Interview @ Detica

Quick update before I go sleep or something.. I have an interview with Detica on Monday 3rd April.. AT LAST.. I emailed them for the sixth time today.. and if this didn't work I was tempted to phone them... but yeah I am happy now.. now I have to prepare a presentation.. but I need to nail this one, unlike the morgan stanley one which I completely flopped. After this I think I have to start revising... need to ace this year.. hehe.. but enough of the boring crap...

Played badminton today.. and going ice skating tomorrow... hmm... this isn't interesting... erm lets talk about this in the news or something.. hmm I know..

What do you guys think about the Internet? Great place, meet people, can find anything that you want to know of a click in the button, you can find my website.. lol and also you can buy stuff on the Internet. And a site called, ebay allows this and has revolutionised the way people buy things on the Internet. But what are the things that people can buy on the Internet. Things like ipods or classic CDs, but when it comes down to things like Blue Peter Badge... I think that is disgraceful. OK, people who are not in this country, I briefly out line what these Blue Peter badges are. Well basically Blue Peter is a Children Show on the BBC, and sometimes they reward their viewers or children that appear on the show with a Blue Peter Badge. What these allow is for them to enter theatre shows, art galleries, museums for free. These are hard to come by, and as a child, well when I was growing up, I would have loved them. But now, ebay are selling them on their website, and I think that is disgraceful.

And now, Blue Peter has decided to suspend its badge scheme entitling holders to free attraction access. Just because of people on the net wanting to make a few bucks (some have been selling for near £200) little kids who actually deserves their badges and are rightly entitled to have free access to attraction have been robbed. It just isn't fair!! Oh well what can you do, you can't monitor the Internet can't you.

Anyway.. I can't be bothered to write anymore, so I say good bye.. Good bye!! hehe..


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