but I didn't know it was this good.. I have to say by far they are the most talented group of people I have ever seen on a reality TV show, and that beats Fame Academy 2, 2 years ago... which are also amazing... and talking of fame academy, Alex Parks new song comes out soon and also her new album titled, Honesty so that should be a good listen, and taking about music, I found out a new artist called, Missy Higgins which again is a decent listen...

Well, erm.. not sure what to write now, I have to do some cleaning up, dusty lah, and I also have a cold... which means this is going to tire me out...

Pete's Party!

On Friday/Saturday I was at my friend's home warming party... and I won't say it was good but that doesn't describe it.. I will say it was very INTERESTING... The party started out fine with me and a couple of other people turning out first to his place... and before we went we were questioning how big his house was since he was expecting around 40-50 people, and we were told it was a two bedroom house... but my god, his house was amazing... it is so big... his bedroom is like three times the size of mine... his living room can hold a football pitch (well not quite, but you get the picture), and also he has a big garden and a smallish courtyard/square thingy... not bad...

Anyway.. the party was fine for the first few hours... but then it became hected with incidents... first was Lap.. who was I won't say totally pissed... but to the point that he has no care in the world... he was shouting all the time.. spilling stuff, and then when I wasn't in the room... he, I think punch or something and cause a cut on vadim face, above the eye... it wasn't bad ot be honest but it bleed for some time... but that wasn't the end of the excitement...

At around 1am I think.. Farah began to throw up... too much drinking.. but to be honest I didn't see her drink a lot.. but I heard that it was because she drinks quickly... so that may be.. but that isn't the end of it... At around 4am in the morning.. she began to fit and Anthony had to call an ambulance since we were not sure what was happening.. lucky she was alright.. and she soon return to the flat at around 7am in the morning...

Apart from this... the party was great... enjoyed myself.. and I have to say thank you to Peter for inviting me... lol.. Anyway.. I got some photos from this.. actually going to nick it from my friends since I didn't bring my camera... but will try to get it up.. also.. the other photos.. lol still haven't put them up, but I promise it will be soon ok...


I heard this poem yesterday on a tv programme... and I thought it was an absolute gem.. but I just found out today that it is the poem that most of us want to be sent to space... if we decide to try and make contact with aliens... well read for yourself and decide if it is worth enough to represent the whole of humanity...

Human Beings, by Adrian Mitchell

look at your hands
your beautiful useful hands
you're not an ape
you're not a parrot
you're not a slow loris
or a smart missile
you're human

not british
not american
not israeli
not palestinian
you're human

not catholic
not protestant
not muslim
not hindu
you're human

we all start human
we end up human
human first
human last
we're human
or we're nothing

nothing but bombs
and poison gas
nothing but guns
and torturers
nothing but slaves
of Greed and War
if we're not human

look at your body
with its amazing systems
of nerve-wires and blood canals
think about your mind
which can think about itself
and the whole universe

look at your face
which can freeze into horror
or melt into love
look at all that life
all that beauty
you're human
they are human
we are human
let's try to be human


Not bad eh!! Oh yeah.. photos.. well they are on my webserver now... over 250 photos.. but not yet added so you can't see them.. but I will do that pretty soon... the photos actually scared me a bit since after I did it... I was left with only 4MB worth of space on my webserver... but lucky enough I found some redundant data and was able to get another 15MB.. so on that front I was relieved...


Hey everybody... I stil haven't manage to get the photos up that I took form malaysia... but I promist that I will get them up as soon as possible... just that I have added another content to my page called the book section

The book section will contain some summaries on the books that I have read... mainly becuase I want to remember the book and how it felt to me at the time, but beware.. don't expect good reviews since the first two that I written are pretty bad... lol

So what have I done in the past week apart from reading books.. well I started my uni.. it isn't too bad but there were so boring... I can't believe how boring the lectures were... ARGH... oh well... management sounds interesting, since we have to pick a product, dissect it and show how it is marketed... ok doesn't sound all that good but come on what do I have to go on...

What else... oh yeah... lol.. I can hear again!!! Woohoo... when my ears were cleared my god, everything was so loud... I couldn't believe it man, things like washing my hands was hurting my ears, the water splashing was so loud... but now I have gotten use to it so that isn't too bad...

Erm.. I can't think of anything else, but check out that book section and tell me what you think about it in the shout box...


ARGH.. what the hell.. haha.. nah it just my site changed colour... since if you read above I got sick of the red so I switched it. What do you think of it? Write in the shoutbox to make comments. Just to say this colour change doesn't mean this is a new version.. the new version will have a different layout.. haven't thought of how yet.. but it will be different...

