Hate revision, espeically with a cold

I hate doing revision. It is so boring, tiring and to be honest, if you think about it, pointless, since you are only revising to past the exam, and not really expanding your knowledge, if you get what I mean... lol...

Also, I got another cold again, and I think I am slowly losing my voice AGAIN... stupid body, can't fight against germs.

I also downloaded the new version of MSN. Ok, it isn't too bad but there are bugs, like the message window where you write what you doing, one it doesn't switches off until you only press enter and also, it doesn't store, so the next time you on the computer, your message you wrote disappears. Also, they are doing a ICQ, putting adverts all over the place, and it is making the application messy. Oh well, I thought Microsoft has enough money, but it looks like they want more... enough about me ranting, I need to revise...4 weeks and 6 days to exams, I think...


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