Guess who's back?

WHOA... long time with no update.. Don't worry.. I am not dead!!! just that I haven't been updating.. which is due to first.. I CAN'T BE BOTHERED.. and I was busy as well. I came back from malaysia a week ago and it was pretty fun and relaxing and enjoyed my time there.. but now back to the old uni again.

So since I been in the UK.. I have fixed two computers.. the first was the family computer.. which I screwed up initially.. lost data but now it is working fine.. and hopefully now there will be no more data lost since the way I have wired the whole system up.. Same to my laptop.. which was again screwed up first time with Linux completely screwing the hard disk up.. which meant I have to take it out of the laptop, connect it to another computer and then format it.. but after that it is working fine again

Apart from this and also tidying up my room.. which is a complete mess (still not finished yet, but found some cool things that I thought I lost ages ago) there is nothing really exciting to report on.. apart from going to uni to register.. seeing old faces, which some looked new since they changed, ehem KIET... it is time to say goodbye.. and I hope to do more work on this site and more updates.. PROMISE!!!


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