On my last update.. I was kinda in a rush to write something since I was still busy.. so I didn't manage to write everything I wanted to write.. but hopefully I can covered it now... first thing is that I am DEAF.. my ears are completely filled with ear wax and I can't hear properly.. so if are wondering why I am always wanting you to repeat what you said.. it isn't because I wasn't listening.. is just I CAN'T.. But tomorrow.. my nurse is going to pump water in my ears to get it out.. and then I can hear again.. WOOHOO...

Uni is just around the corner.. starts on wednesday.. and I have some good news.. I was made a Lab Demonstrator and I will be earning £10 an hour.. I work two hours a week... Well those who are not part of the computer science department at king's or are completely ignorant of what is going on.. This job is basically helping the first years get through their coursework that they have to do in order to pass.. so basically I be like teaching them.. which is going to be very interesting.. lol..

What else.. oh yeah.. I will be uploading the picture from malaysia soon... well hopefully soon... just see if I have time and if I can be bothered to do it.. oh yeah. I wanted to switch my broadband provider away from AOL to a company known as plusnet but aol told me I was stuck in a 12 month contract with them and I couldn't get out until the contract was up.. I was like.. What the f*** I have been with ya for over 3 f****** years.. what the hell is going on.. so now I have to wait till the contract finishes in march... I think, where I can then experience 2Mb connection or 200KB connection... Not

Erm what now.. erm.. can't think of anything.. f1 beginnings soon where we will see the crowning of the youngest ever Formula 1 world champion.. so that will be nice to watch.. and then later tonight we have Waking the Dead to watch on BBC1.. so that will be nice to see... so.. so long!!!

Guess who's back?

WHOA... long time with no update.. Don't worry.. I am not dead!!! just that I haven't been updating.. which is due to first.. I CAN'T BE BOTHERED.. and I was busy as well. I came back from malaysia a week ago and it was pretty fun and relaxing and enjoyed my time there.. but now back to the old uni again.

So since I been in the UK.. I have fixed two computers.. the first was the family computer.. which I screwed up initially.. lost data but now it is working fine.. and hopefully now there will be no more data lost since the way I have wired the whole system up.. Same to my laptop.. which was again screwed up first time with Linux completely screwing the hard disk up.. which meant I have to take it out of the laptop, connect it to another computer and then format it.. but after that it is working fine again

Apart from this and also tidying up my room.. which is a complete mess (still not finished yet, but found some cool things that I thought I lost ages ago) there is nothing really exciting to report on.. apart from going to uni to register.. seeing old faces, which some looked new since they changed, ehem KIET... it is time to say goodbye.. and I hope to do more work on this site and more updates.. PROMISE!!!

From malayisa baby!

Hey everyone form Malaysia... I finally got some time to update my website after 4 weeks... well considering all my cousins are sleeping now since... well they always do lazy gits... but now it is coming up to 6pm malaysia time.

Erm... so what have I been up to in malaysia... ok.. lets try to remember it. The first week that I was here.. I stayed in my kinda second home in a place called Segamat. It is pretty small town but it isn't too bad. So during that first week I just hanged out with my cousins and met some of their friends which was cool... But yeah it was kinda quiet during the first week but sometimes I like quiet :)

The second week I then went to penang... or the malay spelling pinang... it is in the north west of mainland malaysia. There I spent a few nights with my uncle and aunty which was nice but something terrible happened to my aunty. I wasn't there since I was with my friends... but she got robbed and her hand bag was stolen when a biker and another guy took it off her. Lucky she wasn't hurt but she lost a lot money. The bad luck didn't stop since the next day her office... which is in a school... she is a deputy headmaster or something.. but her office was broken into and also money was stolen.. which wasn't good.. just bad luck. When all this happened I was with my friends.. Alan and Antony. Erm what did we do again??? Oh yeah... we played badminton.. went to this Karaoke thingy where we sung our little hearts out and then the next day went clubbing... which was kinda funny since one of there friends got drunk and he had a younger sister and he asked me if I was interested in her... lol... but the funny thing was.. we was recording the conversion and the next day we played it back and he was like... ARGH.. DID I REALLY SAY THAT... NOOOO...

During that week.. we saw the bombing in London... When I first heard of it.. I thought of my brother that was working in london.. and I try quickly to text him to find out if he was ok.. lucky enough he was so I was relieved.. but I can't believe this is happening and I wish the people that were responsible will rot in hell... Oh well... we cannot really do anything to prevent this... but we must NOT let them win...

