Depressed... me 20!

I am so depressed... I have turned 20 :( ... it isn't a nice feeling you know knowing that you are turning into an adult and that know you can't just simply play around. You have to actually take things more seriously and I honesty believe that I am not capable of it.. lol... oh well... so what did I do on my magically 20th Birthday. Well, pretty normal day really. Went play badminton and then had lunch with a few friends. Sue-Lee gave me this wicked card that she made by herself.. it must have taken her hours to do, and I am so loving it man... but yeah, and then I went home and had dinner with my parents... But on the 10th March, me, nicola, anita and hopefully sue-lee will be combining birthday parties... at the moment we have t o dress up as movie characters, but hopefully that won't be the case since I have no idea what to wear... hehe...

But I have no time really to celebrate my birthday, I have this really annoying project to do, and it is killing me, seriously... oh well... it is in soon so I can get it out of the way, but then I have another one to do, which I haven't even started yet. I am so behind man. And also I am waiting for this Detica interview to come in. I am still waiting, and I have sent 3 emails to them asking them when I can go to the interview, and still I have nothing. They are so unorganised. Oh well what to do eh!!

Erm, what else to say, nothing much, pretty boring at the moment. I have ot go hover my room now since it is so dusty it is unreal. So I bid farewell... BYE!!


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