WOOHOO, I finished my DST coursework at last, with some little help from my friend, Alan. Thanks man. but now I have an even tougher coursework to do... argh... lets not talk about work.

Yesterday, I went to china town to eat with some friends. We went to this Malaysian Resturant and the food there wasn't too bad, but it no where near compared to the food in Malaysia. We then went back to a flat in Stamford Street and started playing this dancing game on the PS2. At first, I was thinking... what the f*** I am not going to play that, but it wasn't so bad, actually is was really fun. I was so crap at first, sometime I nearly fell over, but I got better... but then someone spoilt it by complaining of us being too noisy... oh well... it was 2am in the morning though...


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