After that I headed back to segamat to my second home.. lol.. and just hang around again.. which I pretty like since I really get on well with my cousins... so that helps a lot.. so again... doing nothing.. going to play snooker... hit golf balls at the driving range.. and of course... drink a lot of coffee.. lol.. I drank like 4 cups in one go.. and at the time there were like 4 of us and we tried to aim to have at least 20 between us... we didn't manage it since the shop closed and only managed 17.. but next time we will go over 20...

Ok.. that is the third week over.. so now lets head to the 4th week... here I went to singapore... which was nice... I meet up with my friends to go to santosa island.. and to be honest.. it wasn't that special... some nice things to look at... and the highlight of that trip to santosa.. was.. erm.. me thinking now.. maybe this sky tower thingy that you go up and from there you can look at the whole island.. yeah that was pretty good... but what pissed me off.. actually something else did as well.. but I won't go into it... but what pissed me off was that it rained and we got stuck in this place since no one bought an umbrella with them and also I forgot my damm camera!!! AIIYA!!! I cannot believe it.. but hopefully Antony and Joanne and give me there's... :)

After that we tour some of singapore on a boat... which was pretty cool.. but the driver.. aiiya so rough with the controls... I liked it since I was bouncing everywhere.. but joanne didn't too much but oh well... also the boat was so old it made so much noise.. but who cares.. the view was brilliant...

Apart from that... I pretty much didn't nothing else in singapore.. saw some relatives here and there and then did some shopping for some books and stuff... nothing reall important... and after singapore.. I headed to Johor Baru to see my 4th uncle onmy dad's side... there my uncle got sick.. so e couldn't really bring me anywhere.. but it was good since I never stayed in his house before and he had astro.. which is some kinda saterlite tv and so it wasn't so bad...

Then after that... it virtually brings us back to today.. where I am back in segamat where 30 minutes ago I had nothing to do since everyon else is sleeping.. and I think I may have to wake my cousin up because she has tuition in a few hours up.. but how should I wak her up... I want to do something evil.. Wuahaha.. well I think about it... and I should sign off now.. since this post is extreamly long..

Ooo.. one thing before I go.. I got a first for my uni exams.. WOOHOO... so happy about it.. but I am kinda disappointed in a way since I didn't get a first in one of my sbject which was.. erm.. economics.. and that was the easiest subjest I had since I have my foundation from A-Levels.. and I was so pissed off that I got a B... AIIYA!!!! Oh well... Now I am really going.. BYE BYE BYE!!!

I'm Leaving, on a jet plane..

Hey everybody... Last update from the UK for a very long time now. lol... tomorrow I will be flying off to Malaysia!!! WHOOHOO... I will be there for around 8 weeks so do not expect may updates for this website.. but there will be updates I am sure of it so make sure you all still visit it ones in a while.. lol... erm what else should I say... nothing really but just want to use my laptop for the very last time before I go and fly.. lol... so cya everyone...

What happened...

On the 23rd May 2005, I said that I had something happened to me. I can finally tell now since my brother and mother has come back from malaysia.. and I kinda didn't wanted to tell them since I didn't wanted to give stress to them. On the day that I got my things from my uni accommodation... my 2 guitars which were worth £500 and £100 were both nicked from my car. The person who nicked it smashed the window of our Ford Focus and nicked the guitar. He also broke into another car at the time as well... but to be honest I never thought that would have happened since this happened at around 3pm in the afternoon... who on earth thought this would have happened... oh well.. shit happens and we cannot do anything about it...

So that is what I was holding back on.. even though some of you who reads this website knew about it.. lol.. but thanks for not posting anything on the shoutbox...

Erm... after that kinda sad note... erm what else can I say to brighten the mood... well I am going to malaysia in 6 days time.. so WOOHOO... so me going to work for another 4 more days to get some more money.. lol..

Thing's Improving

WOW... 11 days without an update.. I am getting lazy... lol. Well I finally fixed my laptop.. lol stupid crap Windows XP corrupting everything.. lucky that I could back the files or I wouldn't have been a happy bunny. I still haven't figure out the desktop but I couldn't careless...

