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Hmm.. another update so soon after my last. HEHE.. I stil haven't done my management coursework. Well, actually it is done but it is crap, and also I am well over the word limit. So I have to proof read it. Anyway.. what have I been up to today. Well, I played badminton today, and it was fun. I didn't smash in most of the games I played, so that I could find another way of winning if smashes wasn't working, and it was fun to do it. But on the way back from, some stupid kids put something on the railway line, and nearly de-railed the train. Well, I doubt it would have de-railed, but the train was going like 50+ mph and jesus, the noise that was made was so loud. I knew it was kids since nearby when the accident happened, a group of kids were looking at the train. But the railway line was in the middle of no-way, it is like in some country side area.. and I knew it was them that did something.. it is just crazy man...

And talking about train stuff, I have noticed so much rubbish that has collected near the platform edge. The next time you are at a train station, just look at the amount of rubbish around. It is unforgivable, considering that there is a bin just a couple of steps away. Why can't people just walk a few steps and put it in the bin. It just makes the environment look bad, and also it smells bad as well... You know.. we should adopt the Singapore approach. If you get caught littering.. you get fine.. that will stop people.. hehehe...

And talking about the environment, I have thought of two new ways of producing less pollution, both using the same technology.. lol.. one is to line all the motorways with wind turbines... not the really big ones, but the same size as the street lamps. This will one, not cause damage to the environment in terms of making the environment ugly, since there is already a bloody road causing it, and two have the street lamps self sufficient... and the extra power can be used for homes... I was on the M6 the other day, and wow, I could imagine it all covered... be well good. The second one is to use wind turbines in cars. Yes, in cars.. lol... the way that I have designed it is so that basically, on the roof of the car, there will be two wind turbines. But isn't that dangerous I hear you cry.. well basically no, since you will add a cover the size of the roof over the turbines, but leaving a gap on the front so air can collect. So basically when you are driving, the air that is produce gets pushed into the gap rotating the turbines. And it is flexible to. Because the faster you drive, the more power you need, but at the same time, the more air will be produce and therefore increase the rate that the turbine rotates, which means extra POWER.. hehe.. well.. crazy ideas I know.. lol... probably not the best way to solve the environment problem.. but at least I am thinking...

HEHE, why am I so environmentally friendly today.. oh well.. I soon won't be.. hehe.. anyway.. I have to get back to management and try to cut down on the amount of words used... so I cya guys later


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