Bad Luck :(

ARRGGHHH... well.. I cannot say yet, but I tell you what happen soon....

So, today was my first day at work... earning £9.20 a hour baby... but the work is utter crap... Well, what I am doing is basically filing folders away into a little room where it is all stored... but it is quite boring.. and it hurts your eyes a bit due to the colour coding... lol... but I cannot complain... no responsibility and earning £9.20 an hour is brilliant :)

What else... yeah.. moved our of Stamford street yesterday... sad to leave that place... lol... one thing I won't miss is the bloody fire alarms... well it wasn't too bad come the second part of the year... I actually kept a record of the amount of fire alarms that went off when I was living there... from the 29th January when I started taking it... there were 9 fire alarms that went off... and from there to now.. I was present in my flat for around 10 weeks.. so you can see it was kinda bad... but this does not include the many many more that happened before that date... look... see how sad I am by keeping a record of this... argh... You can find the record here...

Hmm... what else... oh yeah my mum and brother went to Malaysia yesterday... so now they are enjoying the food and the heat that is lacking in this miserable island that I am living in.. oh well, only 4 weeks and 6 days until I fly of... oh well better earn some money so I can fund my spending in Malaysia lol...

What else can I say.. erm... Liverpool play Milan on Wednesday in the Champions League FINAL... and I will be keeping my fingers, toes well everything hoping that we will win... COME ON YOU REDS!!!!


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