Work is gay... last week I had to do 2 and a half peoples jobs since one person was on holiday and we were very short of workers. I had to do my filing... as well as request... request is like the employees emails you the file they want and then you go and look for it and give it to them... but it was so mad man.. I was so tired after my day at work that when I come home all I could do was sit infront of tv and do nothing... at least this week I am doing 1 and a half peoples job... also helping with request but not as much.. actually come to think of it.. a lot since this person I am working with.. not mention names but if he ever finds out about my website he will know who he is... he is god damm lazy.... sits in front of computer and plays games and gives me the longest request to do when he only needs to find one file... The joy of being a temp.. lol

Also another interesting thing I read today in the newspaper is that my wristbands that I am wearing... since no one has seen me for... Ooo 3-4 weeks now.. I have two wristbands.. a yellow Livestrong one in support of cancer awareness/treatment and a red Hillsborough Justice Campaign for the 96 people who died when Liverpool played Sheffield Wednesday on the 15th April 1989. Well according to the newspaper... a yellow wristband represent that you have lost your virginity and a red one means that you are sexually available and you want some... HAHAHAHA... read the full list here.

What else can I say.. well mum and brother is coming back from malaysia on sunday... erm going to malayisa in less than 2 weeks times... so... erm thats it.. lol.. nothing more to say...

Not a happy bunny...

Argh... so pissed of now... well there are lots of things that I am pissed off on.. work is one thing.. they are so lazy there and I hate my work.. I have to stand up all day and it hurts my legs... Another thing I am pissed off is my computer. I cannot get it to install windows on a new hard drive.. and also it will not install windows on the current hard drive. It is really pissing me off... I think it is something to do with the motherboard but still have no idea. I have try everything... re-plug wires.. clear the bios by using the jumper... now I am going to slow down the ram and see if that works.. but I am sure it won't.. really annoying. I have more to complain... but I am hungry.. so I am off to eat something lol

Long Time No Update?

Wow... such a long time without an update.. oh my god.. lol.. well busy lah.. working in my new job and so tired when I come back home that I cannot be bothered to update website.. lol.. erm what has happened during the last time I updated... well... Liverpool won the European Championship... Amazing game... I think everyone knew what happened by now.. coming back from 3 nill down was amazing... cannot believe it...

What else happened.. erm I updated my home computer now with a AMD 2400+ with 512 of PC3200 RAM and a nVidia Geforce 3.. and the computer works a treat now... ok I still have some problems... like sometimes I on the computer the Bios doesn't load up so nothing is done until I reset the computer and some reading that I am exceeding the Voltage... but at least I have sound... it took me 2 days to figure out why I wasn't working... but thanks to Kiet... he asked me to check the Bios... which I actually did a couple of hours prior.. but then found the audio hardware disable... lol... but the other two problems I need to figure out... lol... ANTONY.. WHERE ARE U!!! lol

Erm.. what else.. erm cannot think.. so I say goodbye for now...

Bad Luck :(

ARRGGHHH... well.. I cannot say yet, but I tell you what happen soon....

So, today was my first day at work... earning £9.20 a hour baby... but the work is utter crap... Well, what I am doing is basically filing folders away into a little room where it is all stored... but it is quite boring.. and it hurts your eyes a bit due to the colour coding... lol... but I cannot complain... no responsibility and earning £9.20 an hour is brilliant :)

What else... yeah.. moved our of Stamford street yesterday... sad to leave that place... lol... one thing I won't miss is the bloody fire alarms... well it wasn't too bad come the second part of the year... I actually kept a record of the amount of fire alarms that went off when I was living there... from the 29th January when I started taking it... there were 9 fire alarms that went off... and from there to now.. I was present in my flat for around 10 weeks.. so you can see it was kinda bad... but this does not include the many many more that happened before that date... look... see how sad I am by keeping a record of this... argh... You can find the record here...

Hmm... what else... oh yeah my mum and brother went to Malaysia yesterday... so now they are enjoying the food and the heat that is lacking in this miserable island that I am living in.. oh well, only 4 weeks and 6 days until I fly of... oh well better earn some money so I can fund my spending in Malaysia lol...

What else can I say.. erm... Liverpool play Milan on Wednesday in the Champions League FINAL... and I will be keeping my fingers, toes well everything hoping that we will win... COME ON YOU REDS!!!!

Exams OVER!!!

YES!!! EXAMS are finally over... overall.. I thought I did quite well overall... now I have to wait until the exams results come out in mid July, when I will be in Malaysia... lol... but today... I lost my examination passport... this passport is needed (well, they say it is) when you sit your exam, and I lost it... thank god my friend crystal was online and asked her to print me a copy... lol... I have to re-make it quickly since Crystal wasn't able to see it, due to the login and password needed...

But yeah, lucky she was able to print it and give it to me... THANK YOU CRYSTAL!!!

