Exams OVER!!!

YES!!! EXAMS are finally over... overall.. I thought I did quite well overall... now I have to wait until the exams results come out in mid July, when I will be in Malaysia... lol... but today... I lost my examination passport... this passport is needed (well, they say it is) when you sit your exam, and I lost it... thank god my friend crystal was online and asked her to print me a copy... lol... I have to re-make it quickly since Crystal wasn't able to see it, due to the login and password needed...

But yeah, lucky she was able to print it and give it to me... THANK YOU CRYSTAL!!!

After my exams were finished, I went out with a couple of friends for a celebratory drink and dinner... it was nice... since I probably won't see some of these guys for a long time... lol... anyway, time to sign off...


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