I have spent two days putting the photos up, well not two full days, but it took me two days to do it, and now 300+ photos are now on the site and can be viewed... these incluced my trip to malaysia and also peter's house warming party, so go check it out... Also the book section is updated with my thoughts on a book called, The sad truth about happiness... written by Anne Giardini... so go check out if you have time..

So what have I done over the past week, well college and I can now see that it is getting more difficult.. I got my first piece of work on friday, and it is so confusing.. don't like it, but oh well I have to do it, but lucky that it doesn't go towards the final mark...

I played badminton for the first time this year, but didn't get to play as much as I would have liked... too many people, and also I was force to pay, unlike last year when I cheated the system... but oh well, £20 for two years, WOOHOO..

What else can I say, erm... oh yeah, was watching X-factor over the weekend and I knew these group of individual were good, but I didn't know it was this good.. I have to say by far they are the most talented group of people I have ever seen on a reality TV show, and that beats Fame Academy 2, 2 years ago... which are also amazing... and talking of fame academy, Alex Parks new song comes out soon and also her new album titled, Honesty so that should be a good listen, and taking about music, I found out a new artist called, Missy Higgins which again is a decent listen...

Well, erm.. not sure what to write now, I have to do some cleaning up, dusty lah, and I also have a cold... which means this is going to tire me out...


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