After my exams were finished, I went out with a couple of friends for a celebratory drink and dinner... it was nice... since I probably won't see some of these guys for a long time... lol... anyway, time to sign off...

Who's Behind You??

Oooo.. Friday the 13th... argh.. scray stuff.. lol... oh well... hope I don't get ghost coming to haunt Well, I have finished 3 exams already, and it hasn't been too bad, and I am quite happy on what I have done...

Erm, what else... erm... er... nothing else I think... just one more paper to prepare for Monday... but I have time to prepare, so a little bit of rest today, and do some revision tonight...

Nothing else to write, so I say goodbye.. lol


Just thought I will update my blog... since I am tired of revising... done around 4 and a bit hours, near 5 today... and still got more to do yet... anyway... Labour won its 3rd term in office... WOOHOO... lol... now lets hope they actually do something worth while to this country... so many failed promises... oh well...

Liverpool looks like they won't be going into champion's league next year since the damm scums next to us beat Newcastle 2-0... and now they only need a point to get champions league football... argh!!!

Anyway, time to shoot off... going to watch doctor who in half an hour.. lol.. cya!!!


Well... today is the day that people around the UK go out and decide who they want as the next man to rule the country, and I for one have already made my vote. I want the Lib Dems to win. Why might you ask, well... I want to be different... lol... no it is that they are a couple of issues. One is that the lib dems are not going to employ any tuition fees for anyone who wants to go to university and I see that as a great thing since I am going through uni now and I know the burden of loans that needs to be paid back. £1000+ for me a year is quite enough, god know about £6000+ a year that Labour is proposing... but actually their idea is quite good, but I don't want to go into it...

Another reason why I voted, and maybe not a very strong point, is that I want in future years to come we will have three parties that actually has a chance to be in power. At the moment it is 2, the Labour and conservative party. Liberal Democrats are too small, but hopefully they can capture around 100 seats, with labour falling a bit along with conservatives so that in 4 years time, they can challenge for government...

Anyway, I urge people to vote, since all your votes count... look at it this way... only around 60% of the people voted in 2001, if an extra 20% of the people vote, then that is an extra 10 million people voting, and the outcome of the election can change... so please go and vote since it can decide who will ruin our lives for the next 4 years.. lol

Argh... after saying that, I have wasted 10 minutes writing this crap, and I have to do some more work. I have my first exams in... 6 days!!! Starts on the 12th of May and I have to make sure I am prepared... lol... so expect little or no updates until the 17th May...(when my exams are finally over) lol...

You Never Walk Alone!

GET IN THERE!!! Liverpool 1 - 0 Chelsea!!! Goal by Luis Garcia, might not have been a goal, but who cares, WE ARE IN THE FINAL OF THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL!!!

Night Night

Before I go to sleep, I just wanted to comment on the Champions League match that was played earlier tonight... I thought it was a brilliant game, very even and could have gone either way... Lampard should have scored a sitter.. and also baros had a great header saved by the the giant of peter cech... oh well, hopefully we can beat them at Anfield... come on you reds...

Hmm... time for me to go to sleep now... night night...

Sing Song...

Fancy a quick update before I go and bath... I found something quite funny on the website... for tomorrow game against Chelsea... it is a song to sing tomorrow when the game is on... here it is...

London Bridge is falling down
Falling down, falling down
London Bridge is falling down
Poor old Chelsea
Build it up with Red and White
Red and White
Red and White
Build it up with Red and White
Poor old Chelsea

Talking about football, PSV man, they played really really well... I thought the ref was a total arsehole since he missed so many fouls that Millan committed... but oh well... what can we do... Hope Liverpool win tomorrow, but I doubt it...

Kings = GREAT!!!

I am so happy today... first was I got my management essay and I got an A+ for it... I was like, what the F*** since I struggled so much on it... but I am happy... another reason, well it isn't really happy, but I saw that King's College London is the sixth best university in the UK according to the Guardian, but what made me smile was that King's College London is the BEST computer science university in the UK.. beating Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial... well good...

Here is the list of the top 5 university for computer science from the Guardian website...

1. King's College London = my uni!!! WUAHAHAHA
2. Oxford
3. University College London
4. St Andrews
5. Edinburgh

For the links to all the subject, click here and to see the top 10 university according to the Guardian News paper, click here

Anyway... enough of this happiness... I have revision to do, and it is pissing me off... I hate revision... argh....


Whoohoo... Liverpool draws, but still, WE ARE IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SEMI-FINAL... bring on chelsea, the team that bought there way to the semis... but I can't believe that we are in the semis, with a half depleted team filled with injuries... but anyway... lets beat Chelsea and win the whole competition...

