Still here, I'm not going anywhere

Wow, long time without an update. Reason because I have nothing to talk about. I am so boring. There are no more exam talk and how I feel that they are pointless and there is nothing else which is exciting in my life. So what I have been doing since then and till today.. well I have been cleaning the house. LOL I am such a domestic!! Yeah, well my mommy isn't here, she in another country enjoying her holiday and this house is in a mess so I better tidy it up before she comes back this weekend, or she will have a go at me. lol.. but I have leant a useful lesson, cleaning is pointless. You clean one day and the next day the house is messy again. What is the point... Argh I don't know.. lol..

What else have I been doing, well, I been catching up on my playstation, argh.. this sounds so crap... not going to write anymore that isn't interesting. But this is interesting... What has Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Johor Bahru got in common? All of these cities have or will have a Disneyland. Johor Bahru I hear you say, well yeah, my motherland country, Malaysia is thinking of building a Disneyland there. How good will that be.. hehehe.. well knowing Malaysian it will be completed in around 50 years time. But it will be good for the country, just wish they concentrate on other things before thinking to do anything of this scale.

An update on version 3 of my site. I have done absolutely nothing to it and to be honest, I can't be bothered, I am so de-motivated at the moment. The only thing that I have done is that music player thingy, and that is quite dodgy, and if a couple of you missed it, you can now find the link on the side of the page. It only works if you have windows media player (WMP), but version 3 will also be quicktime and real compatible, so don't worry if you don't have WMP. Anyway, I have nothing to write about now, so cya guys later...


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