Update at last

Ok, haven't updated for ages now, better update now, even though I am in no mood to do so. Just can't be bothered you know. So what has happened... well, I went to two parties, one was nigel's birthday and the other was fu wing's. Nigel birthday bash was held in the waterfront to begin with and then moved to china town where we had dinner. Fu Wing's was held in peter's house, and both occation was very enjoyable.. AIIYA, I am writing so crap man, seriously you can tell I cannot be bothered. There are photos for this and I will be putting them up very soon, again when I can be bothered to.

Now, this week is reading week and I kinda done nothing, but now starting to revise for my exam which starts in 7 weeks time ish. I know very long away, but this is the time to catch up, and I better make best use for it.

Oh yeah, my friend, Ning was caught on tv yesterday, on bbc news. Click here to see her. When you are on that page, click on the top right where it says " BBC NEWS:VIDEO AND AUDIO" and enjoy. Ning makes an appearence 1 minute and 35 seconds into the clip.

Hmm, apart from that, I got nothing else to say, so GOODBYE for now.. Oh yeah, I have to write that book thingy, I finished reading Jane Austin's Sense and Sensibility, but haven't wrote anything about it... do it later lah...


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