I am still doing stupid revision... about to start actually, but had no mood, so wanted to write something... lol...

Oh yeah.. lol you probably won't be able to read this for a couple of days, due to my free domain... has been down for three days now... (don't worry, I will be getting a proper one but if this domain plays up again, you can access this page via this link.

Hate revision, espeically with a cold

I hate doing revision. It is so boring, tiring and to be honest, if you think about it, pointless, since you are only revising to past the exam, and not really expanding your knowledge, if you get what I mean... lol...

Also, I got another cold again, and I think I am slowly losing my voice AGAIN... stupid body, can't fight against germs.

I also downloaded the new version of MSN. Ok, it isn't too bad but there are bugs, like the message window where you write what you doing, one it doesn't switches off until you only press enter and also, it doesn't store, so the next time you on the computer, your message you wrote disappears. Also, they are doing a ICQ, putting adverts all over the place, and it is making the application messy. Oh well, I thought Microsoft has enough money, but it looks like they want more... enough about me ranting, I need to revise...4 weeks and 6 days to exams, I think...


So... the 4th of April, time flies so quickly nowadays. Anyway, I have finally started some revision, even thought I haven't done much today, about 2 hours worth, but at least it is a start... only 5 weeks and 2 days until exams... argh!!! My mum is getting her car sorted out now since the unbelievable accident that happened... we got a replacement car, a Vauxhall Corsa... lol... but it will do for now.

Oh yeah, I have added my brother's graduation pictures, not many of them, since most of them were a bit blurry, so I didn't upload them. Go and check it out.


F*** man... A bloody young reckless driver was speeding around my area, and he skidded, went across two of my neighbour's garden and smashed into my mum's car. Lucky my mum's car was in the way, since the f****** driver's car would have been in my house. I couldn't believe it! Was extreamly shock and still am. Oh well, lucky no one was hurt and especially to some children who were out riding their bikes... but I can't believe he was speeding around this area... something needs to be done now, maybe speed bumps... since next time, people could be hurt... argh... can't believe this...

Also, on a site note, I had to transfer my site to a new host... so there might be some links around this site that doesn't work, if so, email me or shout in the shout box. Thanks.

Version 2

WhooHoo, version 2 is now up. This version 2 has taken around 2-3 weeks to do, which is less than what I thought. I have to say thank you to my friend, Antony for helping me debug and use some of his php programming code, since without it I would not have completed this site by now.

So what is new... well I have added a shout box to my website, where you can just shout, lol. I wanted to add some kind of smily to what I am writing, but the program code that I wanted to use doesn't work, so I have to think a way around it so that it will work.

Also, this site is now XHTML 1.1 and CSS 1.0/2.0 valid. What does this mean? That means this site complies to the web standard of the way a web site should be written. In other words, the proper way to write a website.

Word of warning, some stuff in this website might not work, since there might be errors. If so, email me, or just shout in the shout box and I will correct it, thanks

Ice Skating

Went ice skating today... my first time... wow it was so cool man... really enjoyed myself, even though I fell over 5 times and I can't skate properly, but I don't care. After that we went to the arcades for a bit, and then a group of us whet to have dinner in a Chinese restaurant near by... I have pictures, but have to wait till version 2... lol

But I am so tired now... and I have a massive blister on my foot that hurts like hell... anyway I am going home tomorrow for my Easter break. Also, version 2 is nearly done, so watch out for it... lol...

Tiny news

Site News: The photo page will soon be down. This is due to testing on the new photo layout for version 2. The next time the photo page will be working will be when version 2 is launch... sorry about that...

Final week of first year...

The final week of my first year of uni is coming to an end. I can't believe how quickly it has flew by... but I still have exams to do... and today I found out that it starts on the 12th May 2005... 7 weeks and 1 day away. Oh well, at least that is more time to revise then we had for our Chirstmas exams.

I finally got the vacuum cleaner sorted out... and partly it was my fault, since I never emptied the bag... so the vacuum cleaner motor was put under stress... but who cares, got a new one, and it is even more S*** than the old one... oh well...

Also, I have been working on version 2 of this site, and I will be launching it soon... so keep a wide eye out for it

Going to a friend's birthday party tonight... so it should be fun... lol...


F***... was cleaning my room today with the vacuum cleaner, and I was half way through and then the vacuum cleaner started to make strange noisies and began to stutter. So I looked around and saw smoke pouring form the back of the vacuum cleaner. Knowing the fire alarms in Stamford Street are very sensitive, I quickly move the cleaner to the window until it stopped smoking... But now my room sticks of smoke and I am well annoyed. I wanted to get a new vacuum earlier, but they only will change it if it is gone... well it has now... so HAHAHA...

