Thing's Improving

WOW... 11 days without an update.. I am getting lazy... lol. Well I finally fixed my laptop.. lol stupid crap Windows XP corrupting everything.. lucky that I could back the files or I wouldn't have been a happy bunny. I still haven't figure out the desktop but I couldn't careless...

Work is gay... last week I had to do 2 and a half peoples jobs since one person was on holiday and we were very short of workers. I had to do my filing... as well as request... request is like the employees emails you the file they want and then you go and look for it and give it to them... but it was so mad man.. I was so tired after my day at work that when I come home all I could do was sit infront of tv and do nothing... at least this week I am doing 1 and a half peoples job... also helping with request but not as much.. actually come to think of it.. a lot since this person I am working with.. not mention names but if he ever finds out about my website he will know who he is... he is god damm lazy.... sits in front of computer and plays games and gives me the longest request to do when he only needs to find one file... The joy of being a temp.. lol

Also another interesting thing I read today in the newspaper is that my wristbands that I am wearing... since no one has seen me for... Ooo 3-4 weeks now.. I have two wristbands.. a yellow Livestrong one in support of cancer awareness/treatment and a red Hillsborough Justice Campaign for the 96 people who died when Liverpool played Sheffield Wednesday on the 15th April 1989. Well according to the newspaper... a yellow wristband represent that you have lost your virginity and a red one means that you are sexually available and you want some... HAHAHAHA... read the full list here.

What else can I say.. well mum and brother is coming back from malaysia on sunday... erm going to malayisa in less than 2 weeks times... so... erm thats it.. lol.. nothing more to say...


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