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Long time no update?

So 3 weeks has passed and only now I update? Yeah well I was busy!!! Anyway I have finished working for Detica now. Finish off the time there with a presentation, which I must say was very well delivered, lol... But yeah, going to miss it though... and I know it is kinda weird missing a place that you work but yeah, it was something that I got use to. Got up, went to work, go home, sleep, get up and the whole process starts again. The question now, will I want to work for Detica again? Well maybe, I would not want to count it out, but the way I am feeling now is probably not. Why? Well I have already worked for them and I want to see what else is out there in this big pond. But yeah, back to uni and doing blooming work again... *sigh*..

Well, things are changing for this year. One, ah Lap won't be with us, since he is working at fancy Symbian for one year, and also Kiet has gone to US to study for a year. Oh well, we are gonna miss ya... DCS is not going to be the same without you guys!!!

Erm, well, thats it, a pretty short update, since I really have a bad headache. I went to sleep at 12 last night, and couldn't sleep all night. I think I final drifted off at around 5am and then I had to get up at 9 so that I can go into uni. So yeah, I am running on 4 hours of sleep now... and it isn't good... But yeah I will update better next time, I promise. Also, I have to say get well to Richard Hammond aka, "HAMSTER"! Top gear will not be the same without you, so please come back... lol..

Cover your ears

When I woke up in the early of the morning, I awoken to some shock news. Steve Irwin got killed by a fish! I wasn't shocked that he died since he is Mr. Crocodiles Hunter and is always risking his life doing crazy stunts, but killed by a fish? They say he death was caused by the Stingray poking his chest and therefore his heart. He died instantly. But they say that this was a million to one chance of this happening. But yeah, unlucky for him he was in the wrong place at the wrong time I guess, but saying that he was the one being in that situation at his own free will. Anyway.. sorry for his wife and also his two very young children. May Steve Irwin Rest in Peace. He was an inspiration and a one of a kind.

The next thing I want to post might be a bit disturbing... lol.. it is me SINGING. I did a rendition of the Kooks seaside track which is an album track, so lucky for me (I hope) none of you can compare it to the original. Oh well, here is goes... hope you enjoy, but be prepare to use your ear muffs!!!