Apart from this, yesterday my brother got his certificate for getting his masters. WOOHOO... then I went china town and ate with him and my parents... spent a lot of money... but who cares... lol.


Went to the IMAX yesterday(or should I say today...) with a couple of friends to watch matrix 2 and 3. You probably thinking why I decided to watch matrix since it is an old movie. Well, if you haven't heard of the IMAX, it is a cinema with a difference. The screen is 5 times bigger than any other cinema screen in the world... so go figure...

The movies started at 12:30am and finished at 5:40ish am in the morning... so it was pretty late/early when I got back... and I thought that I would go to sleep quite easily, but didn't... didn't sleep too well... lol.

Anyway, I have a management essay that still needs to be completed, so I better do that, even though I have no idea how to do. But the good news is that my semester is coming to an end... and then I have an 8 week break till my exams... but still have to study :(


I played badminton yesterday, and it was the last ever session that King's are going to offer. Bit disappointed that it is the last, since I have 2 more weeks left until my semester is finished. But what can you do.. but a group of my friends are going to organise and book courts, so... at least I can still play

I also watched my friend in this dance show yesterday... and at first I thought it was going to be boring, but it turned out to be a great night. It first started out with a dance routine of the movie, Moulin Rouge. WOW... those girls man... awesome. After that... acts had a lot to live up for, and some wasn't able to live up to the standard of the first performance. My friend that I came to watch was in this break dance act and she was scared that she wasn't going to match the boys, but my god didn't she pull it off... matched the boys in every department...

Well, I better be off, have to have lunch before I go off to uni. So BYE!!!

Update: I forgot to say that I wasn't able to take photos of the night. This was due to no flash photography. So annoyed :(

Happy Birthday to me...

HAHAHA... It is my birthday today!!! WUAHAHA... expecting present now HAHAHA... anyway not a good way to start my birthday. Got woken up at 6 something in the morning... stupid fire alarm. I actually thought it was my alarm clock going off and I was wondering why it was ringing at this time... lol

But it got better. I awoken 3 hours later to discover that it was snowing, and the snow was sticking... so happy, as I am writing now the snow is melting :(

Anyway.. going home today as well, and I have no PR2 to do since I finished it. I may have to check over some things, but I think it is alright. I have lectures now, so I better shoot off.

Nothing to do...

Late now, and have nothing to do(actually... I do) so update my blog. Argh.. Liverpool lost today in the cup final against Chelsea. So disappointed since we took the lead and of all people, Steven Gerrard scored an own goal and brought Chelsea back in it and then Chelsea won it in Extra time. So I am not very happy.

What else, oh yeah doing my PR2 coursework (Programming Two) and I have made it too complicated man. It is at the moment 1400 lines of code and it is increasing... Argh I am going mad. Oh well, I still have one more week to get it done by, so hopefully I can do it :-)

Hmm... I should go to sleep now, I have classes at 10am and it is 1 in the morning. Argh... my stupid hair is wet(just had a shower), have to let it dry before I sleep... lol.

No Update?

Whoa.. haven't update for long time, so I feel that I should... Anyway, at the moment I am just recovering from a cold, but it is getting better. I actually think that my cold is gone, but the problem is that my voice is gone and I can't talk. HAHA.

Anyway... today I played badminton. Bit boring actually but anyway good to get some exercise. Erm what else, oh yeah I put some more photos up on my photos page, so go and check it out.


WOOHOO, I finished my DST coursework at last, with some little help from my friend, Alan. Thanks man. but now I have an even tougher coursework to do... argh... lets not talk about work.

Yesterday, I went to china town to eat with some friends. We went to this Malaysian Resturant and the food there wasn't too bad, but it no where near compared to the food in Malaysia. We then went back to a flat in Stamford Street and started playing this dancing game on the PS2. At first, I was thinking... what the f*** I am not going to play that, but it wasn't so bad, actually is was really fun. I was so crap at first, sometime I nearly fell over, but I got better... but then someone spoilt it by complaining of us being too noisy... oh well... it was 2am in the morning though...


Argh... Just have time to update my blog before I go back to uni. I got my DST second coursework (things to do with data and their structures) yesterday and it is IMPOSSIBLE. How the hell are we meant to do this... argh... not fair. I still have to try and search for a house to live in next year, and with this hanging over my head, I don't know how much time I can put in to finding something. Oh well... I am sure I will solve it, but it is so hard...

