ARGH; Fog!

The other day, I found myself scared of fog. You must be saying what the hell is this kid on... but what happened was I was travelling back on the train from my hard days work at uni. In the morning it was very foggy and you couldn't see anything out of the window, but that didn't scare me. As I was travelling back, it had brighten up and there was no fog, and there was a brilliant red winter sun shining and making everything around golden, rich and warm. But as I left one station, a massive cloud of mist came and you couldn't see anything. The sun that was brilliantly shining had disappeared and it the rich surroundings had now turned dark, gloomy, depressing and you couldn't see anything. At first I thought there was a building on fire and that smoke from it was causing this. I was kinda frightened at the time since in all my years living in England, I had never experience this. It felt like at the time being in those old English drama set in London where everything is misty and has a sense of what is around the corner feeling. But after 10 minutes, the sun appeared and everything was back to normal. But I quickly looked around to see what the thick fog looked like, and it looked like a cloud of smoke had engulf that area and you couldn't see anything... very grey and black it looked, not a nice place to be in when you could be in the great British winter sunshine.

Also, yesterday was recorded of the year, and yeah, guess who won it. Oh the brilliant WESTLIFE won it. Oh how much I love them. They rock so much. But to be honest, out of the songs available, James Blunt song, Beautiful should have won it. But seeing this, I would like to say my top 5 songs of the year, and to be honest, it is very different to what happened last night. At number 5 for me is an unknown band from Denmark, called Utah with a song called, Break the Mould. A really refreshing group and I hope one day will be known across the world. Number 4, I would say My Chemical Romance, Helena. I just love the person voice and the song is amazing. Number 3, hmm... would be Katie Melua, 9 million Bicycles. I love the lyrics used here. Number 2 would have to be a KT Tunstall track that make her famous, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Number 1, and I think a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but it is Nizlopi, JSB. The lyrics used on this are special. To be honest, I am not at an age that remembers the classic A-team and the cartoon show of Transformers, but I can take from the fact that a lot of 25-30 year old will have remembered all of this and can easily relate to the song, not only because of the show but because of the fact that their dads could have taken them to work, and spending time with them, which is what most new dads (who are within the 25-30 age) now are not having the luxury of doing in this fast pace world we live in. So I love the fact that that was done. So Nizlopi is my number 1. HEHE...

Hmm... what else? Well now back to boring stuff, I am now in the process of doing my dreaded revision... WOOHOO!!! So actually I shouldn't be updating this and should be studying hard, but who careless, I want to do it and no one is going to stop me, WUHAHAHAHA... ok I think I am going crazy, maybe the fact that I haven't eaten anything yet apart from a banana and it is lunch time, so I gonna go and have something to eat. So cya all later...


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