Kings = GREAT!!!

I am so happy today... first was I got my management essay and I got an A+ for it... I was like, what the F*** since I struggled so much on it... but I am happy... another reason, well it isn't really happy, but I saw that King's College London is the sixth best university in the UK according to the Guardian, but what made me smile was that King's College London is the BEST computer science university in the UK.. beating Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial... well good...

Here is the list of the top 5 university for computer science from the Guardian website...

1. King's College London = my uni!!! WUAHAHAHA
2. Oxford
3. University College London
4. St Andrews
5. Edinburgh

For the links to all the subject, click here and to see the top 10 university according to the Guardian News paper, click here

Anyway... enough of this happiness... I have revision to do, and it is pissing me off... I hate revision... argh....


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