Anyway, I have added a new link to my link page. Crystal Lau's website can now be viewed from there...

China Town

Just got back from china town (actually, that is a lie, I got back over an hour ago) and there were doing some kind of parade there. My god, it was so crowded man, we couldn't move to get anywhere. To be honest though, it wasn't really that interesting. They did the same thing over and over again and got tiresome. They did do some fire crackers, but I was at Trafalgar Square at the time and the fire crackers were going to be done in Leicester Square, so we rushed to Leicester Square to see it, only to get the ending of it. I have some pictures from china town, and will upload them later today.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Hey, first thing first gong xi fa cai, xin nian hao, kong hee fatt choy or happy new year!!! lol. Well, haven't written an entry for ages... over a week now. That is because I have nothing to report on.

So what have I been upto. Well, work, work and more work. The course works that my lecturers has set is damm hard. Takes ages to work out and code. Also, on Monday, I went to my lecturer to ask him for help, and the thing was, he knew my name and I have never in my life had a one to one conversation with him until that moment. Also what was also freaky was that my friend was with me at the same time, and he ask them something only they know and a few other people know. I was like, what the F***. How the hell did he know about that... I am sure he is spying on us...

What else can I say, erm, I played badminton (BAD MEAN TURN) today, and it was good. I am starting to hit the shuttle harder and getting them in. We had a little doubles tournament between all of the casuals players and the first tournament I was runner up and the second, I won.

Erm.. what else can I write, nothing, can't think. hehe so I will be off then and I hope all of you will/had have a great Chinese New Year.

Site News!!!

Site news. I have added an archive page, which means that this front page won't get too clutered and also added another page, the about page. This page just tells you who I am and information about this site. Nothing fancy... lol. What else... erm nothing really apart from I got my first coursework of this semester, but of course going to leave it until the last minute... lol.

Fire Alarm!!!

Argh... I am in agony... you maybe thinking, what the hell is he on about, but I will explain.

I play badminton for the first time for god knows how many weeks, and it was good fun and it was good to be out there hitting the shuttle around. Came back to my accommodation and then when I got to my room, which is on eight floor (top floor) the fire alarm went off. So, me and my flat mate had to get out of the building and because of fire regulation, we couldn't use the lift. So we walk down the stair. When I got down to the main enterance, I could feel my legs cramping, due to walking down and playing 3 hours of badminton. Me so unfit lah. Anyway, when the fire alarm stop, me and my flat mate couldn't be bothered to wait to take the lift since people were already in it and go up to there respectful rooms, so we took the stairs. Oh my god, after only four floor I was hurting so much that I had to walk the rest of the four floors with bent knees. When I got to my room, I was in so much pain and both my legs were cramping like hell. Argh, I can still feel the after effect lol. Anyway, that must have been like the 100 fire alarm we had at Stamford Street Accommodation. Argh so annoyed.

New stuff added

It has been a couple of weeks since my last entry and a couple of things has changed around the site. I have now added a links page that has links to webpages made by friends and family, some sites that are useful and also affiliates sites that earns me money :-). I will be adding more stuff on this site when I feel like

But what have I been doing for the past week I here you cry. Well, basically nothing apart from going to lectures. I have been so lazy this week and the new term really hasn't really picked up at all, so I have been doing sod all...

Well, I have nothing else to add now... actually one last thing. If you have not heard of this band, Athlete, go listen to them now. Amazing band!!!

Exams OVER

WooHoo, exams over and also an update to this site. Nearly a month since I created this site and at last, the first major update... lol. Anyway I have added some photos and you can see it by pressing the "photos" button on the right hand side of this page.

But yes, exams are over and now I have a 4 day holiday before my lectures starts again... Nooo... But some people are not so lucky and still have one more exam. HAHA!!! Anyway... Good luck to all you SENers for tomorrows exam... I know you'll will all pass, lol.


Well, my first post of the new year and to be honest I haven't got much to write... lol. I am back in my accommodation in Waterloo and I am still revising for my exams, which starts in less than 48 hours... argh... So pretty much working and feeling tired and bored. Decided to write an entry to get away from the work...

Anyway, if anyone hasn't or are thinking about donating to the Tsunami disaster in south east asia, try this website by the Disasters Emergency Committee at, I think this website will only allow donations by people who lives in the UK only... not sure...

Well, I think I better get back to my work, wait a minute, I better have some dinner first. Me a bit hungry... Anyway... Happy New Year! Hope you all made resolution and still haven't broken them... hehehe