ZZ insane moment...

World cup is now over, and Italy are world champions for the 4th time. Not bad, since they won on penalties, which is quite surprising considering that they are meant to be worse than England at it. But yeah, congrats to them, even though I thought over the whole 90 minutes + extra time they didn't really deserve to win it. But what this final will be remembered by is the head butt that Zinedine Zidane gave to Marco Materazzi. If you want to see that "head butt" again, take a look at the video below

Yes, I am now part of the You Tube crowd, lol. Not bad piece of software, and I will hopefully be using more You Tube on my new website. I would use my new web host to do this, but due to the amount of space I have on it (the lack of it), I will stick with You Tube for now.. lol

What else happened, oh ya Federer and Mauresmo won Wimbledon this year, both very good matches I have to say.. HEHE, erm.. oh yeah, yesterday I was trying to close the kitchen window before going to sleep, and I broke the handle on the window.. lol... well it was always going to happen, since the handle was coming off. Around 3 weeks ago I did some minor repairs to it to help it stay onto the window, but yesterday it broke.. aww.. RIP window handle. Took me ages to get the window to close last night.. lol... and now have to pay £50 to get it fixed, argh stupid really... £50 to unscrew the old handle catch and put a new one in? Is that really value for money? lol...

Anyway.. I am off now to do a bit more relaxing before I start my summer internship that begins next Monday... cya later guys!!


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