ARGH.. what the hell.. haha.. nah it just my site changed colour... since if you read above I got sick of the red so I switched it. What do you think of it? Write in the shoutbox to make comments. Just to say this colour change doesn't mean this is a new version.. the new version will have a different layout.. haven't thought of how yet.. but it will be different...

On my last update.. I was kinda in a rush to write something since I was still busy.. so I didn't manage to write everything I wanted to write.. but hopefully I can covered it now... first thing is that I am DEAF.. my ears are completely filled with ear wax and I can't hear properly.. so if are wondering why I am always wanting you to repeat what you said.. it isn't because I wasn't listening.. is just I CAN'T.. But tomorrow.. my nurse is going to pump water in my ears to get it out.. and then I can hear again.. WOOHOO...

Uni is just around the corner.. starts on wednesday.. and I have some good news.. I was made a Lab Demonstrator and I will be earning £10 an hour.. I work two hours a week... Well those who are not part of the computer science department at king's or are completely ignorant of what is going on.. This job is basically helping the first years get through their coursework that they have to do in order to pass.. so basically I be like teaching them.. which is going to be very interesting.. lol..

What else.. oh yeah.. I will be uploading the picture from malaysia soon... well hopefully soon... just see if I have time and if I can be bothered to do it.. oh yeah. I wanted to switch my broadband provider away from AOL to a company known as plusnet but aol told me I was stuck in a 12 month contract with them and I couldn't get out until the contract was up.. I was like.. What the f*** I have been with ya for over 3 f****** years.. what the hell is going on.. so now I have to wait till the contract finishes in march... I think, where I can then experience 2Mb connection or 200KB connection... Not

Erm what now.. erm.. can't think of anything.. f1 beginnings soon where we will see the crowning of the youngest ever Formula 1 world champion.. so that will be nice to watch.. and then later tonight we have Waking the Dead to watch on BBC1.. so that will be nice to see... so.. so long!!!


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